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Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress
Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress
Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress
Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress
Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress
Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress thumbnail
Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress thumbnail
Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress thumbnail
Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress thumbnail
Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress thumbnail

Relyon Finesse 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress

4.9 star rating


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1400 Pocket Springs Alpaca Fleece Bamboo Silk

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Features you'll love

A layer of wool, alpaca and bamboo fibres helps regulate your temperature in both cold and warm weather.

1400 springs mounted in individual fabric pockets allow for targeted support and greater comfort.

100% natural probiotic treatment keeps fabric fresh and free of allergens, bacteria, and odours.

Luxurious layer of wool, cashmere and silk maximises comfort and ensures you stay cool and dry.

8-year guarantee means you enjoy total peace of mind when purchasing the Finesse Mattress.

Strengthened sides mean you enjoy more space and prevents the mattress sagging.

We'll plant a tree with every order, to offset our CO2 footprint


Relyon Finesse Mattress utilises the innovative Posturepocket™ spring system to deliver outstanding support. The perfect choice if you’re looking for a medium-soft mattress, the Finesse Mattress also features a range of natural fibres, including bamboo, wool, alpaca, cashmere, and silk. These materials help regulate your temperature whether it’s hot or cold and ensure you benefit from premium comfort. A probiotic fabric treatment also keeps allergens, bacteria, and odours at bay.

Pocket spring system ensures you receive support where you need it

Each spring used in the Relyon Finesse king-size mattress is mounted in its own fabric pocket and moves independently of the other springs in the Posturepocket™ system. This allows the mattress to respond to pressure and movement in a more subtle way, providing excellent support in those places you need it most.

Pocket spring system ensures you receive support where you need it image
Natural materials mean your mattress is ready for every season image

Natural materials mean your mattress is ready for every season

The mattress features two layers of natural fibres, both of which work to ensure you enjoy outstanding comfort all year round. The first includes a combination of bamboo, wool and alpaca fibres and functions as natural insulation, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The second includes wool, cashmere, and silk. This luxury layer helps you stay cool and dry at all times.

Firmer springs at the sides strengthen the mattress and prevent sagging

Both edges of the mattress have been strengthened with firmer springs to prevent sagging and loss of structural integrity. While many mattress designs begin to collapse at the edges after a relatively short period of time, the Finesse Mattress retains its shape, ensuring you benefit from more usable space – especially useful if you like to spread out or ‘starfish’ when you sleep!.

Firmer springs at the sides strengthen the mattress and prevent sagging image

The Relyon Finesse is a double-sided mattress and can be flipped and rotated to extend its lifespan. To help with this process, handles have been built into both sides of the design. The mattress is also sold with an 8-year guarantee, allowing you to make a purchase safe in the knowledge that you’re receiving a product of the highest quality.


1400 Pocket Springs

Pocket springs are springs mounted in their own seperate fabric pockets, meaning they work completely independently of one another and can provide your body with better pressure relieving support.


Soft in texture and light in weight, luxurious silk creates the ultimate top comfort layer to any mattress.


This type of filling gives a soft cushioned feel to the mattress. Wool is ideal for those who prefer their mattress to be traditional and natural.


A rare filling which is softer and finer than wool. Cashmere is only used in quality products.

Alpaca Fleece

Alpaca Fleece is a high quality natural filling. An Alpacas fleece is known for being soft, durable and luxurious, it is also a warmer alternative to sheeps wool.


This natural mattress filling is known for its natural absorption and moisture-wicking properties, creating a breathable and fresh sleeping surface.

31cm Depth

This mattress is approximately 31cm deep.

Softer Support

Good for side sleepers. A softer level of support.

1400 Springs

This mattress contains 1,400 individually pocketed springs (in a King Size).

No Roll Together

Individual personal sleeping zones mean that you won't be disturbed if your partner rolls or moves, as you won't feel their motion. There's also no tendency to roll towards the middle of the mattress.

Pressure Relieving

This type of mattress gives maximum pressure relief, allowing your body weight to spread across it evenly. This ultimately means less tossing and turning throughout the night and a more relaxing and restful sleep.

Turning Handles

Flag-stitched handles are attached to the sides of the mattress to assist in turning or rotating.


The mattress has fillings on both sides. Double-sided mattresses need to be turned regularly to keep them in good condition.

Hand Side Stitched

This mattress has been hand stitched on the borders, which creates a firmer edge on pocket sprung mattresses. This is a very expensive process, only done on top quality mattresses.

Hand Tufted

Tufts help to secure the luxury fillings in place, helping the mattress retain it's fullness and plumpness over time.

NBF Approved Product

Peace of mind and reassurance - the manufacturer of this item is an approved member of the National Bed Federation's Code of Practice.

Made in the UK

This item has been manufactured in the UK.

Warranty & Guarantee

Relyon 8 Year Guarantee

For your peace of mind, Relyon offers a 8 year guarantee on all mattresses, divans and headboards.

Download warranty/guarantee information


Most of our mattresses are available for free next day delivery. Order before 5pm, and we will dispatch your mattress or bed the same day, for free next day delivery. You can also select another day of your choice in your basket. Don't forget to check out our range of additional services like room of choice delivery & mattress recycling - where we take your old unwanted mattress away.

About Relyon

For the perfect night’s sleep, you needn’t look any further than our range of Relyon mattresses. Using high-quality, sumptuous materials, each product in our collection has been designed with comfort in mind, providing you with an exceptionally cosy and supportive place to sleep every night.

At MattressNextDay, we stock a wide range of Relyon mattresses with different specifications. You can choose a design with your preferred firmness rating and spring count. What’s more, you can also pick from a variety of construction types, including pocket sprung and reflex foam. So, regardless of your individual requirements, you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect mattress when you shop with us.

We also offer designs with a range of different features. For example, we stock models with hypoallergenic properties, memory foam technology, moisture control and pressure relief. You can also choose the size model you need. We have Relyon designs in sizes ranging from single and double to king and superking.

Why not accompany your chosen mattress with a Relyon bed? To complete your new bedroom setup, we offer a selection of Relyon divan beds and frames. Check out the Bed Frames and Divan Beds sections of our website for our full range of products.

If you require extra information about any of our Relyon mattresses or beds, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can chat to our bed specialists over the phone by calling 0333 0069 769. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Trustpilot Product Rating Average 4.9/5 based on 8 reviews
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Verified Review
Seems ok after a...
Seems ok after a week, but more medium than soft.
Verified Review
I was so pleased...
I was so pleased I purchased this mattress as probably the most comfortablemattress I have had.They seem to be on a par with hypnos beds but relyon do not compromiseon their exceptional quality and compatible price. Will definitely purchase another in a few years time.
Verified Review
Lovely and soft to...
Lovely and soft to sleep on!
Verified Review
Great mattress...
Great mattress
Verified Review
Lovely softly padded mattress...
Lovely softly padded mattress that is quite bouncy yet firm when you sit on it. Very comfortable so far (1 week) and despite being 31cm deep not too heavy to turn. Very pleased with purchase.
Verified Review
Fabulous mattress just as...
Fabulous mattress, just as described, very good quality. Fast professional service
Verified Review
Super thick and luxurious...
Super thick and luxurious but also soft and supportive
Verified Review
Nice mattress Not as...
Nice mattress. Not as soft as I expected but much more comfortable than our previous one. It's also not as heavy, which helps with turning it over.