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Metal Bed Frames

Sleek, clean, and classy, metal bed frames are popular among modern and traditional bedrooms alike. Also referred to as a metal bedstead, metal beds are favoured due to their winning combination of sturdiness and style. A metal bed is a trendy accompaniment to all home décor, complementing furniture and decorations of all types.

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Great service and communication . Delivery was on time and the delivery men friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend. Very pleased with mattress, thanks!only negative cost of removing old single mattress was a bit pricey.

Lin B 29th Feb
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Mattress delivered quickly and taken to my room as I asked. Delivery drivers missed the old one being taken away but checked paperwork and grabbed it.Website was decent, prices were fair and beat the competition (recycling and delivery were over 30 cheaper) and their range was great

Kevin Smith 29th Feb
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Excellent. Highly recommend. Next day delivery. Clear efficient communication. Call an hour before hand to confirm arrival time. Product is excellent. Nothing to fault.

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Help & Buying Guides

Choosing your metal bed frame

Whether you’re looking to make a statement with your metal bed frame, or looking for something more understated, our metal beds come in a wide array of styles and finishes to suit all needs. Metal beds benefit from their versatility and can be used with our full range of mattresses.

An interior design chameleon, the creative material blends seamlessly into any style of decor. Equally at home in spare rooms, as it is in master bedrooms, there is a depth of styles to choose from. With metal bunk beds, brass bed frames and block frames on offer, you’ll be sure to find the best bed for your room.

What colours can I buy a metal bed frame in?

The wonderful thing about metal bed frames is that they can be powder-coated and decorated in almost any colour combination you can think of. However, the most common metal bed colours are:

  • black

  • white

  • grey

  • cream

  • pink

If you want something even more sophisticated, new colours are coming on the market all the time, such as glamorous rose gold and urban-chic black nickel. These bring a new dimension to the colours already available, giving you greater choice whether you want a traditional frame for a country cottage or something a little more ‘industrial’ for a suave warehouse apartment. 

Colours such as chrome, black and white are offset with a range of different finishes and flourishes, giving you a huge range of options when you’re planning your bedroom interior. For a subtle addition to a child’s bedroom, charming variations on the more grown-up black and white metal bed frames include soft cream and dusky pink. All of our metal bed frames are eligible for  to UK mainland addresses.

Black metal bed frames

An ebony metal bedstead can be a real statement to base your room around. Creating a dark and dramatic bedroom design, black metal beds bring maturity and dynamism to your decor. An attention-grabbing style, black metal bed frames command authority in the centre of a room and can contrast well with a variety of colour schemes.

To prevent overcrowding, it’s important to include shades of light around the room here and there, although that doesn’t mean dark designs should be avoided completely. Metal black bed frames provide a neutral tint which can work well with wooden furniture and richly coloured pieces. Offering a spectacular finish to any bedroom, a black metal bed is stately and grand, creating a real sense of atmosphere.

White metal bed frames

On the other end of the spectrum, white metal bed frames create an airy, light and natural feel. For areas where space is at a premium, such as studio apartments or spare bedrooms, a white metal bed can open the room up.

Combining function and fashion, light tones, such as ivory metal bed frames, create the illusion of space, maximising the area and preventing overcrowding. A stark and bright white metal bed enhances a sense of cleanliness, helping to create a tidy bedroom environment, especially if you opt for a storage bed

White beds are also effective at bringing out other tones in the room. The subtle shade illuminates the colours of other elements of the room, such as bedding, curtains and furniture, adding vibrancy which contrasts well with vivid white. An alternative to more traditional bed colours, a white metal bed frame adds a truly modern touch to a bedroom, offering a rich and sleek finish. A stylish choice as a bedroom’s centrepiece, our white metal beds are as strong as they are fashionable.

Rose gold metal bed frames

The new kid on the bedroom decor scene, rose gold bed frames have recently emerged as a stylish alternative to the more extreme white and black colour schemes. The chic gold bed frame style works well with neutral and light decor, with white-washed walls and bright furniture a common accompaniment.

For daring designers, pale pinks, aqua blues and light grey fabrics can help bring out the shine of the gold bed frame, improving its vibrancy. If you’re looking for a stylish metal bed frame which gives character to a neutral bedroom, rose gold beds are the way to go.

Other metal bed frame finishes

From silver metal bed frames to nickel bed frames, there are a wealth of finishes available in our range. Nickle-finished bed frames are great for a subtle and polished look, adding personality to the metallic style.

We also offer silver and grey metal bed frames, providing a cool aesthetic and an eye-catching sheen to your bedroom. Strength, value for money and attractiveness are all embodied by the brass bed frame, underlined by a visually striking polished finish. Whichever style of metal bed frame you’re looking for, our vast collection ticks all the boxes.

Why choose a metal bed?

Metal bed frames have been in vogue for centuries because they’re: 

  • Long-lasting – metal lasts for years if looked after properly.

  • Easy to maintain – a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is all you need to bring your metal bed frame back to pristine condition.

  • Tough enough to cope with kids! – If your kids love turning their bed into a trampoline, a metal bed frame is more than capable of coping with their shenanigans.

  • Available in a wide range of styles and colours – with designs that suit both modern and traditional interiors, they’re perfect for any home.

  • Easy to construct – all you need is a screwdriver or Allen key and a couple of hours’ patience! 

  • Affordable – metal bed frames are an affordable option, making them a great option for guest bedrooms or the kids.

What size metal bed frame do I need?

From making the most of every inch of space in a kid’s bedroom to designing a spacious and luxurious master bedroom, our range of fashionable metal beds is a perfect choice for any interior. But which size do you need? Fortunately, there’s a full range of sizes on offer, from single beds for guest rooms and the kid’s room to metal bed frames in  options for your master bedroom. Measure how much space you have including considerations such as opening areas for cupboards and wardrobes, and whether you need to include under-bed storage. Your bedroom ‘footprint’ will determine what size bed you need. 

Single metal beds are the ideal size for smaller living areas such as children’s bedrooms and spare bedrooms. If you have a little extra space then you can increase your options to include a small double (which measures 4’ x 6’3”), perfect for a growing teenager or a spare room that gets regular use. For an extra six inches on the width, go for standard double metal bed frames. 

For master bedrooms or larger spare rooms, a king-size metal bed frame has to be the right choice. At 5’ x 6’6”, you or your guests will have plenty of space to stretch out and relax. All of our metal bed frames are designed to take the appropriate-sized mattress so it’s easy to team up your metal bed frame with the memory foam or pocketed spring mattress of your choice. To match the dimensions of your bedroom, our helpful bed size guide will give you all the information you need. 

What mattress can I buy with a metal bed frame?

You can buy any type of mattress to go with a metal bed frame. The most important thing to remember is that you buy the right size for your bed, so to paraphrase an old trade saying, “Measure twice, buy once!”. As metal bed frames often have slatted bases, it’s worth taking a look at our guide on How to Choose a Mattress for a Slatted Bed Frame, which will give you plenty of great tips on which type of mattress to choose. And remember, all of our metal bed frames benefit from free delivery, making a statement design feature even more affordable. 

Are cheap metal bed frames bad for you?

Some people believe that metal bed frames have two weak spots – poor support, and creakiness. Let’s bust that ‘poor support’ myth first. Well-made metal frames provide outstanding support and are extremely strong, so they won’t sag over time. Even though the base is considerably thinner than, for example, a divan, it still provides you with the same rigidity and firm feel. 

Most metal bed frames have a slatted base, which eliminates that sagging feeling. Team it up with the right mattress and you’re guaranteed a great night’s sleep. Secondly, that creaking problem. Very old metal bedsteads can get a bit creaky eventually, but it takes a very long time for that to become a real problem. 

However, modern metal bed frames are usually powder coated, which avoids the source of the creaking – metal rubbing against metal. If you do notice the occasional squeak, then the best thing to do is go around the bed and check that all the bolts are secure and done up tightly. That should get rid of any creaking instantly.