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Do you need a sofa bed for guests?

Do you need a sofa bed for guests?

You’ve got relatives or friends heading over for the weekend. Your spare bed is already booked, and you suddenly find out that you’ve got two more guests arriving who’ll need a comfy place to sleep for the night. That blow-up camping bed simply isn’t an option. So what’s the alternative?

A sofa bed is one of those essential pieces of furniture that deserves a place in every home. Practical, stylish and multi-functional, it’s also a great space-saver. It can double up as a comfortable sofa during the day and convert into a double bed at night. 

Young woman unfolding sofa into a bed

What is a sofa bed?

It’s exactly what it says – a sofa that’s also a bed. 

During the day, it’s a comfy piece of living room furniture that looks just like any other sofa. However, when you need to provide guests with a place to sleep for the night, you remove the cushions, fold out the base and mattress and you instantly have a good-sized double bed that’s large enough for two people. 

The cushions are often used as part of the padding, while the mattress folds up inside the base along with the bed frame. 

A sofa bed can be set up in under a minute, and is easy to use. 

Can sofa beds for guests be comfortable?

This is where sofa beds really come into their own. For a couple of nights, they’re a perfect solution for unexpected guests. You can make a sofa bed more comfortable by choosing one with a good quality memory foam mattress that will give plenty of cushioned support. 

If your guests prefer something a little firmer, then simply slide a wooden board underneath the mattress once the bed is fully extended to provide more support.

What Is the best guest bed?

The best guest bed is a good quality double or king-size bed in its own spare room. This may be a practical option if you frequently have guests staying overnight. 

The type of bed you choose will depend on your requirements. However, if you are creating a spare bedroom for guests, our top tip is to choose a medium mattress, rather than a firm mattress or soft option. This should suit most people, whether they sleep on their sides, back or front. 

If your guest prefers a softer bed, then you can always add a comfortable memory foam mattress topper for extra cushioning.

What are the alternatives to sofa beds?

There are lots of options when it comes to guest beds. The type of bed you choose will depend entirely on how often it’s used, how much space you have, and whether or not you have a spare room that’s used regularly as a guest room. 

Space-saving divans and ottomans

One of the issues with converting a spare room into a permanent guest room is the loss of storage space. This can be balanced out by choosing a bed that also provides you with additional storage space. There are two main types, ottomans and divans.

Ottoman beds – these use a powered lifting mechanism to raise the bed and reveal a large storage area in the base. Ideal if you have limited space around the sides of the bed.

Divan beds – these have various combinations of drawers that are accessed from the sides or base. They’re suitable if you have a little more space around the sides of the bed to allow easy access.

A full-size guest bed

We’ve already touched on guest beds, so to summarise, you can choose a guest bed to suit your space and your needs, depending on the size of the room and how often it’s used. 

A double bed or king size bed is the best option although a very small ‘box room’ can be turned into a single bedroom. If you really want to double up on the space, a bunk bed may be suitable, especially if your children or teenagers regularly have friends staying overnight.

Z-beds and foldaway beds

If you don’t have a spare room or space for a sofa bed, you can always pack a Z-bed or foldaway bed into a cupboard, and use it as and when needed. They’re fine for a night or two but can be uncomfortable for sleeping on for longer periods.If this guide to guest beds has got you thinking, we also have tips on how to buy a new bed and measure your bed.

Author: Ryan Thaker

Ryan is a Marketing Executive, who joined MattressNextDay in October 2021. Having over 5 years marketing experience in higher education and recruitment, Ryan is looking to broaden his horizons and learn more about the mattress and online retail industries. He will be looking into the latest bedroom decor trends, sharing ways to sleep healthier and providing insights on products and the features they provide. If you have any questions for Ryan, please give him a call today!