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Beautyrest’s expert team have come together to create a brand new range of innovative products – like the Beautyrest black mattresses and beds – that redefine the way we sleep.

More than creating something we ‘just sleep on’, Beautyrest has gone a step further with its mattresses and beds. Just like an athlete that needs the latest state-of-the-art equipment to enhance their performance, we all need the same innovative solutions when it comes to our sleep – significantly enhancing and maximising our sleep performance. It’s a performance that allows us to go head-to-head with any athletic activity – making us the true champions of sleep. After all, tens of millions of people take part in sleeping as an activity every single night, so why not be the best at it?

With Beautyrest’s mattresses and beds, you can start to dream big and put those worries to rest once and for all. And this is no overnight success, each mattress has gone through rigorous testing, all carefully designed and expertly built to last longer to ensure you enjoy the best possible sleep, night after night. That’s a true commitment to quality.

Yoga goers, move over. Marathon runners, keep looking behind you. You have now got competition from a whole new army of athletes: the sleepers.

So if you want nothing but a good night’s sleep followed by an awesome day, speak to a member of the expert team at Mattress Next Day – they’re here to help you save money and sleep happy.