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How Often Should You Change Your Bedding?

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We've all been guilty of leaving our bedding on that little bit too long. Prompted by the stain from Saturdays breakfast in bed to change it. But how often should you change your bedding and why? Turns out there are a few reasons we should be more cautious of dirty bedding.

 How Often Should You Change Your Bedding?

When To Wash

A huge reason to wash your sheets regularly is to get rid of dust. Dust isn't necessarily visible but after a week it starts to build up on the sheets. Over time, a build-up of dust will lead to dust mites and potential allergies. To avoid dust & dust mites you should wash your sheets every 1-2 weeks.

When you get a stain on the bed sheets, aim to wash them as soon as possible. While the small coffee stain may not bother you too much, the bed is a bacteria breeding ground. Because the bed is warm and usually covered by a duvet, it's the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply rapidly. So that stain may turn into something a bit nastier.

If you are unwell try to wash your sheets every day. Obviously, that's not always ideal when you're ill so a good alternative is changing the pillowcase daily. This is will help speed up your recovery and prevent catching the illness again.

How To Wash

You should wash bedding separately from everything else to maximise cleaning. Once separated make sure to wash the bedding on a low temperature with a high-quality detergent. The high-quality detergent allows the same cleaning power while using lower heat. Washing on too high a heat will shrink the bedding. So if it feels like your sheets are shrinking, they are, and you should be washing on a lower temperature. Once washed, allow to air dry in a clean area of the home to prevent bacteria build up.


The best way to ensure a clean bed is to not only wash bedding regularly but use protectors. Mattress protectors keep our mattresses in good hygiene for longer and ultimately prolong the life of the mattress. Using mattress and pillow protectors will make a huge difference in keeping the bed hygienic. Don't forget to wash your protectors every once in a while too!

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