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Kayflex Mattresses

Kayflex are one of the UK’s leading mattress brands, producing high quality rolled up mattresses at low prices. Kayflex have been manufacturing premium vacuum-packed mattresses since 2009, branching out into the latest sleep technologies along the way. 

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About Kayflex

Kayflex are a budget mattress brand with a difference. Established in West Yorkshire, the UK bed mattress manufacturers are best known for specialising in foam mattresses which are conveniently rolled or vacuum packed.

A Kayflex mattress offers all the comfort and support your body requires to get to sleep, featuring plush, comfortable fillings. With premium mattresses for sale at affordable prices, Kayflex produce rolled mattresses you can trust.

Kayflex mattress types

Kayflex handmade mattresses utilise the biggest and brightest mattress technologies to produce high-end sleeping surfaces to suit all budgets. Their waterproof mattresses combat night-time accidents, featuring hypoallergenic properties to enhance the hygiene of your sleeping environment. The Kayflex waterproof mattress range is breathable, regulating body temperature for a cool night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattresses are increasingly popular, reacting to body contours for incomparable comfort. The Kayflex memory mattress utilises this innovative technology in its top layer, resulting in a sumptuous sleeping experience. Similarly, the Kayflex pillow top mattress is as luxurious as they come, made with deep foam layers and pocket springs topped off with a plush cushioned top surface.

What are the benefits of rolled up mattresses?

Rolled mattresses are an increasingly popular innovation in the bed and mattress world. Vacuum packed mattresses are manufactured with the same winning quality and comfort you expect from traditional mattresses. The mattress-in-a-box design also makes delivery much easier, eliminating the need to awkwardly carry your mattress up the stairs.

They are also environmentally friendly. Kayflex mattresses reduce carbon footprint, taking up less space in delivery vans. This equates to less journeys and fuel used, as drivers can carry significantly more rolled-up mattresses per delivery. Choosing a mattress from Kayflex gives you a reliable, eco-friendly sleeping solution at an affordable price.

How firm are Kayflex mattresses?

A significant percentage of the Kayflex mattress range has a medium comfort level. Medium mattresses are the most popular firmness rating, representing the best of both worlds – not too firm, not too soft. A Kayflex medium mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions, offering just the right amount of cushioned support.

The softest offering from Kayflex is the Windsor Memory. A soft to medium mattress, this roll up foam mattress edges towards the plush side of the firmness scale. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s also a firm mattress in the shape of the Kayflex Medi Flex, perfect for those requiring extra body support to sleep comfortably.

Which mattress sizes do Kayflex stock?

Kayflex mattresses are for everyone, coming in a full selection of sizes to suit the whole family. For the smaller bedrooms in your home, Kayflex have small single and single mattresses, perfect for little ones and guest rooms. For couples and standard sized rooms, we also stock queen size and double mattresses from Kayflex, giving you all the room you need to stretch out. Finally, our largest size options come in the form of kingsize and super king mattresses, filling up a deluxe bedroom with night time comfort.

How do I protect my Kayflex mattress?

Maintenance is key. All mattresses are susceptible to damage caused by moisture, and as such it’s imperative that you take care. The average mattress lifespan is between 8-10 years, although this can be extended with dedicated upkeep. Only clean your mattress with a dry cloth, turn when necessary and add a high quality mattress protector to keep your sleeping surface pristine for as long as possible.

Can you sleep on a Kayflex rolled mattress straight away?

Any rolled mattress takes time to expand to its full size, and the Kayflex range is no different. While you may be eager to enjoy the improved comfort and quality of your new mattress, it’s important to give it some time to breathe. Thankfully, unpacking a vacuum-packed mattress is easy. Simply leave it to expand at room temperature for a minimum of 2 hours.

Do Kayflex mattresses have next day delivery?

Where possible, our range of Kayflex mattresses are delivered within 24 hours. While this is dependent on stock, MattressNextDay are dedicated to giving you a great night’s sleep as quickly as possible. Not going to be in? There’s also the option to choose a delivery date which suits you. Visit our delivery page or consult product pages for detailed delivery information.

Is there a warranty with Kayflex mattresses?

Kayflex mattresses are long-lasting sleeping solutions. With a substantial guarantee, you won’t be kept up all night when you invest in a Kayflex mattress. Each rolled-up mattress has a 12 month guarantee as standard, while most models benefit from an additional 5 year warranty, making it even easier to rest and relax.