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Ottoman Storage Beds & Bed Frames

On average, the modern home is shrinking. Maximising floor space has become increasingly important, with the emergence of dual-purpose storage bed frames becoming a mainstay of contemporary interior design. 

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From ottomans to divan storage beds, MattressNextDay has an extensive range of beds with storage capabilities for saving space in small rooms. Great for kids rooms, studio apartments and standard bedrooms, our affordable storage beds provide a restful sleep and a neat bedroom. All our storage ottomans come with a minimum 12 month guarantee, although select models feature an additional 5 year warranty. We also offer free nationwide next day delivery as standard. You can also read up on even more tips on how to pick the best storage bed

What are ottoman bed frames?

There’s nothing quite like waking up to a neat and tidy room. An ottoman bed frame features a deep hidden compartment, providing a convenient storage solution for small bedrooms. The ottoman storage bed design comprises of a liftable top section, revealing the storage functions of the ottoman bed base. Our wide range of stylish ottomans are incredibly easy to lift, providing a user-friendly storage solution for any bedroom or spare room.

Why are ottoman beds a great storage solution?

From storing linen and towels, to keeping toys in check in a children’s bedroom, an ottoman storage bed is the best way to keep floor space clear. Storage beds also provide a perfect hideaway for occasional-use items, storing them out of sight until they’re called into action.

Ottoman storage aids also help to create a welcoming and pleasant place to unwind in, turning your bedroom into a clean and spacious sanctuary where you can decompress after a long day. The design of an ottoman is perfect for smaller apartments and studios where space-saving is key, as well as pokey box rooms. Reducing a reliance on extra furniture and storage pieces, an ottoman divan is the ultimate solution for areas where space is at a premium.

How do ottoman storage beds work?

A clever design, storage ottomans function in a simple manner. The mechanics of an ottoman bed frame boil down to pistons or gas struts which bear the brunt of the mattress’s weight. Lessening the load, the ottoman design provides quick and easy access to the storage compartment.

Our comprehensive range of ottoman divan bases feature an array of innovative designs, including half end opening frames, side open ottomans and traditional full end openers. The bed frames of an ottoman can rise and close with the greatest of ease, making them well-suited for storing items you regularly require access to. From bedding to books, an ottoman storage bed can store anything you need, leaving greater room to breathe in your sleeping space.

Who are ottoman beds suitable for?

An ottoman bed frame is a terrific choice for anyone who’s looking for a storage bed which doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Saving space the stylish way, ottoman storage frames function as a solution to messy teenager bedrooms, children’s rooms strewn with toys and couples with minimal space. Reducing the need to litter your room with furniture, our cheap ottoman beds cover everything from a guest room to a standard sized bedroom.

What are the different types of ottoman storage beds?

Ottoman sleigh beds are available in a wide range of styles, materials and colours to suit every need. Combining an evergreen style with contemporary innovations, wooden ottoman beds bring a classy touch to any room. Wooden beds with storage work well with all decor and are typically incredibly sturdy and long-lasting.

From faux leather storage beds, to upholstered storage solutions, ottoman design has its finger on the pulse of fashion. Although not necessarily a storage bed, divan bed bases are commonly mixed up with ottomans.

The main difference between ottoman beds and divans is the storage functionality. For an ottoman bed base, the integrated capacity for storage is its backbone, a constant space-saving feature. Divan bases are often designed to accommodate drawers for storage, although this isn’t a compulsory feature of all models.

MattressNextDay offer a high-quality divan storage base with drawers, available in a range of colours. All types of ottoman bed frames are equally adept at making the most of floor space.

What sizes are ottoman storage beds available in?

Coming in a wide range of sizes, ottoman bed frames are fit for any room. Single sized storage beds work well in a spare room, home office or kids bedroom, offering comfort and storage without intruding on interior design.

For something a little larger, small double and double ottoman beds allow couples to nod off safe in the knowledge that storage is taken care of. Well-suited to standard bedrooms, these ottomans have adequate width for two people to get a good night’s sleep.

Lucky enough to have a deluxe sized bedroom? Our premium king-size ottoman divan base offer the ultimate in storage bed luxury. Matching up ottoman bed sizes to your bedroom comes down to the room itself. Consider how much space you have to play with. Our handy size guides provide detailed dimensions, perfect for planning out which storage bed is right for you.

What mattresses are suitable for ottoman bed frames?

As comfortable as they are practical, ottoman storage beds offer luxury combined with functionality. To make the most out of this high quality design, the right mattress is essential. Thickness and firmness are key factors to consider, as well as the specific needs of the user.

With everything from orthopaedic mattress, to latex-based and pocket-sprung mattresses, there are an array of options. For full efficiency of the ottoman lifting mechanism, lighter mattresses may be a good fit.

Our memory foam mattress are made from dense materials which provide a lightweight touch, perfect for a restful night’s sleep in an ottoman. Finding the right size mattress for your bed is incredibly easy, as our range features everything from small singles to king size storage bed mattresses. For more information, read up on how to choose the best mattress.