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How To Dress A Divan Bed

Purchased your divan and are looking for ways to style it? Here's our expert step by step guide to dressing your divan.

Just purchased a new divan bed? Or are you considering one and are envisioning how you would dress it?

Your bed is often the centrepiece of the bedroom - cosy, inviting and furnished to reflect your personality and style. Of course, if you’re an interior decor expert, then accessorising your new bed will be no problem. However, if you’re looking for more luxurious tips on you to dress a divan bed, then look no further.

1. Select your headboard

Your divan headboard has many benefits. Not only does it act as a barrier between your head and the wall, allowing you to sit up in bed comfortably, it can also create a stylish addition to your divan.

We have a headboard to suit every furnishing preference. Whether you prefer clean lines and a minimalist style, or a regal, luxuriously upholstered finish, you’ll find that our headboards are incredibly versatile.

2. Opt for quality pillows and duvets

Bedding is arguably the most important aspect in giving your bed the perfect style to suit your personality and aesthetic.

A good quality duvet will not only look plump and inviting, but will keep you at the optimal temperature throughout the night. Even the best divan set can’t ease all of your aches and pains if your pillow is flat and lifeless, so ensure your head and neck are properly supported.

Covering your bed in high quality pillows, throws and blankets will make a world of difference to creating the ideal centrepiece for your bedroom.

3. Go for the right bed linen

Never underestimate the power of good quality bed linen. Materials such as Egyptian cotton are renowned for being the finest cotton for bedding – it is soft, light, breathable, and improves with every use. Expelling moisture and keeping air circulating, you can be guaranteed to have a good night's sleep, especially when the weather gets warmer.

Decide on a colour for your bed linen and build a colour palette of complementary colours through your cushions, throws and other accessories in the room. This will help tie the bedroom’s overall look together.

4. Scatter cushions and use throws

Don’t be afraid to use throws and cushions to style your divan bed. Finding the right type will depend on whether you want something soft you can sink into or firmer for that extra support. A big, fluffy cushion can look great with a few smaller ones and can really tie into your bedding and linen.

Incorporating a good balance of textures, colours, and sizes will help add some depth and luxury to your style. If you’re looking for a more minimalist design when dressing your divan bed, then raw textures and weaves can help break up the simplicity.

Low bed in a bedroom with white and orange decor with a bohemian theme.

5. Perfect and maintain your bed's aesthetic

Attention to detail can elevate the aesthetic of your divan bed more than you may realise – after all, it’s the little things that count.

Research has found that spending a couple of seconds in the morning making sure your bed is made and your bedroom is tidy gives you a sense of accomplishment and sets you up for a good day.

Making sure your bedding is made, the sheet is tucked tightly under your mattress, and pillows are faced with the zip down and hidden out of view will help to bring everything together nicely.

Remember that your bedroom should be your safe space and reflect your personality. Consider what kind of aesthetics and styles make you happy, relaxed and comfortable, and go from there! When dressing your divan bed, consider what colours and patterns spark joy for you.

Not sure if a divan bed is right for you? Take a look at our Divan Bed Buying Guide for the answers to all of your questions. Or, take a look at our Best Divans 2024 for your perfect match.

Are divan beds for guest rooms?
Divan beds are perfect for spare rooms and guest rooms, but they can also be excellent centrepieces for your master bedroom too. Divan beds are perfect for small spare rooms as they offer practical storage solutions to de-clutter your home.
Can a divan bed be luxurious?
Making your divan bed aesthetically pleasing is completely down to how you style it. Our range of premium fabrics and colour options mean you can make your divan bed fit your exact aesthetic wishes.
Do divan beds look cheap?
Our range of divan beds are carefully selected to offer options for every need. Our styling options and headboard designs mean your divan bed can look elegant and expensive without costing the Earth.
What is the most popular divan bed style?
Of course, the divan style you choose is completely down to your own preference and needs. We have a range of divan styles, from simple, minimalist designs, to headboards with elegant tufting in plush velvet material.
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