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SleepSoul Mattresses

Everyone is different, and everyone sleeps differently. That's why the new SleepSoul mattress collection offers a number of formulas for the ultimate night's sleep. 

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Everyone is different, and everyone sleeps differently. That's why the new SleepSoul mattress collection offers a number of formulas for the ultimate night's sleep. Whether it's the SleepSoul Balance, the SleepSoul Bliss, the SleepSoul Comfort, the SleepSoul Space, the SleepSoul Cloud or the SleepSoul Climate, it is possible to create your ideal sleeping environment.

Accept only the best

Regardless of which type of bed you are using, or your typical body position when you sleep, you can rely on SleepSoul mattresses to keep you supported and comfortable. Developed by Birlea - one of the most dynamic, trendsetting designers in the UK - these unique mattresses are pocket sprung and include memory foam or reflex foam. If you want a mattress which has been meticulously designed to facilitate perfect rest, look no further.

The Birlea Comfort Guide

Birlea's SleepSoul mattresses benefit from a Comfort Guide, which allows you to pinpoint the model with exactly the right level of firmness for you and your sleeping partner. Select from 1) Soft / Medium, 2) Medium, 3) Medium / Firm, 4) Firm, and 5) Extra Firm.

Our price match promise

As an official stockist of Birlea's SleepSoul Mattress range, Mattress Next Day don't only offer you the full collection, complete with a manufacturer's warranty. We can also promise that our prices will be the lowest you will find anywhere in the UK. Should you find a lower advertised price from another UK stockist, get in touch with the team at Mattress Next Day, and we are confident of matching or even beating it.

With you within a day

Once you select the right mattress for you from the Birlea SleepSoul collection, you won't have to wait long until you can sink into your new haven of sleep! That's because at MattressNextDay, we are a company that stays true to our name... you can count on us to deliver your SleepSoul mattress within 24 hours in the UK. What's more, we offer you a two hour window for delivery, which means you won't be waiting around all day for the item to be arrive.

An unrivalled range

As well as all the models from the new Birlea SleepSoul mattress range, MattressNextDay are your go-to provider of a huge selection of mattresses - from small single mattresses to super kingsize; from pocket sprung to Miracoil and memory foam mattresses. 

Why should I choose a SleepSoul mattress?

Our SleepSoul mattress collection was developed by Birlea, a company well-known for producing some of the most advanced mattresses on the market. SleepSoul mattresses are designed to give you extra support no matter what sort of bed frame you put them on, so choosing a SleepSoul mattress guarantees you a comfortable night’s sleep.

How do I set up my SleepSoul mattress?

It couldn’t be easier! Simply unbox your mattress in the room where you’ll be using it, then pop it on your bed base and remove the outer plastic to unroll it. Next, remove the inner plastic wrap and sit back to watch as the magic happens. Within a couple of hours it will be good to go, and within 24 hours it will be fully expanded.

Won’t there be lasting damage to a mattress which has been rolled up?

Many people worry that rolling up a mattress will damage its structure, but we’ve developed a system that means our mattresses suffer no damage whatsoever from being condensed and boxed in this way. Using the most advanced technology, we can compress a mattress to 1/8 its full size without causing any harm. That means we can deliver our mattresses more easily and you still get unbeatable comfort and support when you unpackage it.

How do you fit a mattress in a box?

People are unsurprisingly fascinated by this. We could say ‘it’s magic’, but actually it’s all down to some very clever technology and cutting-edge machinery. By safely compressing our mattresses we make them easier to ship without damaging their structure. To see how this wizardry works, we’ve put together a short video which shows you precisely how it’s done.

Can I order a SleepSoul mattress even if I don’t live in the mainland UK?

As long as you have a transport company you can use, we are able to ship our mattresses to distribution centres outside of the mainland UK. Unfortunately, for the time being, we cannot use our own delivery vehicles to ship mattresses internationally. For more on this, please read our delivery information.

How soon will I get my SleepSoul mattress?

We have a free delivery service for our UK customers and ship your new mattress for delivery within 24 hours. Once you have your mattress it’s simply a case of unboxing it and letting it expand to full size, so you could be getting the best night’s sleep of your life very soon! Plus, with our price match promise you know you would have got the best deal around!