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Medium Firm Mattresses

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, our medium to firm mattresses are a great way to improve comfort and quality of sleep. If you’re sinking into a medium mattress but don’t want to go whole hog on the firmness, then medium firm is the way to go.

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How to choose the best medium firm mattresses

Our comprehensive range of value and luxury mattresses with medium to firm firmness levels come in a host of sizes. Expect everything from a medium firm single mattress all the way to the luxury and magnificence of medium firm super kings. We also offer medium firmness mattresses in every style imaginable to suit any night time requirement – think memory foam, pocket spring, natural and plenty more.

Medium firm mattress sale

There’s no need to shop around for an affordable medium firm mattress – MattressNextDay have got you covered. And whichever sale item you choose, long-lasting quality is guaranteed at budget-friendly prices. With a whole host of sizes and styles available, you can deck out every bedroom in the house with these high quality medium firm mattresses. And why not add the finishing touch to your night time sleeping sanctuary with one of our top rated mattress toppers, bedding or mattress protectors?

We believe that a quality mattress is the most important investment you can make – trust the mattress experts and enjoy a great night’s sleep with our medium firmness bed mattresses.

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What does a medium firm mattress mean?

A happy middle ground between medium and firm mattresses, our medium firm bed mattresses offer plentiful support without making any compromise on comfort. The design emphasises cushioning while still providing firmness, suitable for slightly heavier individuals and those who favour a firmer bed.

The sheer range of sizes on offer in our medium firm mattress collection make them suitable for all ages, although firmness level is often geared towards helping with back pain. Lighter individuals may wish to move down to the softer end of the firmness scale.

If you’re looking for the best mattress for back pain, a medium firm choice is often ideal. They offer the right level of support without compromising on comfort.

Why is medium firm good for back pain?

Chronic aches and pains in the joints and in the back can hinder quality of sleep, potentially leading to further health problems down the line. Finding the right mattress for back pain can help alleviate these woes, promoting correct spinal alignment, moulding the individuals sleeping position to combat the pain.

Our medium firm mattresses for back pain are adept at soothing ailments and providing high levels of support without adding pressure to the back. For additional cushioning, our medium firm memory foam mattresses provide the response needed for pressure points in the body.

Similarly, our medium firm orthopaedic mattresses focus on posture, soothing back and joint pain to aid with a peaceful night’s sleep.

Should I get a firm or medium firm mattress?

Finding the right tension levels for your sleeping needs is a crucial element to consider when searching for the perfect sleeping environment. The difference between firm mattresses and medium firm mattresses boil down to the additional cushion provided by the latter. A firm mattress is perfect for the heavier sleeper, supporting extra weight without providing undue pressure to joints.

A slight step down the firmness scale, a medium firm mattress is the mattress of choice for those who desire a firm yet slightly soft mattress. Consider any specific requirements you have and choose the best mattress from our range to improve your quality of sleep.

Is a medium firm mattress good for side sleepers?

People who sleep on their side place huge amounts of pressure of their hips and shoulders, particularly if they’re restless in the night. As such, a medium firm mattress is the peak of the firmness scale for side sleepers. Most popular are types which offer additional elasticity, such as latex or memory foam.

Pillows are also incredibly important for side sleepers, as the position places extra pressure on the neck. Our pillow range has a real range of depth. Expect everything from anti-snore to anti-allergy, allowing you to drift off peacefully and pain-free.