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In our pillow range, you'll find everything from waterproof to memory foam pillows, as well as those designed for summer and winter. And not forgetting, of course, our anti-allergy pillow range.



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Helpful Guides & Tips for Pillows

In our pillow range, you'll find everything from waterproof to memory foam pillows, as well as those designed for summer and winter. And not forgetting, of course, our anti-allergy pillow range.

The ultimate pillow guide

Pillows are a household item we use every day. Many of us will own pillows throughout our lives but there is often some confusion about what type of pillow is best. The right pillow is simply the one that best meets your needs. We have a huge range of pillows ready to be delivered straight to your door. Read our ultimate pillow guide and make sure that you’re doing everything possible to secure a good night’s sleep.

Natural and synthetic

There are two main families of pillows; natural and synthetic. 

Natural pillows are filled with naturally occurring products such as feathers, down and wool. Feather and down pillows are supremely soft and luxurious, like resting your head upon a cloud. Wool pillows use thick, breathable wool and offer a little more firmness.

Synthetic pillows come in many different types, including hollow fibre, memory foam and anti-allergy pillows. Hollowfibre pillows blend hollow fibres and polyester to produce a bouncy and comfortable pillow. Memory foam features visco-elastic material which moulds its shape around your head and gives you a stable pillow.

Asthma, eczema and other allergic tendencies can sometimes mean that an anti-allergy pillow is an ideal choice. These can often mimic the feeling of feather and down pillows but contain alternative synthetic materials.

Which pillow is best for me

Choosing the right pillow for you requires you to know your preferred sleeping position. Pillows are graded by their comfort and the level of support that they offer you. Pillows range from soft to firm and ensuring that you have the right grade pillow for your sleeping position will see your quality of sleep rise exponentially. A pillow should keep your neck and head in alignment with the natural curve of your spine.

If you sleep on your side then it is best to select a medium or medium/firm pillow. Your head and neck will be supported as your sleeping position raises the spine above the level of the bed. A soft pillow may see you waking up with a neck ache. If you sleep on your back then you may want to consider a medium pillow. This will stop you craning your neck and keep your head gently cushioned. If you sleep on your front with your head to the side then you should opt for a soft pillow. This will keep your spine in natural alignment.

Whilst many people decide to take two or more pillows to bed we highly recommend sticking to one pillow. The right pillow adapted for your sleeping needs will be more effective than multiple unsuitable pillows. Remember that you’re going to spend almost a third of your time on the planet sleeping, it’s absolutely vital that you match your sleeping habits to your natural posture. You wouldn’t walk around all day with your head to one side or craned uncomfortably in one direction and you should avoid sleeping like this too! 

We know that in our huge range of pillows is the perfect choice for you. We just want to make sure that you pick the right one.

How to care for your pillows

Pillows do have a lifespan and you should think about changing your pillows every two years. If you’re waking up on a discoloured pillow or with serious neck pains then you should consider upgrading your pillow straight away.

Pillows of all types should be washed every 2-3 months. All the pillows in our massive range are machine washable with the exception of memory foam pillows (which have washable covers). A careful reading of the care instructions will ensure that your pillows are cared for.

Making the right choice when it comes to your pillow can increase your happiness and wellbeing. It is a decision that many people take lightly but we would recommend that you make your choice carefully. Not all pillows are created equal and whilst all our pillows are great, we know that not all our pillows will be great for you.

Give our friendly customer service team a call and we’ll work together to help you make the right choice and get the perfect night’s sleep. We have a huge range of pillows and free 24-hour delivery. With your individual specifications and our high level of expertise, we’re a dream team. Call us today and you'll be sleeping better by tomorrow.  

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