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Millbrook Beds & Mattresses

Why settle for anything less than a luxury Milbrook mattress? Exceptionally soft and plush, they provide a comfortable and cosy finish that’s tough to match. Made from 100% natural materials, these woollen mattresses utilise the finest craftmanship to take your sleep quality to the next level. Indulge in the best night’s sleep available with our Millbrook mattress range.

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What are Millbrook beds and mattresses?

A Millbrook mattress is the ultimate in sustainable mattress quality. Every product is fuelled by a commitment to produce unique and genuine products sourced from mother nature. Expect hand-crafted bed frames and mattresses where ethics is always a key concern.

Every premium mattress offered by Millbrook is handmade by skilled upholsters who pour countless years of knowledge and experience into everything they do. A UK mattress company through and through, each lovingly crafted mattress features an individual pocket spring design that ensures there is no roll-together. Perfect for the restless sleepers among us, pocket sprung mattresses often have side stitching along the borders to prevent rollout and enhance stability levels.

Who are Millbrook beds and mattresses?

A family firm with a global reach, Millbrook mattresses are a mainstay of the bedding world, utilising generation’s worth of passion, knowledge and hard work to gain an enviable reputation. MattressNextDay are proud to align themselves with the heritage and stature of Millbrook, placing their products alongside our comprehensive selections of memory foam mattresses, divan beds and much more.

What are the benefits of mattresses with natural fillings?

We’re all trying to do our bit for the planet. Selecting a naturally filled mattress is one way to step away from the synthetics and make an environmentally-focused choice. The wool mattress range offered by Millbrook is incredibly breathable, perfect for all seasons as it keeps you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

A real all-rounder, natural wool is a common choice for anti-allergy mattresses. Keep those pesky bed bugs at bay and prevent dust-mites with a Milbrook mattress. Ideal for asthma suffers, allergy protection is one of the main benefits of natural mattresses when compared to synthetic styles.

Comfort is another big benefit of a natural mattress. There’s something to be said for the luxurious backing of a wool-based mattress and the relief it provides. This sumptuous sleeping surface is available in a range of sizes, from single to king size, ensuring that no-one in your household misses out.

If you’re looking to make the most of your natural mattresses, we offer natural toppers and protectors in our bedding range – all expertly designed to enhance luxury and comfort.

Need a little help? Get in touch with our expert team on 0333 0069 769.

Do we also stock Millbrook beds?

It doesn’t end at high quality mattress when it comes to Millbrook. We also offer a selection of Millbrook beds from their Echo range. These adjustable beds have been specifically designed to help those with impairments and ailments achieve the best night’s sleep possible. If you’re in need of an adjustable bed frame without the wait, our premium FastTrack 48 hour delivery will send your sleeping aid from the warehouse to the bedroom in no time at all.

Featuring high quality pocket mattresses as standard, these electric beds are free from chemicals. That means they’re just as fresh and inviting as natural Milbrook mattresses. Easy to use, the remote control powered beds simply raise and lower, helping users to find the perfect sleeping position for their particular needs.

What are Millbrook mattresses made from?

Millbrook are a company who believe that natural mattresses can’t be beaten. And with good reason; why choose synthetic materials when you can choose a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly option instead?

All Millbrook mattresses are crafted using Hampshire wool, utilising locally sourced materials to provide comfort which is out of this world. The ultimate in sustainability and luxury, Hampshire wool mattresses are the signature of the Millbrook range.

What makes Hampshire wool so luxurious?

Made from UK-only wool, Milbrook mattresses have added spring and resilience in their design. This is due to the unique nature of this wool, providing natural crimp and extra bounce.

Believe it or not, Hampshire wool manages to go even better. Sheep breeds that are local to the area enjoy a great life due to the mild climate and prevalence of quality food. These factors are significant when it comes to producing quality wool, as sheep which live in the best conditions have more energy to put into fleece growth. Sheep in Hampshire tend to produce a fuller, fluffier, bulkier wool than sheep reared in more stressful climates.