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How Much Does A Good Mattress Cost?

How much do you need to spend to get a good night's sleep? Probably not as much as you'd think!

We spend about 1/3 of our lifetime asleep, which translates to a lot of time spent in our beds. This means it's integral to have a comfortable and quality mattress. But if you are on a budget, you may want to spend the minimum cost on your new mattress. Luckily, a good mattress doesn't have to cost the Earth - modern sleep technology means that you can get a high quality sleep for less.

Man testing mattresses in a bed showroom.

What factors influence the cost of a mattress?

When buying a new mattress, you may ask yourself the following questions: what size mattress should I get? What is the average mattress price? What type of mattress do I need? Are there any additional costs involved? Where can I find a high-quality mattress that doesn't cost the earth? 

A lot of the answers to these questions come down to personal preference and available budget. While our Mattress Buying Guide: How To Choose A Mattress can give you lots of helpful tips to buying a new bed, we want to delve more into how to choose a new mattress based on your budget. By the end of this guide, you'll be armed with all the information you need about how much mattresses cost.

Different mattress sizes

If you are wondering, how much does a new mattress cost? Size is one of the key factors that will influence the answer to this question. When choosing your new mattress, the first thing you need to ascertain is the size needed to fit your bed frame.


When buying on the smaller end of the mattress scale, you may be spending anywhere between £100 to £1,999, depending on the type of mattress material. For a small single or child's mattress, you can easily be looking at under £100.

If you are looking for a single mattress on a budget, our Spring King Grand Ortho 2000 is one of the best. If you wanted a more luxury purchase, you could opt for the Millbrook Signature Luxury 14000 Pocket Natural Mattress.


For a double mattress, prices start at around £150 up to over £2,000. The Coolflex Essentials™ Foam Mattress would be a good option for those on a budget. Tuft & Springs mattresses, however, are ideal for people looking for a luxury mattress on a budget. With layers of silk, cashmere and cotton, a double luxury mattress starts at well under £400, so as you can see, a good double mattress doesn't cost as much as you'd think.

Luxury mattress on a grey divan bed with yellow decor.
Tuft & Springs™ Magnificence 1000 Mattress


As one of the largest mattresses on the market King mattresses are slightly more expensive, as you'd expect. However, just because you want a bigger bed, this doesn't mean you have to spend thousands, in fact, our king size mattresses start at under £200 for the Value Eco Foam Mattress.

If you want something more luxurious, however, a good king size mattress will cost around £500, with the Hypnos Elite Deluxe Mattress and Coolflex® Pocket Plush 2000 Memory Hybrid Mattress in this size costing around that mark.

Super King

When on the largest end of the scale with the Super King mattresses, prices naturally rise. Again, however, depending on your budget, you can spend as much or as little as you like. For a budget super king mattress, you can pay as little as under £300 for the highly rated Coolflex Essentials™ Pocket Mattress.

For a super luxurious, highest quality super king mattress, however, you can pay over £3000 for the Dunlopillo Elite Supreme 2340 Latex Hybrid Mattress, which features thousands of reactive pocket springs that support your body all night long.

If you're struggling to decide what size bed is best for you, our Ultimate UK Bed & Mattress Size Guide can help, including tips on how to measure properly.

Coolflex mattress on divan bed with box next to it.
Coolflex Essentials™ Pocket Mattress

Types of mattresses

The type of mattress you buy is also very important when it comes to overall comfort. Different materials used in a mattress can increase the price, so it's good to be knowledgeable about this to fit within your budget. Here are some of the most common types of mattresses:

Open coil

A traditional spring technique, open coil mattresses tend to be the cheapest type of mattress. This is because they are relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and are made by coiling one continuous piece of steel. Silentnight, however, have improved this traditional technique by creating their bespoke Miracoil spring, however they are still kept at a low price.

  • Single open coil mattress: £200
  • Double open coil mattress: £300
  • King open coil mattress: £350
  • Super king open coil mattress: £400

Memory Foam

Memory foam is used in mattresses to increase comfort and improve sleep quality. You can find either just foam memory foam mattresses, or hybrid mattresses that use a layer of memory foam atop pocket springs. The memory foam layer will mould to your regular body shape and position. This type of mattress helps relieve pressure and bodily pains. However, the added luxury does increase the price of your mattress.

The average price of a:

  • A single memory foam mattress is £250
  • Double memory foam mattress is £350
  • King memory foam mattress is £400
  • Super king memory foam mattress is £500

Pocket Sprung

pocket-sprung mattress is made from individual springs each enclosed within its own pocket. These springs react independently when pressure is applied. These mattresses help with back pain as they directly target pressure points, and they fall on the more affordable end of the spectrum, so are good for those on a budget.

The average cost of a:

  • Single pocket sprung mattress is £300
  • Double pocket sprung mattress is £400
  • King pocket sprung mattress is £500
  • Super king pocket sprung mattress is £600


latex mattress will combine both latex foam and either springs or reflex foam to create a supportive sleep surface. Though pricier, latex mattresses are known for their durability and are a worthy investment, as they also have a longer lifespan when cared for properly.

The average price of latex mattresses is as follows:

  • Single latex mattress: £500
  • Double latex mattress: £700
  • King latex mattress: £1500
  • Super king latex mattress: £2000


Here we find the upper echelon of the mattress world. Orthopaedic mattresses and natural & organic mattresses would fall under the premium remit, designed to create the most luxurious and comfortable sleeping conditions. Naturally, this comes at a much steeper price.

The average price of premium mattresses is:

  • £1000 for a single premium mattress
  • £1500 for a double premium mattress
  • £1800 for a king premium mattress
  • £3000 for a super king premium mattress

Additional mattress costs

When buying a new mattress, you must also consider that you will not only be spending money on the mattress itself but also the additional costs that will incur. Planning ahead when it comes to additional costs is vital as while the mattress itself may be within your budget, the cost of delivery, for example, may take you over that budget. Luckily, we offer free next day delivery at MattressNextDay, which will keep the overall cost of your mattress down.

You also have to take into account the cost of future upkeep for your new mattress, and some of the accessories it may require. For example, a king-size mattress will require bedding in King size to match, which is more expensive than standard-sized bedding. This goes the same for pillows and comforters etc. However, we do stock bedding to suit every budget, with our king size sheets starting at just over a tenner, so don't worry too much about this.

If you're on a strict budget, it could be worth considering if you're better off opting for a smaller, but more luxury mattress, rather than spending more on size rather than quality. In this case, you should consider what's more important to you: the size of your bed or the features of it.

How to save on mattress costs

If you are looking to save money on your next mattress purchase, one of the best tips is to do your research. Read through information sources just like this one in our Buying Guides section, and make sure you are clued up on everything that goes into a mattress purchase. Identify what your requirements are and what your budget is, and browse the different categories on our site.

The easiest way to find a mattress that suits your budget is to use our MattressFinder™ tool, which asks you a few simple questions, including how much you're looking to spend, and finds you up to six mattresses that are best suited to you AND your wallet.

If you'd rather get more personal help, you can always call our friendly Sleep Team on 0333 0069 769, who will happily talk you through your sleep needs and help you find your ideal mattress, at a price that suits you.

Couple with young son mattress shopping in a showroom.

Disposing of an old mattress

We want our mattresses to last as long as possible, but unfortunately the time will always come when it needs to be replaced by a newer model. Generally, this will occur every 8 years, but one problem is that you not only have to buy a new mattress but get rid of the old one as well. Depending on the size of your mattress and your location, this is easier said than done.

Here at MattressNextDay, we offer mattress recycling that coincides with your new mattress delivery. This fast and efficient service can be ordered when you checkout with your new mattress online. We will then collect and take care of your old mattress for you at the low cost of only £39. Our service ensures your mattress is 100% recycled and stays out of a landfill site. This will seriously help lower the overall cost of your new bed set-up, and generally make the whole process a lot easier for you.

What is the average mattress price?

The cost of a good mattress can vary greatly depending on size, type, and additional costs. It is down to you to decide what your personal needs are, as well as getting down some solid figures in terms of your budget. Do your research when it comes to areas you could save money and what your additional costs may be. If you're on a really strict budget, our Sale or Clearance pages might be a good place to start, but rest assured you won't find better deals than on our website.

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