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One Million Trees to be Planted by 2030

One Million Trees to be Planted by 2030

MattressNextDay has partnered with environmental organisation Ecologi to come up with a range of pledges to help protect the environment. These pledges form our commitment to more sustainable operations and we are the first UK mattress retailer to make such a commitment. One of the core components of the work Ecologi does is planting trees to offset global carbon emissions, and MattressNextDay has committed to a one million tree pledge by 2030.

What is the pledge?

Simply put, our million tree pledge is that we will plant one million new trees between now and 2030. To do this, we are using Ecologi to plant a tree every time someone orders from us. We are also a climate positive workforce, whereby Ecologi plants 12 trees per month for each employee of our business, which is currently working out at around 500 trees per month.

Through these mechanisms, as well as any other initiatives we can implement in the coming years, we have a clear plan to plant an ambitious total of 1 million trees by the end of this decade.

You can see how we are performing, by checking Ecologi's tracker.

Why does planting trees help the environment?

There are several positive impacts tree planting can have on the environment. The first is that it can help reduce the severity of climate change. Even if the world ceased its carbon dioxide emissions today, it would still take decades to draw down all the harmful gases in the atmosphere from over 200 years of global emissions.

A single tree produces 118kg of oxygen and absorbs 22kg of CO2 every year. So a million trees would produce around 116,000 tons of oxygen and remove around 21,000 tons of CO2 every single year. With more organisations partnering up with Ecologi to plant trees, the impact could be enormous in offsetting carbon emissions and reversing some of the imbalance in our atmosphere.

Another great benefit of trees is that they provide homes for thousands of species of animals. Biodiversity is another key concern relating to the environmental damage of centuries of human activity, and reforestation can help bring back essential habitats that are needed for birds, insects and many, many other animals to thrive.

Important work

Here at MattressNextDay, we have huge respect for the work that Ecologi does, and the goal of protecting our environment is very close to our hearts. By making this pledge, tree populations in the world could be significantly restored, and we hope to inspire others to walk the same path. The million tree pledge is something organisations of all sizes can get involved with.

Protecting our planet is something that benefits us all, and it requires the collective effort of as many people as possible to make it happen. We are proud to have started this partnership with Ecologi, our employees and customers are now playing a part in helping get new trees planted across the globe and propelling us to our goal.

Author: Ryan Thaker

Ryan is a Marketing Executive, who joined MattressNextDay in October 2021. Having over 5 years marketing experience in higher education and recruitment, Ryan is looking to broaden his horizons and learn more about the mattress and online retail industries. He will be looking into the latest bedroom decor trends, sharing ways to sleep healthier and providing insights on products and the features they provide. If you have any questions for Ryan, please give him a call today!