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Bed Butler Mattresses & Beds

Bed Butler supply mattresses which place the needs of the customer at the forefront. It’s fitting that the mattress experts, MattressNextDay, team up with one the best mattress brands to provide affordable mattresses to fit in with your sleeping preferences. The search for the most comfortable mattress ends here – Bed Butler has the mattress of your dreams at budget-friendly prices.

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How to choose the best Bed Butler Mattresses & Beds

Helpful Guides & Tips for Bed Butler Mattresses

We’re proud to stock a full range of mattresses from Bed Butler, a quality mattress manufacturer that you can trust. Competitively priced and exceptionally durable, these value mattresses are the solution to your bed furniture needs.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing mattress to a new and improved model, turn a spare room into a guest bedroom or create a comfortable kids bedroom, a Bed Butler mattress offers all the comfort and luxury and you could dream of. Available in a range of sizes from single to super king, you’re sure to find the perfect Bed Butler mattresses for every bedroom in your home.

Why Choose A Bed Butler Mattress?

If you place value in efficiency and quality which doesn’t eat away at your budget, a Bed Butler sleeper mattress meets all your requirements. A mattress company who truly care about their customers, Bed Butler endeavour to provide the most low-cost mattresses in all sizes and constructions with an impressively quick turnaround.

Customers are the beating heart supplying the Bed Butler lifeblood, and as such they leave no stone unturned in the quest for the best mattresses on offer. Their master craftsmen have been painstakingly producing individual premium mattresses to order for many years, with skills and individual trade secrets passed down through the generations.

What Mattress Sizes Do Bed Butler Offer?

With a sleeping solution on offer for all the family, Bed Butler produce kids’ mattresses and adult sleepers in a variety of sizes. For a children’s bedroom, or a smaller room, the single mattresses provide the perfect amount of space.

A slight step up in size, our queen size and double mattresses are ideal for standard bedrooms, harbouring the right amount of space for sleeping with a partner. After something larger? King size mattresses from Bed Butler have a regal edge, expertly designed to provide the ultimate in night-time luxury.

What Types Of Mattress Do Bed Butler Make?

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable foam mattress or a sustainably sourced natural mattress, Bed Butler have got you covered. There are three main mattress constructions represented in the range, each with their own advantages and characteristics.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

A classic mattress design, our pocket spring mattresses walk the tightrope between firmness and a plush finish. These popular mattresses hold your body up, offering all the support you need for a comfortable and pain-free sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress

The perfect couple’s mattress, a memory foam mattress can create two separate sleeping spaces, tailored to individual body shapes. Providing similar support to an orthopaedic mattress, this innovative mattress technology absorbs your body for the highest level of comfort imaginable.

Natural Filling Mattress

Bed Butler stock sustainable mattresses in a range of firmness levels, from soft to firm. These eco-friendly bed mattresses are free from synthetic materials, only utilising those which are sourced from mother nature. The best anti-allergy mattresses for dust-mite prevention, natural hypoallergenic mattresses by Bed Butler will keep you protected throughout your sleep.

Bed Butler Mattress FAQ’s

Why, And How Often, Should I Turn My Mattress?

Bed Butler are all about value for money. Turning your mattress helps you to get the most bang for your buck. It’s crucial that you rotate a new mattress as this evenly distributed the inner fillings, enhancing the comfort of your sleep from the get-go.

Flipping a mattress regularly will lengthen its lifespan, reducing sagging in the process. Keep on top of mattress rotation and enjoy consistent levels of support.

What Is The Best Mattress Option For A Couple Who Are At Different Weights?

Mattresses for couples are tricky to get right, particularly if there’s a substantial weight difference. The best mattresses for heavy people tend to have significantly different characteristics to sleepers for a lighter individual, such as firmness and filling variations.

Bed butler memory foam mattresses provide a happy middle ground, with adequate cushioning and support for all body types. Opt for a mattress with medium firmness levels to give you and your loved one a comfortable night’s sleep.

What Is The Best Mattress For Back Problems?

Back aches and joint problems hampering your quality of sleep? The waking nightmare of back pain can be soothed with the right mattress. Our memory foam mattresses for lower back pain have all the orthopaedic support and customised cushioning you need, moulding to your body shape as you find the perfect sleeping position.

What Is The Difference Between Memory Foam And Pocket Sprung?

The main differences between pocket sprung and memory foam mattress boil down to their construction and how they respond to your body. Memory foam technology innovatively springs into life based on temperature and weight, allowing you to sink into the mattress as it contours around your body. The foam filled mattresses promote perfect spinal alignment, evenly distributing body weight.

A pocket sprung mattress isn’t as absorbent, having been made with a huge amount of interior springs. This pocket spring mattress construction holds the body up, providing more of a bouncy finish. If you’re a restless sleeper, a pocket spring bed mattress allows you to toss and turn, preventing your natural sleeping rhythm from being disrupted.   

How Long Do Bed Butler Mattresses Last?

One of the most reliable mattress brands on the market, you can put full faith in Bed Butler mattresses lasting the long haul. Only the finest materials are used in their construction, with no corners cut in the pursuit for the most durable mattress.

With the right amount of care and attention, these top of the range bed mattresses can last upwards of a decade. To hit the top end of the scale, it’s recommended that you regularly flip your mattress and use one of our mattress protectors to combat wear and tear.

How Long Is Delivery Of Bed Butler Mattresses?

We work tirelessly around the clock to provide the most dependable mattress delivery service. We also know that sometimes life gets in the way, which is why we give you the option to choose a suitable delivery day up to 4 weeks in advance. If you place your Bed Butler mattress order before 5pm, you can choose super speed next day delivery, helping you improve your sleep faster than ever before. We are a leading stockist of Bed Butler mattresses and delivery times are subject to stock availability.

What Guarantee Or Warranty Will I Get With My Bed Butler Mattress?

As with all MattressNextDay’s products, our mattresses by Bed Butler come with a minimum 12 months guarantee. The vast majority of our mattress range also boast an extra 5 year warranty. For further information, jump over to our terms and conditions page.