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Mattress Choices For Allergy Sufferers

Are you looking for a mattress that will help with allergy problems?

An increasing number of people - an estimated 13 million in the UK alone - suffer from allergies brought on by dust and other household allergens. These health problems vary from minor, temporary irritations to severe allergic reactions and symptoms include:

• Itchy, runny nose
• Sore eyes
• Skin reactions
• Tightening of the chest

These symptoms are created or exacerbated by the enzymes released by the droppings of the common dust mite. Dust mites thrive in warm, moist conditions and feed on dead skin, which is why our mattresses and pillows are such fertile breathing grounds - and why we often experience these allergic symptoms when we wake in the morning.

How your mattress can help

There are millions of dust mites living in your current mattress and it won't take long for them to take up residence in a new one. There are ways you can make life more difficult for dust mites, particularly when it comes to buying a new mattress:

Mattress ticking - the outer covering of your mattress is called the "ticking" This can be made from a variety of cloths, and is a very important part of the mattress because it effectively holds the rest of the mattress together. Ticking can also play an important part in preventing the allergens produced by dust mites from entering the air. Ticking is now available with additional properties including anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-allergen. Check out what type of ticking is applied to your mattress before you buy.

Mattress covers - for mattresses that aren't yet ready to be changed, or to provide you with an extra layer of protection, you could consider a mattress cover. This is an affordable way of protecting your mattresses and mattress covers are available from most mattress suppliers or from specialist anti-allergy suppliers.

Mattress care - remember to always look after your mattress. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and remember to air your bed every day and to let the mattress itself air when you change your bedding. Wash your bedding in a hot wash every so often - this will help to get rid of dust mites - and vacuum your mattress carefully once a month to reduce the amount of dust that sits on top of it.

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