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Willis & Gambier Bedframes

Willis & Gambier are a prominent manufacturer of bedroom furniture, producing superior bed frames in an array of designs. For high-end beds, Willis & Gambier are a top choice, creating homely and rustic frames which work with traditional and contemporary home décor alike.

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About Willis & Gambier beds

Willis & Gambier first appeared on the scene in 1990, taking the pine furniture market by storm. Their first foray into bed manufacturing sprouted quality bunk beds which dominated a large portion of the UK market. Their growth has seen Willis & Gambier become one of the leading names in bed frame manufacturing, supplying premium furniture across the country.

What sets Willis & Gambier apart from other luxury bed frame providers is their commitment to creating sustainable beds which are both long-lasting and affordable. Driven by dedicated teams of designers and technicians who draw on years of experience and expertise, Willis & Gambier create beautiful beds which will form the foundation of your sleeping space for years to come.

Shop Willis & Gambier bed frames

A debonair, hand-crafted bed frame from Willis & Gambier can take centre stage in your bedroom for years to come. Wooden beds are an iconic style that will never go out of fashion, adapting with the times as you add decorations around. Bolstered further by a minimum 12 months guarantee, you’ll be resting easy safe in the knowledge that your quality bed is covered. What’s more, most models feature an additional 5 year warranty for extra quality assurance.

Which Willis & Gambier bed sizes are available?

The pinnacle of bed frame manufacturing, Willis & Gambier beds are designed for luxurious and extravagant sleeping spaces. With three sizes to choose from, the premium beds are perfect for couples and those with space to spare.

Suitable for standard sized rooms, the double beds on offer by Willis & Gambier are of the highest quality, providing adequate space for sleeping with a partner or for stretching out and enjoying the extra space.

For a noble and regal feel, our king size bed frames will take pride of place in a larger room. And it doesn’t stop there. If you’re fortunate enough to rest your head in a room that can handle its advanced size, a super king bed frame from Willis & Gambier is a decadent finishing touch for any large master bedroom.

Which mattresses go with Willis & Gambier bed frames?

Mattresses are arguably the most important part of a sleeping set-up. Our comprehensive range of bed mattresses has everything you need to make an informed choice. The quickest route to the best mattress for you can be found by weighing up your specific requirements.

Do you prefer a firm mattress? Or favour the cushioned support of a memory foam mattress? Available in all applicable sizes, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find the best mattress for your Willis & Gambier bed in our expertly curated range.

What materials are used to make Willis & Gambier bed frames?

The classic bed frame look of Willis & Gambier sleepers is created through a mixture of solid wood and a veneered finish. In essence, a bed frame veneer is a thinner section of hard timber which is connected to a composite material. You’ll have to be eagle-eyed to spot the veneered surface, however, as the high quality techniques used to manufacture each frame produces the authentic look and feel of a solid wood bed.

Why do we use bed frame veneers?

Using veneers on their wooden bed frames allows Willis & Gambier to fulfil their mission statement of being as sustainable as possible. Veneers squeeze every last bit of use out of each piece of timber, meaning that veneered wood finishes cover a far greater surface area per piece. This greener bed production technique ensures that no wood is wasted and the natural material is used as sparingly as possible to create the finest bed frames in an economic manner.

Wooden bed frames

One of the main benefits of wooden bed frames is their unique nature. The use of a natural material means there will be quirks to each piece. This creates a truly rustic feel, with the differences in grain detail and distressed features adding a distinctive touch to your bed.

Wood can also exhibit slight changes based on the climate. Should you notice any noticeable differences in your bed, don’t be alarmed. These changes are accounted for in their design.

Many of our handmade bed frames feature a painted wood finish. The benefits of a painted wood bed are the versatility and depth of character the designs offer. From traditional wooden beds to stark ivory bed frames, Willis & Gambier have got the most luxurious bed to suit your tastes.