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4ft Small Double Beds

A slight downgrade in size, our small doubles are an upgrade in quality. Not quite fit for a king, small double bed frames are also known as queen size beds. Slightly smaller than a standard double sleeper, a small double frame maintains a comfy width for the space-conscious couple.

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What size is a small double bed?

Struggling to accommodate a regular double bed in your bedroom? Take a step down in size and enjoy room to stretch with a small double bed. Our small doubles comprise of a 4ft bed frame, fitting in seamlessly to a standard-sized bedroom that doesn’t have space to spare.

Small doubles are comfortably big enough for two people. Sacrificing 6 inches on a double beds size, these smaller beds lose nothing when it comes to width, creating a cosy sleeping environment. Finding the right size double bed for you has never been easier. Turn your cramped bedroom into a spacious sleep sanctuary with our 4ft x 6.3ft (120cm x 190cm / 47" x 75") small double beds.

What is the best mattress for a small double bed frame?

For a peaceful, undisturbed sleep, look no further than our luxurious small double bed mattress range. Size is everything when it comes to mattress comfort, and our comprehensive range boasts 4ft mattresses in a wide range of styles. Taking your quality of sleep to the next level, everything from memory foam to pocket sprung mattresses can be found at head-turning prices.

Choose the right firmness for your needs and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. For those lost in the mattress-grade wilderness, a medium firmness mattress is the best way to play it safe. With specialist orthopaedic small double mattress and enhanced thicknesses on offer, we cater to your sleep requirements.

What type of small double bed frames are available?

Queen size bed frames come in many shapes and sizes. Made from high quality materials, our small double beds blend durability with style, producing bed frame designs you can rely on. From small double metal beds to a 4ft wooden bed frame, our range offers a downsized twist for every type of bedroom decor. Creating a chic and modern look, there are also upholstered fabric beds, oozing maturity for a relaxed ambience.

A small double bed is even suitable for your kids’ room, with classy and convenient small double bunk beds available. Matching up to your colour scheme is easy thanks to the depth of our range. With everything from metallic greys to a white small double bed, you can complement your decor in style. With a range of frames to choose from, shop with MattressNextDay and find the bed of your dreams.

Metal small double bed frames

An ever fashionable and versatile design, a 4ft metal bed frame could be the missing piece of your bedrooms puzzle. Small double metal beds are a clean and simple design which work well alongside contemporary and traditional styles alike. The sleekness of metal contrasts with a variety of colours and textures, adding depth to a room. Perfect for any bedroom, the stark aesthetic of a small double metal bed frame is wonderfully flexible, allowing you get creative around it.

Highly durable and low in price, small double metal bed frames are in it for the long haul, providing years’ worth of style and sleep. Metal bed frames come in numerous finishes, such as nickel and brass, for a professional sheen. Standing at the forefront of fashion, modern innovations such as rose gold metal bed frames are great for adding an element of lightness to your decor. With these designs and more available, our small double metal bed frames are a futuristic and affordable way to upgrade your small bedroom design.

Wooden small double bed frames

If you prefer classic designs, you can't beat a small double wooden bed. Great for creating a sleeping environment that's full of warmth, small double wooden bed frames add a natural touch to any bedroom that they grace.

Only the finest wood has been utilised in our 4ft wooden bed frames, with rustic pine and modern painted wood offerings available. A small double wooden bed frame made from pine is a popular choice. The light and airy material is deceptively strong, providing top-tier manufacturing at a budget-friendly price.

For the ultimate wow factor, our painted wood small double beds breathe natural light into a bedroom. A small double white bed frame illuminates a room, adding a classy contrast to other colour schemes. Wooden bed frames are available as bunk beds for kids as well as standard bed designs.

Small double beds with storage

You do more than simply sleep in your bedroom. A bedroom is a safe sanctuary, a place to relax and recuperate. Creating a tranquil, calming environment is key to making the most out of your bedroom. Small double storage beds achieve this by managing clutter, helping to keep the floor space as clear as possible. A multi-functional space-saving piece of furniture, small double beds with storage are a fantastic addition to small bedrooms, kids’ rooms, guest rooms and more.

The user-friendly, functional nature of a small double ottoman frame is an incredibly popular storage solution. Adding a small double ottoman bed to your room has the dual benefits of being both highly useful and easy on the eye. This stylish small double bed with storage is the perfect accompaniment to a small bedroom, available in several contemporary and classy designs. Another storage option is the divan bed. The primary difference between a divan and an ottoman lies in the storage structure. Divans typically feature drawers below the bed, enhancing storage space as well as the aesthetics of your room. Our small double divan bed range is available in a whole spectrum of colours to suit all requirements.

How long is a 4ft small double bed?

If you need an upgrade from a single bed, but don’t quite have the room for a double, a 4ft small double bed is the perfect compromise. Ideal for teenagers who need a little extra sleeping space and for homes where space is at a premium, 4ft small double beds are also known as queen-size beds in the UK. The standard single measures up at 3ft in width and 6.3ft in length, while a double comes in at 4.6ft by 6.3ft. A 4ft small double bed is slightly narrower than a double at 4ft in width, but retains the standard length of 6.3ft. At MattressNextDay, we offer a comprehensive collection of 4ft small double beds, allowing you to choose the levels of firmness and comfort to ensure a good night’s sleep.