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Divan Bed Assembly Guide

Everything you could possibly need to know about putting a divan bed together, straight from our product experts.

It's a well known fact that assembling a divan bed is a particularly smooth and simple process. Your divan should come with an instruction manual, and arrive to you in two parts. You’ll just need a few household items (and potentially a helping hand) and your divan bed will be set up and ready in no time.

What do you need to build a divan?

You’ll be pleased to know that you only need a couple of tools to build a divan bed:

  • Pliers
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Hammer/mallet
  • Scissors

Make sure you have everything that comes with your divan bed before you start putting it together otherwise you may not be able to complete your build. You can do this by cross-referencing the instruction manual with the parts in front of you and identifying which is which.

Close up of man's hands holding a hammer and pin, assembling a divan bed.

How to build a divan bed base

How you build a divan bed base will depend on which type you have. Luckily, assembling any type of divan base is quite simple if you follow our easy instructions. For more information on the different types of divan bases, read our Divan Bed Buying Guide.

Building a platform top or sprung divan base

  1. Push the bases together with the flat ends together and join them using the bar or clip that is provided with it.
  2. Make sure there are no gaps.
  3. Turn the base the right way up and gently place it down.

Building an ottoman divan base

  1. Push the bases together with the flat ends together and secure them with the clips provided. Place one clip behind and the other in front of the lifting piston or spring.
  2. Push down on them to fix them securely into place.
  3. Make sure there are no gaps.

How to attach feet to a divan bed

Depending on the divan bed you choose, your bed may have feet, castors or gliders. The good news is that they’re all installed the same way unless otherwise specified in the manufacturer instructions.
  1. Firstly, you’ll need to turn the divan bed base upside down.
  2. Insert the bed feet (or gliders or castors) into their designated sockets on each corner and gently fix them in place. You can sometimes use the heel of your hand however if you’re having a hard time, don’t be afraid to use your hammer or mallet, being careful not to tap them too hard!
  3. Make sure they’re secure and won’t fall out.

How do you put together a divan bed base with clips or link bars?

You may find your divan bed has clips while others have link bars. In this section, we explain how to fit divan bed bases together using each. This is an essential part of assembling a divan bed, as it will prevent the two halves of the base coming apart.

Attaching a divan bed with U-clips

  1. Turn the U-clips on their sides.
  2. The sides which meet, clamp the clips around both edges of the bases to firmly hold them together.

Attaching a divan bed with link bars

  1. Locate the link bars found on the inside of the divan bases.
  2. Carefully open the clips by hand and make sure they are the right way up by bringing them together at the two flat ends.
  3. At the pre-drilled bolt holes, place the link bar along the holes so they line up.
  4. Put the bolts through the slots in the link bars.
  5. Screw the link bars into the bolt holes.
  6. Check that the bed bases are firmly together.

Can you join two single divan beds together?

Yes, you can. In fact, joining two single divan beds is easier than moving a larger bed frame, which can be a better choice for smaller bedrooms with less space to manoeuvre.

Simply pushing them together would create a gap in between the mattresses which would eventually grow during the night when you’re moving around in your sleep, so be sure to join them properly. Here’s how to attach two single divan beds:

  1. Turn both of the single divan beds upside down.
  2. Clamp the frames together with a twin bed connector or a link bar between the two frames. Make sure they are secure.
  3. If needed, purchase a mattress topper, bed bridge, or bed connector to fill any gap between the mattresses.

How to attach a headboard to a divan bed

In this section, we explain how you can attach different types of headboards to your divan bed. Don’t worry, all are super simple so you don’t need to worry about installation when choosing your new headboard, and is a quick additional step to assembling a divan bed.

Is it easy to attach a headboard to a divan bed?

Attaching a new headboard to a divan bed is very easy. Usually, headboards are fixed to the bed frame with bolts that screw through its holes and into the divan base.

Headboard with struts

If your headboard uses struts (long pieces of wood attached to the headboard), pass the bolts through the slots on the headboard before securing the fittings into the bed.

Floor-standing headboard

If your headboard is floor-standing, pass the headboard bolts through the slots and into the bed.

Wall-mounted headboard

Wall-mounted headboards look great with divan beds and can make a dramatic focal point in your bedroom.

  1. Place your fittings and mark with a pencil where the secure points are where you will fix the headboard to the wall.
  2. Use wall anchors for security when installing the fittings.
  3. Test them to ensure they are fixed properly.
  4. Hang your headboard like you would a picture.
Woman using a spray bottle to clean the top section of a bed.

How to care for your new divan bed

1. Don't place excessive weight on it

Find out the weight limit of your bed as well as its storage in its product details. Don’t exceed this limit as this will cause permanent damage to your divan.

2. Avoid strong cleaning products

Avoid using harsh cleaners as this can damage the finishes and integrity of the bed over a period of time. Instead, opt for a mixture of warm water and mild soap.

3. Don't place it in a damp room

Don’t place your bed in a room that has issues with moisture. Any damp can permanently damage your bed and even cause it to smell.

Got to grips on how to build a divan bed but not sure how to style it? Read our guide on How to Dress a Divan for inspiration.

Haven't found the answer to your question? Take a look at our FAQs

Can I repair my divan bed?
Depending on what kind of damage is done to your divan bed, it might be possible to repair it. However, home repairs shouldn’t be assumed to last for a long time, and it’s best to consider replacing your divan bed. If your divan bed storage is damaged, you might be able to make temporary repairs, but putting too many items in the drawers can cause irreversible damage. If your headboard needs fixing, first make sure all nuts and bolts are tightly fastened, and it's been assembled according to the set up instructions.
How do I stop my divan bed from squeaking?
If your divan bed is squeaking every time you move on it, you should ensure that it is properly assembled. Make sure all bolts and screws are tightened, and there’s no obvious damage. If your divan bed continues to squeak, it could be a sign of damage to the structure, or simply time for you to replace it. If it's your headboard that is squeaking, make sure it's properly mounted, or apply a lubricant to reduce any friction.
How can I stop my bed from moving?
Divan bed feet are designed to lock to stop your bed from moving. However, if your bed is sliding around on your floor, there are several things you can do to stop it. 1. If you have a hard floor, consider placing a rug beneath the bed. 2. Reconsider the position of the bed - can you move it to the corner of the room to stop it from sliding? 3. Secure the headboard to the wall so that it is mounted in place. 4. Purchase bed risers, velcro pads, or rubber feet and place them under your bed feet to hold them in place.
Can I make my divan bed stronger?
While it is possible to reinforce a divan bed to increase its longevity, this will only be a temporary fix. All of our divan beds are made with the highest quality materials and come with generous guarantees, so you won’t need to worry about having to reinforce it or make it stronger.

While taking the time to reinforce your divan bed might work as a temporary fix for any issues, it's much safer and longer lasting to invest in a new, good quality divan, both for your safety and comfort.

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