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Kids & Childrens Mattresses

Kids mattresses come in a wide range of designs and types. Whether you’re upgrading on bunk bed mattresses or looking for a kid’s waterproof mattress to combat night time leaks, our comprehensive range has something for all needs.

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How to choose the best Kids & Childrens Mattresses

Available in all firmness levels, these childrens mattresses can be tailored to the specific requirements of your child. Sleep is very important to a child’s development, and as such it’s crucial they receive the right amount of comfort and support. With children’s mattresses from leading brands such as Silentnight on offer, our selection of high value kids bed mattresses will help your little ones get a great night’s sleep. To learn more, check out our children’s mattress guide.

Mattress Firmness For Children

Striking a balance between kids mattress firmness ratings depends on the sleeping preferences of the individual. Choosing a mattress with a softer feel is better suited to older kids or children who sleep on their side or back.

The stability of a firm mattress is ideal for front sleepers and younger children who require additional support, promoting a healthy spinal alignment. Kids mattresses at all ends of the firmness scale can be purchased from MattressNextDay.

Shop Our Kids Mattresses

MattressNextDay stock value children’s mattress from some of the top mattress brands. These quality mattresses for children are available in a range of sizes suitable for all types of kids beds. Choose your desired comfort levels to help give your child a restful night’s sleep. We also offer children’s pillows, duvets, and mattress toppers to complete the set.

Our child mattresses each have a minimum guarantee of 12 months. Select models are further protected by an additional 5 year warranty for additional assurance of quality. Depending on stock, our child mattresses can be with you in as little as 24 hours thanks to our nationwide next day delivery service.

What Size Is A Kids Mattress?

A standard children’s bed mattress tends to be single sized. A children's single mattress is a good long term option for a child as it could last as they advance through the age groups. We appreciate that not everyone’s needs are the same, and as such we offer a full size range of mattresses for kids.

The smallest size we offer, small single, is a slight upgrade on toddler mattresses, and is designed to fit narrower bed frames. We also offer small double mattresses, suitable for growing kids and larger beds. Specialists recommend that you change your mattresses every seven or eight years. This is even more important when choosing a kid’s mattress, as it will last them a fair while as they grow.

What Types Of Children’s Mattresses Are There?

As with adult mattresses, there are an array of options available for kids. Our extensive range has been curated to help you find a kids mattress which matches your child’s specific requirements.

Pocket Sprung

Kids pocket sprung mattresses are designed with cloth-wrapped springs which offer support while responding to your child’s movements and weight.

Memory Foam

Suitable for a restless child, memory foam promotes a consistent sleeping position by conforming to body shape. A memory foam mattress will help to stop your child tossing and turning in the night while keeping them comfortable and secure.


These natural kids mattresses are breathable, making them adept at encouraging a consistent airflow as your child sleeps. Latex mattresses are suited to children who get hot at night. The luxurious finish of the smooth latex is designed to improve comfort.


Kids waterproof mattresses feature a tough top layer which won’t become damaged by moisture. A suitable mattress to protect against bedwetting, the waterproof surface will also effectively deal with spills of any kind.

Are Children’s Mattresses Anti-Allergy?

Kids are susceptible to allergy-related irritations and bed bugs. This can be disruptive to their quality of sleep and the hygiene of their sleeping environment. A large percentage of our kids mattress range have hypoallergenic properties, helping young sufferers of asthma and other allergies to get to sleep. Opt for memory foam, latex or natural fillings if you require an anti-allergy child’s mattress.

Should You Add A Kids Mattress Protector?

Taking care of your kids mattress is important to making the most of its lifespan. Designed to shield against bedwetting or spills, mattress protectors help defend against damage and wear and tear associated with moisture. Each mattress protector is easy to wash and comfortable, keeping the mattress fresh and dry.