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Tuft & Springs Mattresses

Turn your night's sleep into a perfect night's sleep with the Tuft & Springs Mattress collection. Luxury mattresses - expertly handcrafted in the UK. This mattress collection features natural materials including wool, cotton, fine cashmere and silk. These luxury layers of comfort are nestled on top of high-quality pocket springs for unrivalled support in a range of firmness ratings to suit you.

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How to choose the best Tuft & Springs Mattresses

You may have come across tufted mattresses if you’ve been browsing around online for a replacement for your bed and wondered what they might be. These traditional style mattresses are among the most comfortable available and, in actual fact, mattress tufting is actually a strong indicator that a mattress has been manufactured to superior standards.

Read on for the answers to some commonly asked questions about tufted mattresses and explore how they are made, what advantages their users enjoy and the difference between these mattresses and others available to purchase.

Exceptional sleeping solutions from MattressNextDay

Ensure you are well supported in sumptuous comfort with the Tuft and Spring mattress collection. Handmade by experts right here in the UK, these luxury tufted mattresses are produced using an extensive selection of natural materials from cotton and wool to silk and fine cashmere. Cleverly crafted with pocket springs systems they offer premium sleeping solutions ate the lowest price point possible, offering support levels to suit all users. To enjoy fast and free delivery along with a luxurious night’s sleep, purchase your tufted solution from MattressNextDay today.

What is mattress tufting?

The term mattress tufting refers to a traditional manufacturing technique that makes sure that all the upholstery layers included within a mattress always remain precisely where they are intended to be. The tufting process efficiently pulls each layer of upholstery together through the pocket spring unit before it binds it tightly at either side, typically finished with a woollen pom-pom. This method makes sure that the mattress is entirely even. Ever since mattresses using pocket spring systems were first manufactured, tufting has been employed to assist in aligning each upholstery layer and ensuring the mattresses themselves have a more uniform feel.

What is the difference between a tufted mattress and a quilted mattress?

A wide range of mattresses are available to buy serving different budgets and needs. A robust mattress that keeps its shape over time can present a better investment than an inferior model where materials will move or weaken over time, becoming uncomfortable and bad for backs. Two techniques are typically used to keep the material layers of a mattress aligned, tufting and quilting, but how do they differ?

Unlike tufting where material layers are drawn together and fastened, quilting involves the stitching of several different layers of material together instead.

Quilted mattresses use thread to hold the multiple soft layers of a mattress to one another. Tufting, by contrast, employs several tufting straps that instead hold the individual layers together. Quilted mattresses can be presented with stitching in a versatile selection of different patterns; however, often they feature a design that is undulating and runs from one side of the mattress to the other.

While some may prefer a quilted mattress over a tufted mattress as they feel they are slightly more even, others will seek the iconic look and feel of a tufted mattress. Additionally, hand tufted mattresses are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and exceptional strength.

As a rule, tufting is typically found on mattresses of higher quality. Quilting on the other hand can be seen on mattresses of varying standards. For example, innerspring and foam-filled mattresses often come quilted, while almost all mattresses available using superior systems like pocket spring coils will have a tufted exterior.

Pocket spring mattresses feature thousands of individual coils that can provide a better night’s sleep, especially for those sharing a bed. They contour to sleepers' bodies while absorbing any movement during the night, so it doesn't disturb the other person.

What are the benefits of a tufted mattress?

The technique of tufting ensures that all layers of a mattress hold together effectively. This stops the materials that mattresses are made of from sagging or shifting over time and producing a more even surface that is comfortable for sleeping on.

This traditional method of manufacturing mattresses makes them last far longer which can offer financial benefits to buyers. Investing in a tufted mattress rather than less well-made options will see purchasers recompensed by an extended period of service from a product that has been designed to endure.

What type of mattress is best for your spine?

Many high-quality tufted mattresses use a spring pocket system that offers medium firmness and premium levels of spinal support. Some people erroneously believe that those who suffer from a bad back require an extra-firm mattress, but this isn’t necessarily so.

Medium firm mattresses using pocket spring systems can contain anywhere between 1000 and 3000 individual springs which offer exceptional support for the spine as they ensure that pressure is always spread evenly. The sleeper’s movement is fully absorbed making certain the mattress provides a seamless level of resistance and support all night long.