MattressNextDay Reaches the 5,000 Milestone for Trees Planted!

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MattressNextDay Reaches the 5,000 Milestone for Trees Planted!

MattressNextDay Reaches the 5,000 Milestone for Trees Planted!

Despite only joining forces with Ecologi just a couple of months ago, MattressNextDay has already planted 5,000 trees. For those who don’t know, Ecologi is an environmental focused organisation that plants trees across the globe and facilitates carbon reduction projects. 

Madagascar, Uganda, and Mozambique are among the countries in which Ecologi planted trees for us. During this time working with Ecologi, we have also supported projects such as improving the efficiency of Metro transport in India to assisting wind power projects in Mexico. In hindsight, we are still a long way from our ultimate goal of planting 1 million trees by 2030, but it's definitely a good start.

Since we are planting a tree for every customer order, we want to say thank you to those who have purchased products from us in the past two months. With your help, we were able to reduce 100 tonnes of carbon by planting 5,000 trees. On top of planting trees for every customer order, we are also planting trees every month to offset our workforce's carbon footprint since we are a climate-positive company.

To find out more about our efforts in combating climate change, check out our sustainability page. Additionally, you can view our ever-growing forest, by visiting MattressNextDay’s Ecologi page

Author: Ryan Thaker

Ryan is a Marketing Executive, who joined MattressNextDay in October 2021. Having over 5 years marketing experience in higher education and recruitment, Ryan is looking to broaden his horizons and learn more about the mattress and online retail industries. He will be looking into the latest bedroom decor trends, sharing ways to sleep healthier and providing insights on products and the features they provide. If you have any questions for Ryan, please give him a call today!