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Should You Buy A Super King Or Two Singles?

Not sure if a super king size bed or two singles is best for you? Here are the details of each.

Not sure if a super king-size bed or two singles is best for you? Here are the details of each.

We all want as much comfort as possible when we climb into bed at night. If you’re sharing a bed with a partner, you both need room to stretch out, relax, and get a good night’s rest without disturbing one another. A good quality mattress can make all the difference.

But what about the size of the bed? Is a double big enough? How about a king size bed? Why not go all out and treat yourself to a superking? Or should you go with two singles? Let’s weigh up the facts and see if a super king-size bed or a zip-and link-system is the right choice for you.

Two single beds pushed together to form a super king sized bed.

What is a super king?

A super king-sized bed is a step up from a king-size option. They measure 6’ (183cm) wide by 6’6” (198cm) long. That makes them ideal for taller people who may find a standard double a little cramped. 

Remember, the perfect ratio is that a bed should be at least three inches longer than you when you lay down, so your feet don’t hang over the edge. Those extra few inches could make all the difference to a comfortable night’s sleep.

What do you need to remember before you buy a super-king-size bed?

If you’re thinking about buying a super king-size bed, the first thing you’ll need to check is that the bed will fit comfortably into the space you have. 

Bear in mind that if you go for a divan bed, you’ll need space for drawers to open at the sides. 

Our top tip for measuring your bed: Measure twice! Double-check that the footprint of a super king-size bed leaves you enough room to move around and open cupboards or wardrobe doors. You’ll also need to think about installation – will your super king bed frame and mattress fit through the door? This is particularly important if you’re buying a divan option.

For more help measuring your bed, or to compare more bed sizes, read our Ultimate UK Bed & Mattress Size Guide.

Why choose a super king?

If you have that little bit of extra space in the bedroom, buying a super king-size bed is a great idea.

  • You and your partner get more room to stretch out
  • They’re longer, making them ideal for taller people
  • There is less chance of disturbing your partner if you move around at night
  • There are plenty of design options, from classic metal frames, solid wood, and divans to ultra-cool ‘TV and tech’ beds
  • Adjustable options are also available for those who suffer from joint or mobility issues.

What about the mattress?

A super king bed needs a super king mattress. Fortunately, these are readily available and come in a wide choice of styles and materials. You can choose a pocketed spring option or go for a memory foam mattress for plenty of cushioned support. 

Super king-size mattresses also come in a range of different firmness ratings. You’ll also be able to buy mattress toppers to fit too, if you prefer a softer feel. Our Mattress Firmness Guide can give you more information.

Is a super king the same as two singles?

A super-king size bed is the same width as two single beds pushed together, but they are longer by three inches. If you’re tall that could make all the difference to a good night’s sleep. A super king is also a full foot wider (12”) than a king-size bed but is the same length.

What size are two single beds together?

Separately, a single bed measures 90 x 190cm / 3'0" x 6'3". So, when pushed together, two single beds will measure 180 x 190cm / 6'0" x 6'3". As a super king size measures 180 x 200cm / 6'0" x 6'6", you can see that two single beds pushed together will be slightly shorter, but will still be the same width. So you would be able to use a super king-size sheet across two single beds, but it may be a little loose. No worries though, you can tuck it under the bottom of the mattress.

Should you put two single beds together?

It depends on whether you have the room for a super king-size bed, or if you’re over 6’ tall. If you have a smaller bedroom that’s not large enough to take a super-king, you could get around the problem by pushing two singles together. However, they may not stay together! 

You will find that no matter how hard you push two single beds together, there will always be a small gap between them. That could very quickly become a large gap if one partner rolls into the middle! 

You could theoretically put a super king-size mattress across two single bed frames. But there would still be the chance that the frames could move underneath the mattress. This could be incredibly uncomfortable at best, and possibly even dangerous. If you have the room to push two singles together, you probably have enough room for a super king.

Alternatively, if you cannot fit a super king bed in your room, you may be better off getting a king-size mattress and a king-size bed instead.

Can you link two beds together?

Yes. Zip and link beds are very popular, particularly in the hospitality industry. They allow hoteliers to change the configuration of a bedroom to suit the clients. So, you can have two single beds or one super-king-size bed. 

Zip and link beds are available to the general public too. They’re a great option if you’re looking for an adaptable and flexible bedroom configuration.

What are the benefits of zip and link beds?

There are lots of benefits associated with zip and link beds:

  • They minimise movement transference – if you or your partner tend to wriggle during the night, a zip and link set-up will minimise the movement transference and prevent the wriggler from disturbing their partner. 
  • They’re easier to move around – a super king-size bed frame and mattress may be a luxurious option, but they can be a little difficult to move around. Two single bed frames are much easier to move, as are two single mattresses.
  • You can split them into two beds or keep them as one – how you set up your bedroom is up to you. If you prefer having two single beds (or have guests coming over who prefer not to sleep in the same bed) you can move the beds apart.

To understand more about what you need, check out our expert tips on how to buy a bed

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