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No-flip Mattresses

There is actually a debate that says a no-flip mattress benefits the manufacturer more than it does the consumer. Some consumers love it when they hear that a mattress is no-flip because flipping a mattress can be such a task. That is why mattress retailers are constantly advertising the no-flip feature. However, there is a downfall to a no-flip mattress and that is the fact that the underside of the mattress is not upholstered in case the need to flip ever comes about.

Sure, it is great to have a mattress that doesn't require any kind of flipping. It can be a daunting task to have to get someone else to stand on the other end and flip it around, especially if the room is small and there isn't much room to maneuver. Mattresses gain weight over time, so the mattress becomes heavier every time it is flipped.

Nevertheless, despite the fact consumers do not have to worry about flipping the mattress, the manufacturer has reduced costs by implementing such a feature. The amount of materials used is reduced by not having to upholster the other side, but the mattress may, in the end, last half as long as a double-sided mattress. A one-sided mattress is estimated to last approximately 5 years compared to the 8-10 years of a double-sided mattress.

With the increased cost of labor, the fact that consumers prefer to not spend substantial amounts of money on a mattress, and the fact that customers like convenience, making a no-flip mattress was the only solution.

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