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Nectar Mattresses

What’s the sweetest way to get a great night’s sleep? With a Nectar mattress. At MattressNextDay, we’re always looking for great mattresses that don't just keep our customers happy but are better for the environment too.

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Who are Nectar?

Unlike many other major brands, Nectar is relatively new to the scene. But in the few short years that they've been making mattresses, they've established an enviable reputation for quality, comfort, and a genuinely sustainable approach to making mattresses. A plethora of awards for quality from highly respected organisations such as Good Housekeeping's Getting Greener awards indicates that Nectar’s hybrid and memory foam mattresses are pushing the boundaries of excellence. Nectar keeps innovating and expanding, making them one of the up-and-coming specialists in the mattress marketplace.

What do we mean by ‘sustainability’?

Sustainability means that the mattress you sleep on has had minimal impact on our environment. From recyclable packaging to carbon-neutral manufacturing processes, every mattress element has to tick those green boxes. 

Nectar mattresses ensure every mattress they produce is climate-neutral, so there is no additional CO2 pumped into the atmosphere through the manufacturing process. The Forest Stewardship Council has approved Nectar's packaging, so their packaging can be recycled and reused rather than going to landfill. Their mattresses are vegan-friendly and certified CertiPUR®, making them free of any added chemicals. That's important to customers who are sensitive to chemicals or have allergies.

The Nectar Mattress range

At MattressNextDay, we’re delighted to include six of the best from Nectar. Our range includes:

  • Nectar Essential
  • Nectar Classic Plus
  • Nectar Hybrid Lite
  • Nectar Hybrid Plus
  • Nectar Hybrid Pro
  • Nectar Hybrid Luxe

What’s inside a Nectar mattress?

You have a choice of two basic types of Nectar mattresses. You can either choose a Nectar memory foam mattress or a Nectar hybrid mattress.

Nectar Memory foam mattresses

With 25cm of dreamy-soft memory foam to sink into, these premium quality memory foam mattresses cocoon you in comfort with no compromise on support. Five layers make up the memory foam Nectar mattress, starting at the top with:

  • A quilted cooling cover. Memory foam can sometimes feel a little hot, so this cover is custom-made to pull the excess heat away from your body and circulate the air every time you move.
  • The Dynamic support layer is breathable and also helps to regulate your body temperature, as well as adding outstanding support.
  • A layer of pressure-relieving memory foam helps prevent pressure points from forming at vulnerable areas such as the lower back, hips, shoulders and neck.
  • Finally, the thick seven-zone supportive base delivers bespoke support for a better night's sleep.

Nectar hybrid mattresses

The Nectar hybrid mattress is a revelation. This innovative mattress takes all the comfort and support advantages of their memory foam mattress and adds an extra layer of 1600 individually pocketed micro-springs. 

This micro-spring layer sits between the dynamic support foam layer and the pressure-relieving memory foam. This layer of micro-springs adjusts to even the tiniest movement, redistributing the pressure changes through the matrix of springs, so you and your partner literally don't feel a thing. There's no movement transference, so you both get a better night's sleep. This micro-spring layer also allows the air to circulate more freely for a cooler, fresher feel.

Is a Nectar mattress firm, medium or soft?

Nectar Memory Foam mattresses are rated as medium, so they'll suit almost any type of sleeper, whether you prefer to sleep on your back, front or especially your side. The way the memory foam moulds to your shape supports you along the length of your body. That means you find that comfort 'sweet spot' much faster and stay in a single position longer. 

Nectar hybrid mattresses are also rated medium, again with all the advantages that brings. If you prefer a softer feel to your mattress, the quick and easy solution is to add a soft mattress topper for that deliciously snuggly feeling at the end of the day.

Are Nectar Mattresses suitable for a heavy person?

It really depends. Medium rated mattresses are generally suitable for average size/weight users. If you are heavier, you may find that a medium mattress is a little too soft for you. In that case, it’s worth browsing our collection of firm or even extra-firm mattresses

Are Nectar Mattresses any good?

Bottom line – we think they’re excellent and certainly hold their own against older, more established brands. Because Nectar is relatively new, they bring a fresh approach to manufacturing and designing mattresses, as their microcoil layer in their Hybrid mattress demonstrates. They’re also committed to a more sustainable method of mattress making and are dedicated to protecting the planet from unnecessary carbon production, landfill waste, or the use of unrecyclable materials. 

Memory foam mattresses are notoriously eco-unfriendly, but Nectar has thought about the materials they use very carefully. Their efforts have been rewarded with the Good Housekeeping Institute Getting Greener award for carbon-neutral mattresses in 2022. They’ve also earned a Which? Best Buy award and a Real Homes Gold rating for their unequalled 365-night trial period. 

How long do they take to expand to their final shape?

As with most memory foam and hybrid mattresses, they take around 24-48 hours to expand into their final shape completely. Unbox, unroll, and leave them to spring into shape. Then lie back and relax!

Hybrid and memory foam mattresses are among the most popular mattresses on offer today. Nectar mattresses certainly fulfil all of the requirements our discerning customers look for in a premium quality memory foam or hybrid mattress. You can find out more about picking the right mattress in our Memory Foam Mattress Guide