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Memory Foam Mattress Guide

Memory Foam Mattress Guide

Choosing a new mattress is an important decision to make. A comfortable mattress has health benefits which extend beyond simply helping you nod off at night. If you place value in cushioned comfort with a velvety smooth feel, memory mattresses could be for you.

Finding the right mattress is a tricky balancing act between firm body support and absorbent padding. Memory foam creates a sleeping environment you can sink into. Think memory foam may be the mattress of your dreams? Read on for further information on this leading sleep technology.

What is a memory foam mattress?

Originally designed for NASA, memory foam is a very clever material. It does exactly as its name suggests and has a 'memory'. This means that you can apply pressure to the foam, and it moulds to the shape of the object forming the pressure. With a mattress, that object is your body.

Once the pressure is removed, the foam remembers its original shape and bounces back slowly. Eventually, the foam also ‘remembers’ your body shape too, giving you the optimum sleeping position as soon as you lay down.

The memory foam used in a mattress also uses your body heat to help the foam mould to the shape of your body. This ability to mould and remould without losing that essential level of support makes memory foam ideal for mattresses. The feeling of being cradled rather than laying on top of a rigid surface means that you find a comfortable position more quickly. This ensures a more restful night's sleep.

Memory foam mattresses are suitable for all types of sleepers, whether you lay on your side, back or front.

How long do memory foam mattresses last?

Your memory foam mattress should last around 8-10 years if properly looked after. Correct maintenance includes regularly turning or rotating it. This lets the foam relax and return to its original shape. It also prevents dips and hollows from forming, which may become uncomfortable after some time. 

You shouldn't have any problems with your mattress with the proper care, as the foam is designed to retain its elasticity and 'bounce' for years. But, for more information, you can read up on how to clean a memory foam mattress and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

A woman lying on her side in bed

What are the benefits of memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses have many benefits. The innovative foam bed surface aids in improved sleep quality while offering soothing pain relief. By conforming to unique body curves, memory foam provides respite to pressure points, helping users drift away without being awoken by sharp pains.

The hypoallergenic mattress is protected against bed bugs and dust mites. Foam anti-allergy mattresses repel nasty irritations, confining disrupted sleep to the past for allergy sufferers.

Tired of being jolted awake by your restless partner rolling over in the night? Memory foam promotes limited motion transfer. A superb mattress for couples, the absorbent properties of the foam limits the impact of tossing and turning.

What are the different sizes?

Memory foam comes in all shapes and sizes. Offering cushioned comfort to all age groups, there is a full range of memory mattress sizes up for grabs. Below is a quick size guide to help match your mattress to the dimensions of your bedroom.

Types of memory foam

Memory foam isn’t a one size fits all sleeping solution. There are actually many different types of foam bed mattress available, each with its own characteristics and benefits.

Latex foam mattresses

Latex mattresses are renowned for their luxurious natural filling and superior posture support. They have less cushion and sinking than a traditional memory foam mattress, while lending the trademark plush comfort for a softer finish.

Gel memory foam mattresses

A form of cooling memory foam, these gel mattresses are geared towards the warm-blooded among us, regulating temperature and airflow while retaining that classic memory foam feel. Choose a gel memory foam mattress for a cooler night’s sleep.

Pocket sprung memory foam mattresses

This pioneering sleeping solution blends all the benefits of pocket sprung mattresses with the supple comfort of memory foam. Breathable and supportive without sacrificing any softness, pocket foam mattresses have sprung foundations topped with a generous layer of memory foam. The best of both worlds, you’re guaranteed a restful night’s sleep on this hybrid mattress.

Can they help with back pain?

Memory foam is much-lauded as helping with back pain. The modern foam design provides a different type of support when compared to its sprung counterparts. The visco foam has similar properties to orthopaedic mattresses, soothing joints as it cradles the body, simultaneously alleviating pressure.

Many users find memory foam to be perfect for a bad back, offering just the right amount of support for your particular body shape. We offer firm memory foam mattresses for those in need of additional back support.

The best memory foam mattresses

Budget option – If you’re new to memory foam mattresses or you’re on a tight budget, the SleepSoul Balance 800 Pocket Memory Mattress is a great choice. With a medium firmness rating, it’s suitable for most people of average size and weight. It combines memory foam layers with an 800 pocket spring core for greater support.

A great all-rounder – For a flawless night’s sleep from a trusted brand, the Silentnight Memory 3 Zone Mattress is a winner. This popular choice is a best-seller that offers medium support with a three-zone sleep system that uses different layers of memory and reflex foam to support every part of your body.

Top of the range – If you really want to go all out on a top-of-the-range memory foam mattress that will give you years of fantastic comfort, the Dormeo Octaspring Tribrid Mattress is the one to choose. This exceptional mattress uses memory foam Octasprings to provide you with all the support and comfort you need, but with a cooler, fresher feel that allows up to eight times more airflow.

Should you use a memory foam pillow?

Memory foam is great for mattresses, but it's just as good for pillows. A memory foam pillow is a little firmer than the average down or fibre-filled option. However, it does precisely the same as a mattress and moulds to the shape of your head and neck. This ensures that your upper spine and neck stay in a neutral position, avoiding those early-morning aches and pains.

Author: Lucy

Lucy is a copywriter, trend spotter, and our resident sleep expert! Lucie has been with the team since 2018 and her articles cover a sweeping array of subjects from general product care, the latest bedroom design trends, ways to promote healthier sleep and jargon-busting explanations to help you understand what goes into our products. Do you have questions for Lucy & the team? Call one of our sleep experts today!