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Silentnight Miracoil Mattresses

As one of the leading mattress brands on the market, Silentnight is synonymous with expertise and quality. Standing at the pinnacle of bed innovation, the Silentnight Miracoil spring system has made waves in the mattress world, providing a full range of support to all parts of the body.

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The UK’s largest manufacturer of beds and mattresses, Silentnight is a name trusted by millions to deliver all-night comfort and support. Their reputation for quality and innovation puts them at the top of everyone’s wish list when it comes to quality mattresses. Combining traditional skills and modern research and development, they’ve created a range of mattresses that deliver optimum comfort and flawless support, no matter what firmness rating you choose. For 75 years, Silentnight has been supporting the nation with a range of mattresses and beds to suit all tastes, and continues to bring out new and exciting mattresses that are revolutionising the way we sleep. 

Their unique Miracoil mattresses are their crowning achievement so far, providing exceptional comfort. Miracoil mattresses feature innovative zoned support. So whichever Miracoil mattress you choose (whether it’s soft, medium, firm or extra firm), it will be firmer in the middle than around the top and bottom. This zoned support system ensures that the middle of your body is given the cushioning it truly needs for a comfortable sleep, while your head and legs rest in a softer zone. This keeps your spine perfectly aligned, no matter how much you weigh or how tall you are. The result is that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

How to choose the best Silentnight Miracoil mattresses

Sleeping solutions from the best mattress manufacturers don’t have to come with a hefty price tag – we offer all the best Miracoil mattresses at affordable prices and next day delivery as standard.

With memory foam, orthopaedic and pillow top mattress variations available in an array of sizes, this range of Silentnight classics have been expertly designed to revolutionise sleep, improving the quality and restfulness of your nighttime recovery sessions.

What is a Miracoil mattress?

If you keep getting inadvertently nudged awake by your partner, then an innovative Miracoil mattress may be the answer. An ideal mattress for couples, the spring-based construction of Miracoil mattresses prevents the likelihood of rolling from your sleeping position, improving quality of sleep significantly.

Described as the 'clever spring system', what makes a Miracoil mattress different to others on the market? The Miracoil provides firm mattress support, with an open coil spring system. This top of the range mattress is extremely comfortable and low-maintenance. Easy to take care of, it won’t require flipping, prolonging its lifespan.

For that extra level of comfort, our pillows and mattress toppers are the ultimate companion for all Silentnight Miracoil mattresses, with bed accessories such as memory foam mattress toppers providing the perfect finishing touch.

How is a Miracoil mattress made?

Silentnight doesn’t rest until they’ve found the very best mattresses, and the Miracoil is no different.  The extremely innovative interwoven spring system runs vertically as opposed to the horizontal design of traditional mattresses. This results in a medium to firm mattress which can be classified as highly supportive.

Miracoil mattresses have twice as many springs as standard sprung mattresses. Most mattresses have row after row of circular springs, whilst a Miracoil mattress features interconnecting coil springs that take up less space individually. These create a sturdier and more supportive sleeping surface.

Is Miracoil the same as pocket sprung?

There are key differences between the Miracoil design and pocket sprung mattresses. Silentnight have their own take on the pocket sprung mattress in the form of the Micropocket. The Miracoil is more similar to an open coil mattress.

The main difference between open coil mattresses and pocket sprung designs is the amount of springs in each. Pocket sprung mattresses tend to have significantly more springs. An open coil mattress such as the Miracoil is a great budget mattress option, providing comfort and support in equal measures.

What are the benefits of a Miracoil mattress?

The unique construction of the mattress type is a big benefit in itself. The best mattress for restless sleepers, the Miracoil sprung mattress system combats tossing and turning in the night, lessening the likelihood of rolling over or losing your sleep position.

With a Miracoil mattress, the edges are as supportive as the centre, giving you more room to roll as you sleep. Because all parts of the mattress are equally strong, you also avoid roll-together, where your partner's sleeping position has an impact on the springs that you're lying on.

An ideal solution for bad backs and joint pain, similarly to orthopaedic mattress, the Miracoil promotes correct spinal alignment, offering zoned support to each key area of the body, providing pressure relief. The pain-free sleep offered by this supportive medium to firm mattress makes it a suitable mattress for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers alike.

Similarly, for those who suffer with allergies or conditions such as asthma, Miracoil is a hypoallergenic mattress. Made from anti-allergy fillings and fabric, the design is perfect for those who commonly find their sleep disrupted by the impacts of allergies.

One of the easiest mattresses to clean and maintain, the low-maintenance mattress is one sided, meaning that it doesn’t require flipping. It can be rotated, however, and still requires regular care to fully optimise its lifespan.

How supportive are Miracoil mattresses?

Miracoil mattresses feature innovative zoned support. You can choose a soft, medium, firm or extra firm mattress to suit your specific requirements, though whichever Miracoil mattress you choose will be firmer in the middle than around the top and bottom. This zoned support ensures that the middle of your body is given the support it truly needs for a comfortable sleep, whilst your head and legs rest in a softer zone. This keeps your spine perfectly aligned, no matter how much you weigh or how tall you are.