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Pillows offer somewhere comfy to rest our head at the end of a long day. They’re often also designed to combat sleep issues such as snoring, neck pain and plenty more. If you’re looking to add some luxury, a pillow is the cherry on top of your sleeping environment.

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How to choose the best Pillows

Our pillows enhance the time you spend in bed, providing comfortable neck cushioning which takes the strain away and allows you to dream in peace. Our hotel quality pillow range is extensive, allowing couples to customise their choices.

Expect ergonomic and anti allergy pillows, as well as the best pillows for back sleepers. Trust our sleep experts to help you find the best pillow for sleeping alone or with a partner.

What Are The Best Bed Pillows?

Whether you’re looking for down feather pillows, cooling pillows or the best firm pillow, the sheer depth offered in our pillow range will help upgrade your resting spot. There are number of bed pillow types available at prices which will please even the most stringent among us.

At this stage, everyone’s heard of memory foam technology. As well as our top of the range memory foam mattresses and protectors, we also stock the very best memory foam pillows. These hypoallergenic pillows have anti-allergy properties and are incredibly long-lasting.

There are also latex pillows on offer. Our latex pillow selection provides support with their cushioned finish and are also allergen-free. These natural pillows can be combined with our eco-friendly natural mattress range to create a sustainable sleeping sanctuary.

If you find yourself waking up with an aching neck, it may be time to opt for a neck support pillow. Our range features the best pillow for neck pain on the market, helping you to achieve the perfect spinal alignment you need for full comfort as you sleep. Pillows with neck support are the answer to the ever-common problem of sleeping with neck pain.

Performing a similar function, orthopaedic pillows help with back pain. The ultimate accompaniment to our range of orthopaedic mattresses, these specialist pillows assist with sleeping position, finding the sweet spot for optimal comfort.

Loud snoring keeping you up at night? Something so uncontrollable can be a major bugbear in many relationships. There is an alternative to ear plugs, in the form our fantastic anti snore pillows. The Silentnight anti-snore pillow is the pinnacle of the range, promoting a better breathing channel to benefit both you and the snorer in question. The best pillows for snoring, our supportive bed cushions hold the solution for sleeping with a snorer.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Pillow?

We all know how important it is to choose the best pillows to buy. But how do you know that it’s the right pillow for you? One of the key factors to keep an eye on is the filling. From goose feather pillows to medical grade foam pillows from the very best pillow brands, our easy to navigate website makes finding your next bed pillow a walk in the park.

Pillow firmness is also important – just how soft do you want your pillow to be? Firmness levels run in the same way as their mattress counterparts, from soft to extra firm, each with their own characteristics. Those at the softer end of the scale are the best pillows for back and stomach sleepers, while an extra firm pillow is perfect for soothing neck pain.

What Types Of Pillows Are There?

As alluded to previously, we offer pillows made from both natural and man-made materials. Our eco-friendly pillows are sustainable and hypoallergenic, while our artificial pillows come in an array of styles for all needs.

Natural Pillows

Natural pillows are filled with naturally occurring products such as feathers, down and wool. Feather and down pillows are supremely soft and luxurious, like resting your head upon a cloud. Wool pillows use thick, breathable wool and offer a little more firmness.

Synthetic Pillows

Synthetic pillows come in many different types, including hollow fibre, memory foam and anti-allergy pillows. Hollowfibre pillows blend hollow fibres and polyester to produce a bouncy and comfortable pillow. Memory foam features visco-elastic material which moulds its shape around your head and gives you a stable pillow.

Anti Allergy Pillows

View our range of anti-allergy pillows here.

Memory Foam Pillows

View our range of memory foam pillows here.

Natural Pillows

View our range of natural pillows here.

Luxury Pillows

View our range of luxury pillows here.

Hollowfibre Pillows

View our range of hollowfibre pillows here.

Latex Pillows

View our range of latex pillows here.

Octaspring Pillows

View our range of octaspring pillows here.

What Are Side Sleeper Pillows?

If you sleep on your side, the most important thing to consider is the amount of support your pressures points require. Finding the best pillow for shoulder pain can help with this. As the side sleeping position forces the hip and shoulder closest to the mattresses to sink in, it adds tension to that side of the body which needs to be supported.

To receive this additional support, the best pillow for side sleepers tend to be thicker in design, helping to achieve the spinal alignment required for a comfortable sleep.

What Pillows Do Hotels Use?

Ever found yourself wondering what it is about hotel pillows that make them so comfortable? The secret lies in the filling. The pillows used by Hilton and similar hotels tend to feature down and feather hybrid pillows, the likes of which can be found in our range. These luxury pillows will have you fully rested up and feeling ready to tackle the day ahead.

Pillows from hotels are kept extra fresh and cleaned regularly, giving them that extra sparkle. To keep your pillows in mint condition, remember to give them all the care they need, washing and changing pillow cases regularly and engaging in pillow sanitization when necessary. 

Shop Our Cheap Bed Pillow Sale

We are the ultimate budget bed frame, mattress and pillow company, with comfy bed cushions available in a range of styles. Pick up a pillow for back pain, the best neck pillow or just a fresh upgrade on your current sleep pillow right here.

Rest assured that the entirety of our pillow collection comes with a 12 month warranty as standard. The majority of our pillows also feature an additional 5 year guarantee. Buy pillows from our range and receive them tomorrow with our super speed nationwide next day pillow delivery service.