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Wooden Beds

Nothing creates a warm, homely bedroom atmosphere quite like wooden bed frames. A timeless, earthy design, wooden beds never get left behind by fashion and never go out of style. Classy or casual, the wood bed can do it all. Our comprehensive range of cheap wooden bed frames comprises of fresh, modern designs in all sizes, from single to super king.

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What type of wooden bed frames are available?

Beds are the centrepiece of the bedroom. As such, it’s important to find the right wooden bed frame for you. All the choice can leave you scratching your head. Our wide range ensures all bases are covered.

With multiple styles available, wooden beds will never become unfashionable. Natural solid wood beds can complement any interior bedroom décor, supplying the finishing touch to modern and traditional bedrooms alike. Emphasising warmth and comfort, wood bed frames provide a rustic finish for a homely and cosy room.

From hearty dark wood bed frames, to oak and pine offerings, our range of wooden bed frames covers all styles and finishes. With guest beds, kids bunk beds, ottomans and more, there’s a type of wooden bed frame on offer to suit all requirements. For more information about guest beds and mattresses, go to our Guest Bed Buying Guide.

Unsure whether a natural or glossy finish is best for you? Our combination pieces offer a best of both worlds. Merging exposed wooden areas with more modern parts, this highly innovative style brings traditional design into contemporary styles without a dramatic departure.

Painted wood bed frames

When most people think of wooden bed frames, they think of deep oak or light brown designs. Painted wooden bed frames have ripped up the rulebook. This modern innovation has resulted in an array of stylish designs, from grey wood bed frames to signature pieces such as red and pink beds.

Great for bringing light into a dreary room, wooden painted beds add a splash of colour to contrast with home decor. Brighter wood tones, such as grey and cream, work well in airy, lightly coloured decors, and also contrast well against harsher tones.

While there may a tendency to play it safe with dark, dramatic woods, contrasting them with lighter tones can create a striking aesthetic. The versatility of painted wood bed frames makes them perfect for existing bedrooms as well as new rooms.

Whether you favour a sharp contrast, or a well-matched bedroom colour screen, painted wooden beds can add a new element to your home decor.

White wooden bed frames

Brighten up your bedroom with our white wooden beds. A modern, bold design, striking white wood exhibits a clean and fresh aesthetic which is easy to design around.

While slightly less warm and conventional when compared to traditional wooden bed frames, this contemporary style doesn’t lose any of its natural feel. An ever-popular, neutral design, white wooden bed frames can be contrasted with sharp, vivid colour schemes for multi-layered bedroom interior design.

The striking shade of a white wooden bed frame works well alongside an array of fabrics and textures, adding depth and character to the room. Full of charm and stature, white wooden beds are the focal point of a room, drawing attention and contrasting with other pieces of furniture and decoration.

Pine wooden bed frames

Affordable, fashionable and sustainable - it’s easy to see why wooden pine beds are increasingly popular. Pine bed frames are a rustic, natural design which add character and depth to any bedroom. Sturdy and durable, their evergreen design is built to last.

A simple and traditional style, pine bed frames are adaptable to all decors, and can be complemented by trendy pine furniture. Our range of pine bunk beds and triple sleepers are a popular choice for children’s bedrooms, with an airy feel that lends itself well to lighter colours.

The versatility of pine gives it an edge over other materials. An interior designers dream, it’s easy to put your own spin on a pine bed frame. A rustic and timeless design, a pine bed is a great way to futureproof your bedroom.

Wooden beds with storage

Maintaining a clear floor space is key to creating an atmosphere of calmness in your bedroom. Clutter control is a great way of maximising bedroom space. Our wooden beds with storage are a great way of keeping the clutter of everyday life under control with style-conscious designs.

A children’s bed of choice, our kid’s wooden storage beds and desk beds solve toy-tidying nightmares for parents. A space-saving solution for any bedroom, wood storage beds can replace cumbersome furniture, breathing new life into an overcrowded room. The most popular wooden storage bed frame style is the ottoman.

Ottomans offer ample storage space underneath the wooden bed, providing a natural, hidden storage compartment which doesn’t tread on style. Wooden ottoman beds are easy to operate, opening and closing with ease. An extremely useful yet straightforward design, wooden bed frames with storage combine tradition and innovation to make the most out of room space. For more tips on storage beds, read up on how to choose the best storage bed for your room.  

What size wooden bed frames come in?

From pokey spare rooms to deluxe master bedrooms, there’s a modern wood bed for all needs. With single kids wooden beds and wooden super king size beds available, we cater to every bedroom size. It all comes down to how much space you have. Simply match the bed size to your requirements. For the finishing touch, our mattress range comes in all sizes, catering to all wooden bed types.

Our solid wood single beds are ideal for spare bedrooms, children’s rooms or anywhere that’s low on space. Rooms with a bit more space to play with are suited to our small double and double wooden beds while those with larger rooms can stretch their legs in our wooden king size beds. Each high-quality solid wood bed frame is accompanied by a handy size guide to help inform your decision.