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Divan Beds & Divan Bed Bases

Divan beds are the perfect choice if you are struggling for storage space. Divan bed bases have built-in storage drawers and are ideal for smaller rooms and efficient utilisation of floor space. Available in single, double, and king sizes, and with the option of base and mattress or just the base.

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How to choose the best Divan Beds & Divan Bed Bases

What is a divan bed?

Divan beds are constructed from two component parts: a bespoke divan base and an accompanying mattress. The base of the divan is made from a solid wooden frame that is enveloped in fabric, and often includes drawers and a headboard. It tends to be placed on wheels or castors so it can be moved around easily, and in many cases will be paired with an appropriate mattress. Thanks to this simple design, divan beds are often favoured by those who appreciate minimalism, a style trend that has grown in popularity in recent years.

Customers who opt to purchase the divan base and mattress together are investing in what is known as a ‘divan set’ or ‘divan bed’, an ideal bed package if you are seeking a sleeping solution that features a divan base and mattress that fit perfectly together. Those who would like to purchase the items separately can opt for one of our divan beds that can be paired with a mattress that suits their needs.

Divan beds are a design classic and remain a very popular furniture option, with many homeowners preferring them to contemporary bed frames. In comparison to modern bed frames, divans offer a huge variety of versatile features and are excellent value for money.

Divan beds can have either platform divan bases or top sprung cheap divan beds. The difference between the two bases is that platform divan bases, also known as hardtop, have more of a solid construction base which provides firmer support for the mattress. Sprung divan bases give slightly softer comfort and firmness helping to adapt and contour to your body’s natural shape.

To learn more, check out our divan bed buying guide.

Types of divan beds


A full ottoman bed offers storage that spans the entire underside of the bed. It features an opening mechanism that opens either from the side or end of the bed and is great for those with serious space needs.

Half ottoman

A half ottoman bed is similar to a full ottoman, but storage is only available in the lower half of the bed. Typically, it opens at the end.

2 drawers

Here at MattressNextDay, we have a great choice of cheap single divan beds with 2 drawers. These usually include two drawers on either side of the cheap divan bed base. If you opt for a single-sized divan, then the two drawers will be on one side. These drawers slide out easily and have a surprisingly large capacity, but they are very subtle when closed. This means that they won’t spoil the look of your beautiful new bed.

4 draws

This double divan bed & king size divan bed feature of two drawers on each side is the ultimate in storage solutions. These models, with their in-built storage can be handy, especially in family homes where space is limited. They’re perfect for guest rooms and children’s rooms, as well as master bedrooms.

Slide store

We also stock other options including slide store, which provides a cubbyhole at the end of the divan. Adding storage to your sleep solution is a great way to maximise space in your bedroom without impacting on a quality night's sleep.

Two full/two half drawers

This design features two full drawers on either side of the bed and two half drawers at the top of the bed, giving you quick access to your bedside table.

End drawer

Featuring one drawer at the end, this design of divan bed has the perfect space for rooms with limited space on either side of the bed.

Draw sizes

Our divan beds with drawers offer both continental drawers and standard draws. Continental drawers are half the size of standard divan base draws allowing you to position a bedside table conveniently next to your divan bed whilst still gaining full access to the drawer.

What mattress can I use with a divan bed?

If you are opting for a base-only divan bed as you want to have the freedom to select a mattress that best suits you, you’re in luck. Divan beds are built in all sizes ranging from small single to super king. So as long as you find a mattress to match the size of your divan bed base, you won’t have a problem finding the perfect match. Select a mattress from our range of orthopaedic, standard sprung, pocket sprung, memory foam, latex and more.

How easy are divan beds to assemble?

Divan beds are the easiest kind of bed to assemble, you will not need any help from professionals to get set up quickly. Normally, a divan bed will arrive with two separate base halves, although this will be one whole piece if have selected a single-sized divan bed. These parts will come complete with a headboard (if you’ve opted for one) and divan legs. To assemble your divan bed, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Turn the two separate base halves upside down and attach the legs of the divan.
  2. Turn the bases over again and push them together, ensuring they are secured with special locking clips on both sides.
  3. If you’ve opted for a headboard, attach it using the headboard sockets that will have been pre-drilled. These can be found at both bed ends for ease of use.
  4. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new divan bed!

The benefits of a divan bed

As well as making a style statement, divan beds are the perfect item if you are seeking an all-in-one bed and mattress set that is comfortable yet affordable. Divan beds can help maximise space and minimise clutter without the need for new bookshelves and chests of drawers.

Divan beds are very compact, making them much more versatile than many traditional bedding options. There are also many customisable options to choose from so that you can pick a divan bed design that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

What size divan beds do you sell?

We offer a wide range of different styles and size of a divan bed, these include small single divan beds, single divan beds, small double divan beds, double divan beds, king size divan beds and super king divan beds.

Why shop with MattressNextDay?

Our cheap divan beds are all lovingly handmade in the UK. We also offer free 24-hour delivery, providing you with flexible and convenient options when purchasing your next bed. If you’d like more information on our bed or service options, please get in touch today. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to talk to you about our divan beds uk.

Alternatively, why not take the time to browse our range of beautiful cheap divan base and packages? We pride ourselves on offering options for everyone, catering for a range of budgets and personal style preferences.