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The Best Budget Mattress For Under £300

A good night's sleep shouldn't have to cost the Earth.

A mattress is an investment. Not only does it guarantee you a great night’s sleep, but it can play an important part in your wellbeing and overall health. So, paying for a good quality mattress that will last you years and deliver all the support and comfort you need is a worthwhile expense. But, you can get all that with a budget mattress.

You would be surprised just how much you can get with only a limited budget, and you can get a great quality mattress for under £300.

If the average mattress has a lifespan of eight years, (according to most manufacturers), spending £300 works out to just 10p a night for 2,920 nights worth of restful sleep. When you break down the cost, that’s not a lot for around seven hours of great sleep!

Young boy and man choosing a budget mattress in a shop.

What is the best type of budget mattress to buy?

There’s a huge variety of budget mattresses on offer, from traditional pocket sprung mattresses to the latest memory foam options. As with any other mattress, it’s important to find one that suits you and provides you with the right level of support and firmness. For more information, check out our guide on How to Choose the Right Mattress.

The more you spend, the greater the features, but even a budget mattress has plenty to offer. For under £300, you can even find mattresses with a Cool Gel layer to keep you cooler and fresher – ideal if you suffer from night sweats or are a ‘hot’ sleeper.

Are cheaper mattresses any good?

For many years, cheap mattresses were regarded as sub-standard. However, today, they are just as good as more expensive options, providing you with all the comfort and support you need. From pillow top mattresses through to orthopaedic, extra-firm choices.

The range of cheaper mattresses on offer today is far superior, providing everyone with the chance to sleep in absolute comfort.

The price will, of course, depend on the size of the mattress. So, if you’re buying a standard double mattress, you’ll find that the same type or make will be cheaper than a Super King from the same range. Bear this in mind when looking for a cheaper mattress and double-check the size of the mattress you need before you buy. If you’re not sure how to choose the right size, check out our Mattress Size Guide for more advice.

Is it worth buying an expensive mattress?

With all the benefits of a budget mattress ticking most of the boxes for the majority of customers, is there any point in spending out more money and buying an expensive mattress? Well, as the price goes up, so does the quality of the materials used. And with pocketed sprung mattresses, the spring count goes up with the price.

More expensive mattresses will use natural materials such as silk, cashmere wool, alpaca wool and even bamboo to create the ultimate sleeping environment. Tuft & Springs mattresses, for example, are only a little over the £300 threshold, and include luxurious layers of cashmere and silk for a fraction of the price of even higher end mattresses.

Buying an expensive mattress is definitely a worthwhile investment if you have the money to spare. They’ll last for years, with many having up to 10-year manufacturer’s warranties. So even if the initial outlay is higher, that cost per night is still in the pennies rather than the pounds.

What is the best memory foam mattress under £300?

Starting with the most technologically advanced of our budget options. Memory foam mattresses offer unbeatable comfort and support. It has that all-important ‘spring back’ feature that effectively means you’re sleeping on a brand-new mattress every night.

Originally developed for NASA’s Space Program, memory foam is a dense foam that regains its original shape once pressure is removed. Read our Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide for more information.

Most memory foam mattresses are ‘single sided’ mattresses, so you don’t need to flip and turn them regularly, making them easier to maintain. They also arrive boxed and rolled. A boxed and rolled memory foam mattress is easy to transport and takes just a few hours to expand into shape once it’s unpacked.

The Silentnight Memory 3 Zone Mattress combines both memory foam and the denser Reflex foam to provide a responsive medium firmness mattress with exceptional cushioned support. It sits right in our £300 budget range. And you’ll even have change left over to buy yourself the perfect pillows and duvet to match!

  • The medium firmness makes it ideal for back and side sleepers
  • The mattress reacts to your body temperature to soften and shape to the contours of the body, eliminating pressure points
  • It’s one of the thickest memory foam mattresses on the market at 18cm
  • A unique 3-zone sleeping system provides different degrees of support
Corner image of a budget memory foam mattress with text and orange background.

What is the best pocket sprung mattress under £300?

Pocket sprung mattresses may be the ‘traditional’ way of making a mattress. But that classic design is still used today for a very good reason - it works!

Individually pocketed springs work to minimise the transference of movement throughout the mattress. This ensures both you and your partner do not get disturbed during the night if one person is a ‘wriggler’.

The Spring King Sanctuary Spa 2000 Pillow Top mattress not only feels great, but it looks great too. One of our bestselling mattresses, it features orthopaedic support that's perfect if you suffer from a bad back.

  • The pillow top design gives you that sinking-into-a-cloud feeling
  • 2000 individually pocketed springs work hard to keep you comfortable all night long
  • It’s a single-sided mattress so there’s no need to flip and turn
  • The side-stitched border gives you a larger sleeping platform and stops the dreaded ‘side sag’ sensation that can make it feel like you’re about to roll off the side
  • At 29cm deep, you get a lot of mattress for your money, including that super-soft pillow top layer
Image of a pillow top mattress with scatter cushions on a divan base.

What is the best hybrid mattress under £300?

Hybrid mattresses give you the best of both worlds. With a combination of memory foam layers for that cushioned feel, and a pocketed sprung core for maximum responsive support.

The Coolflex Essentials™ Pocket Memory Hybrid Mattress is well under £300, and features layers of impressive sleep technology that proves you don't need to spend more to get a great quality mattress.

Pocket springs react to your movements throughout the night, targeting support with a medium feel, while layers of memory foam cradle your body in comfort.

  • Adaptable pocket springs tailor support directly to your pressure points as you move, ensuring your spine stay nicely aligned
  • Memory foam layers work with these springs, offering enhanced pressure relief
  • You can test this mattress with our 100 Night Sleep Trial, so if it's not for you for any reason, you can send it back to us and go for another
Image of the coolflex essentials on a divan bed in a bedroom with a mattress box next to it.

What is the best orthopaedic mattress under £300?

A bad back can have a huge impact on your life. So if you’re buying a new mattress, it needs to be one that provides you with the comfort you need to minimise back problems.

While it’s commonly believed that the firmer the mattress, the better when it comes to back problems, that’s not always the case. If you want to know more about choosing the right mattress for a bad back, take a look at our Orthopaedic Mattress Buying Guide for plenty of advice and tips.

One of the best orthopaedic mattresses for under £300 is the Spring King Grand Ortho 2000 Mattress. This great quality mattress uses a pocketed spring core to deliver responsive support, and a deep white fibre filling that’s been hand tufted. This gives you a softer, more comfortable feeling without compromising that firmness you need.
It also provides you with:

  • A knitted fabric top that’s soft to the touch and looks amazing too, combined with micro-quilting for a cushioned sensation
  • 2000 individually pocketed springs that distribute weight evenly and stop any movement transference, no matter how much you move around at night
  • Easy maintenance, thanks to the single-sided design, so there’s no need to flip and turn
  • A hand-tufted top that keeps the fillings locked into position and prevents bumps and lumps from forming
Close up corner of budget orthopaedic mattress on white background.

What is the best all-round medium mattress for under £300?

The best all-rounder budget mattress that offers the most innovative sleep technology but still sits below £300 has to be the Coolflex® Pocket Plush 2000 Memory Hybrid Mattress. In fact, all of the mattresses in our Coolflex range sit well below £300.

The Coolflex® Pocket Plush 2000 Memory Hybrid Mattress features both ProPedic™ Pocket Springs for incredible tailored support and ProAdapt™ Memory Foam that contours to the unique shape of your body. Conveniently arriving to you rolled and boxed, you can even try this mattress out with one of our 100 Night Sleep Trials.

  • Reinforced edges mean you feel support right to the very edges of the mattress, giving you maximum sleeping surface
  • A Removable AirFlo™ Cover is super breathable and makes cleaning any spills or accidents easy, keeping your mattress more hygienic
  • 24cm depth makes this mattress the ideal height for most bed frames
  • Awarded a Which? Best Buy April 2023 and Good Housekeeping Approved
Image of the Coolflex Pocket Plush on a grey divan bed with scatter cushions and other bedroom furniture.

Buy your budget mattress with MattressNextDay, and you can also benefit from free delivery, cutting the cost even further.

You can also take advantage of our old mattress disposal service, where we take your old mattress and recycle every component, so you can sleep even easier knowing you're helping the environment.

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