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Wooden Beds

Nothing creates a warm, homely bedroom atmosphere quite like wooden bed frames. A timeless, earthy design, wooden beds never get left behind by fashion and never go out of style. Classy or casual, the wood bed can do it all. Our comprehensive range of cheap wooden bed frames comprises of fresh, modern designs in all sizes, from single to super king.

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Which wooden bed style is best for me? 

Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and makes a real statement. Wooden bed frames are elegant, stylish, and never go out of fashion. Solid wood works with almost any kind of décor, whether it’s ultra-modern or gloriously vintage, a minimalist apartment or a country cottage. From dark wood that makes a bold statement to bright colours that can liven up a child’s room, wooden beds come in a wide range of styles and designs, including those that merge both the natural beauty of wood and the clean, efficient styling of metal to give you the best of both worlds.

Painted wood frames

Wood doesn’t have to be brown! Painted wood frames come in a huge range of colours, designs, and even patterns to give any room a pop of colour. Neutral tones such as white and grey work well in modern surroundings, while signature pieces can be any colour you want, from ocean blue to bright pink.

White wooden bed frames

White wooden bed frames brighten up any room. They’re ideal if you want to keep the tones light and create a sense of space in even the smallest bedroom. White reflects light, giving a bright, clean look that works with any décor. Finish off with bold bedspreads for a pop of colour that can be changed as the mood takes you!

Pine wooden bed frames

If you want to keep your carbon footprint down, go for pine. Wooden bed frames made from this sustainable source are affordable, have a wonderfully rustic feel, and are durable. They’ll last for years, and stay looking amazing.

Wooden beds with storage

Keep clutter under control with wooden beds with storage built-in. Kid’s wooden storage beds are ideal for messy tots and youngsters who need somewhere to keep those teddies and toys. For grown-ups, storage beds offer that all-important extra space to keep everything from books and magazines through to spare linen, seasonal clothes, and general clutter. Go for an ottoman if you have a smaller room, or divan drawers if you have a larger bedroom with more space.  

What size wooden bed frames come in?

From pokey spare rooms to deluxe master bedrooms, there’s a modern wood bed for all needs. With single kids wooden beds and wooden super king size beds available, we cater to every bedroom size. It all comes down to how much space you have. Simply match the bed size to your requirements. For the finishing touch, our mattress range comes in all sizes, catering to all wooden bed types.

Our solid wood single beds are ideal for spare bedrooms, children’s rooms or anywhere that’s low on space. Rooms with a bit more space to play with are suited to our small double and double wooden beds while those with larger rooms can stretch their legs in our wooden king size beds. Each high-quality solid wood bed frame is accompanied by a handy size guide to help inform your decision.