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The Futon Mattress Buying Guide

The Futon Mattress Buying Guide

Futons are a multi-functional, versatile space-saving style of bed. They're perfect for student dorms or accommodating overnight guests. And since they can be turned into a sofa, they're a stylish way to keep a spare bed tucked away. Futons are usually available in a sofa bed, day bed and chair styles so you can easily add a bed to any sized room. Find out the most common questions about futon mattresses in our handy buying guide.

Are futon mattresses good for your back?

Futon mattresses originated from Japan and were the norm for a bed frame. Futon beds in the U.K however, tend to be a space-saving solution or an easy to store away bed for guests. Typically, in Japan futon mattresses are used on the floor and do not require a frame. Because of this, the mattress itself tends to be thinner but feels firm due to being placed on the floor. A firm feeling mattress can be beneficial for existing back pain.

However, futon mattresses in the U.K can be quite thick and are designed to be used on top of a frame. You can absolutely find futon mattresses that are suitable for daily use. However, they tend to be designed for light use and not usually suitable for people with chronic back pain. If you do suffer from back pain, it's probably best to choose a more durable mattress.

Futon mattress thickness

An average futon mattress thickness ranges anywhere between three and nine inches. For perspective, a standard traditional mattress thickness ranges between eight and twelve inches. A futon mattress needs to be thinner so it can be easily folded and stored away. If you feel that your mattress is on the thin side, you can always add a removable foam mattress topper. This will allow you to have extra depth when sleeping whilst still being able to pack it away easily. If you plan to use your futon on a regular basis, consider a thicker depth for extra support. Sleeping on a thinner mattress over time can lead to stiff joints and uncomfortable back pain.

Futon mattress sizes:

Futon's in the U.K are usually available in single or double. Typically, futon beds are either a sofa or chair style and the mattress size will reflect that. A king-size futon is not usually an option since it would be difficult to pack away a mattress of that size. When replacing a mattress for your futon, it's important to measure before ordering. Some manufacturers mattress sizes an vary, particularly if they are based outside of the U.K.

  • Futon double mattress size: (width) 138 x (length) 190 x (depth) 11cm
  • Futon single mattress size: (width) 75 x (length) 189 x (depth) 11cm
  • Custom sizing: some companies also offer an option for a custom sized futon.

What are futon mattresses made of?

Similarly to standard mattresses, futons are available in a few different styles. While firmness isn't always available to change, you can usually choose from a few different materials. The most common most common mattress styles for a futon are:

  • Memory foam: foam is excellent for holding it's shape over time. It's also a great choice if you intend to use your futon for guests. Because foam responds to the amount of weight placed on it, it will different to everyone and provide custom support
  • Coil mattress: coil or spring mattresses are a more traditional style. While they are comfortable, spring mattresses tend to lose their shape faster than foam so you may need to replace it more often
  • Latex mattress: latex foam is a very durable material when used in mattresses. It tends to be more expensive than other futon mattresses but with proper care, it can last a very long time

What futon mattress is best?

When shopping for a mattress for your futon. It's important to take into account how often you will use it as a sofa. If you intend to use it often, a memory foam mattress is a great option. Most sofa cushions are made using memory foam because of its durability and soft yet supportive feel. It's also incredibly supportive when used as a bed, ensuring your guests get a good nights sleep.

How to stop a futon mattress from sliding around?

Mattresses on futon beds can occasionally slide around. This can be uncomfortable when trying to get out of bed or moving in the night. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this. Some companies now sell mattresses with anti-slip pads attached to the bottom which adds a layer of extra grip. Alternatively, anti-slip pads are widely accessible to buy and are easy to attach. They work by creating a layer of friction between the mattress and bed frame. Generally, one side of the anti-slip pad glues to the bed frame, while the other side is made out of foam, creating the right friction to prevent it from sliding around.

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