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Sprungland Mattresses

Sprungland mattresses are well known for their higher-tension springs, which makes them particularly beneficial for those suffering from back pain or orthopaedic conditions.  

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Sprungland mattresses

Sprungland, a division of Slumberland, has been manufacturing mattresses for almost 20 years. A UK company, the standard of their designs and the quality of their craftsmanship has seen them develop into a major player in the bedding industry. Their deeper construction provides additional cushioning for those who like to sleep on their sides and to consistently support the combined weight of two sleepers without sagging. 

Many models of Sprungland mattress are filled with hypoallergenic fibres, helping to minimise the potential for dust mites and other allergens. An affordable brand, Sprungland mattresses are a great entry point into the world of mid-range mattresses.  

What is a Sprungland mattress?

Sprungland mattresses are an exclusive range of premium quality mattresses, many of which are sold by MattressNextDay. They’ve been made in the UK since 2002. The company is a division of Slumberdream, a trusted brand with decades of experience in innovation and mattress design. Sprungland mattresses are known for their hypoallergenic fillings, which makes them the ideal choice for those suffering from allergies. They tend to feature firmer springs than many other makes of mattress, which has made them popular with customers who suffer from back pain or require orthopaedic support at night. Sprungland mattresses offer excellent value for money, and at MattressNextDay, we make these exclusive mattresses affordable for everyone, with free next day delivery too. 

Why choose a Sprungland mattress?

Sprungland mattresses are an affordable introduction to the world of orthopaedic beds. Made in the UK, they’re manufactured to the highest standards, offering superior support and excellent levels of comfort – perfect if you suffer with back pain or orthopaedic problems. Sprungland mattresses are filled with synthetic fibres, which helps them retain their shape and firmness for longer. While there are open-coil versions available, Sprungland pocket-sprung mattresses are better if you suffer from back pain, as each spring moves independently and offers tailored support. Check out our range, where you’ll find selected models with big discounts and free next-day delivery. 

Are orthopaedic mattresses good for you?

If you suffer with back pain or have orthopaedic problems, a good night’s sleep can be a distant dream. However, orthopaedic mattresses, such as those made by Sprungland, are available in a range of sizes and can help relive much of the discomfort caused by these conditions. Pocket-sprung orthopaedic mattresses use springs with a firmer tension that help to evenly distribute your bodyweight, reducing pressure on areas such as the spine, hips, and neck. By keeping your spine in a neutral position and getting rid of those pressure points, you get a better, more restful night’s sleep.