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Mattress Construction - Unsprung

An increasing number of mattresses are moving away from springs to other forms of construction.

Although the sprung mattress is under constant development, mattress manufacturers are also adopting new ways of producing supportive mattresses that don't require the traditional sprung construction. Using new materials and developing new methods of production, most mattress manufacturers now provide unsprung mattresses as part of their general mattress range.

Unsprung mattresses, as the name suggests, don't use springs at all. Instead, they rely on a variety of other fillings that provide equally good support to the sleeper. These fillings include:

Visco Elastic - a fairly recent entrant to the mattress market, visco elastic, also known as memory foam, is a type of polyurethane. Most people credit NASA with its creation, as it was the Space Agency that needed to develop a material that would absorb the G-force encountered by astronauts on re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere. Memory foam is now a common filling for mattresses. Its popularity is based on the fact that it is a responsive material - using the heat and weight of your body to mould itself into the right position to support you while you sleep. When you're not using it, the foam recovers its original shape. Many people have been impressed with the level of comfort and support that memory foam can give.

Latex - this is also a very responsive, elastic material, which has natural anti-allergy properties. It is a strong, durable material that provides excellent support during the night and returns to its original state during the day.

Other materials - non-sprung mattresses can also be filled with water or air. Whilst waterbeds may have suffered from a bad reputation, many people who have tried them are often amazed by the supportive quality that the water provides. Air beds are more commonly used as spare beds or camping beds, but can also give good levels of comfort and support.

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