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Planting a Tree For Every Order

Planting a Tree For Every Order

MattressNextDay has made a new sustainability plan to do our bit in tackling the climate crisis, and we are inviting our customers to participate. Thanks to a new partnership with Ecologi, for every purchase we receive, we will plant a tree! This is part of the work Ecologi does with the aim of offsetting carbon emissions and working towards a carbon-neutral - or even a carbon positive - economy. We are one of the first mattress retailers in the UK to introduce such an initiative.

Aside from the work we are doing with Ecologi, we have come up with other pledges, such as transferring to an electric fleet and reducing the usage of plastic packaging.

In this post, however, we will discuss the benefits of tree planting and our new commitment to doing this in partnership with Ecologi.

How is planting trees sustainable?

Trees are an essential mechanism in maintaining the correct balance of gases in our atmosphere. With all the carbon emissions humans produce around the globe, the presence of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is increasing, and this absorbs heat from the sun and causes global temperatures to rise. The impact of this is devastating for our global climate and we are close to levels where the world will be irreversibly changed.

One of the great benefits of trees is that they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen, helping to redress that balance. A single tree produces around 118kg of oxygen per year. It also absorbs around 22kg of carbon dioxide per year. But humanity has spent many decades cutting down trees to create space for farmland or to harvest raw materials from the trees themselves. This means that tree life around the world can't keep up with the carbon emissions we produce, and climate change has spiralled out of control.

A commitment to responsible reforestation is a component of restoring the all-important balance to our atmosphere and limiting the impact of climate change before it permanently destroys ecosystems and our way of life is lost.

How will it work with MattressNextDay?

Our pledge, in partnership with Ecologi, is simple. For every order we receive, a new tree will be planted to help offset global carbon emissions. This is just one part of what we are now committed to doing for the benefit of the environment, and it is a step towards becoming climate positive.

Whenever a customer makes a purchase from us, they will be able to find out where their tree is planted and learn more information about our progress. In fact, you can head over to Ecologi's MattressNextDay page to see the overall impact of our partnership and learn more about what Ecologi does.

Working together to save our planet

The world needs us to step up and take action, and we can make the changes by working together. It is with great pride that we present this partnership with Ecologi and we are happy to be one of the first UK mattress retailers to make such a pledge. By 2030, we hope to have planted 1 million trees - so every order from our customers counts!  

Everyone can and should do their bit towards ensuring there is a bright future for our home. We hope customers and other companies are able to draw some inspiration from the pledge we and many other organisations are now making to protect the environment.

Author: Ryan Thaker

Ryan is a Marketing Executive, who joined MattressNextDay in October 2021. Having over 5 years marketing experience in higher education and recruitment, Ryan is looking to broaden his horizons and learn more about the mattress and online retail industries. He will be looking into the latest bedroom decor trends, sharing ways to sleep healthier and providing insights on products and the features they provide. If you have any questions for Ryan, please give him a call today!