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Gainsborough Mattresses

Gainsborough beds are part of The Airsprung Group, which has been going for well over 100 years. From humble beginnings, the group began by making mattresses in a small workshop in Trowbridge and has gone on to become one of the largest bed manufacturers in the UK.

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Helpful Guides & Tips for Gainsborough Mattresses

Gainsborough beds are part of The Airsprung Group, which has been going for well over 100 years. From humble beginnings, the group began by making mattresses in a small workshop in Trowbridge and has gone on to become one of the largest bed manufacturers in the UK.

Don’t just dream of a perfect night’s sleep - make it happen with Gainsborough Beds

There’s an old saying that says “you should never skimp on buying shoes or beds….because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other”. While we wholeheartedly agree, we also think that buying a new mattress shouldn’t break the bank.

At Gainsborough beds, we believe that quality shouldn’t only be available at exorbitant prices, so we aim to give you the best deals on a great night’s sleep. Gainsborough Beds handcraft and upholster luxurious beds using a combination of the latest manufacturing advances, and traditional time-tested skills.

We use the highest quality fillings and materials and make sure there’s no compromise on quality at any point in the process.

Gainsborough Beds Mattresses off you the freedom to purchase your perfect frame separately, or even use the one you already love. We make our bed mattresses from a wide array of the finest materials to make sure you get the best night’s sleep, every night, including:

  • Cashmere
  • Mohair
  • Traditional hair
  • Pure new wool
  • Merino wool
  • Cotton felt
  • Man-made hypo-allergenic foam
  • Soft white fibre
  • And individually nested pocket springs

Each material is purposefully chosen to create the best possible snoozing experience.

Alternatively, Gainsborough Beds’ Divan Beds offer the same perfect mattress, plus a convenient and well-designed frame. A perfect and stylish addition to any bedroom, they utilise a pocket spring system, proven to provide the best individual support to each sleeper. The higher the number of individual springs, the more support and comfort will be provided to the sleeper, and we ensure both our mattresses and divans offer that high level of comfort and support.

Who are we?

Gainsborough beds are part of The Airsprung Group, which has been going for well over 100 years. From humble beginnings, the group began by making mattresses in a small workshop in Trowbridge and has gone on to become one of the largest bed manufacturers in the UK.

Gainsborough Beds were among the first manufacturers to join the National Bed Federation (NBF) accreditation scheme – the NBF only allows their official mark to be placed on products that are made safely, in a clean environment, by honest manufacturers, and we are proud to meet those criteria for each product we sell.

We are also associated with The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA), who is the leading furniture research body in the UK. As full members, we benefit from access to their testing facilities, technical information and industry expertise.

What does this mean to you? That every product you buy from us is clean, safe, well-tested, and up to date with the latest standards in the industry.

Stop dreaming of your perfect night’s sleep – get in touch now and make it happen.

Soft, medium or firm Gainsborough mattress?

The first thing that any person needs to know when choosing a Gainsborough mattress is how to get the right firmness. Not all mattresses will have the same level and this is definitely something to know about when buying one. The problem for consumers though is that how firm a mattress may be is not described well usually. Do not despair though - our useful guide will tell you what you need to know and explain how to choose a Gainsborough mattress which is firm enough for you. 

Making the right choice is personal

The first thing to know is that there is actually no accurate definition of soft, medium or firm when it comes to a Gainsborough mattress. What one person finds soft, another may find too hard. But why is this? In simple terms, it comes down too many retailers using the spring tension rating of a mattress to explain how it feels, relatively speaking. 

So, how can you get around this and find a Gainsborough mattress that is perfect for your body? By far the best way is to know what kind your bodyweight needs and find one that fits this.

Which is most applicable?

Your bodyweight when lying on the mattress is linked to how it will feel overall - top quality mattresses will have different spring options to choose from, as shown below. It is key to get the best one for your person.

Soft spring tension has a wire diameter of 1.2mm and is suitable for people up to 10 stone

Medium spring tension has a wire diameter of 1.4mm and is best if you weigh 10-16 stone

Firm spring tension has a wire diameter of 1.6mm and is best for 16 - 20 stone users

Extra firm / Orthopaedic spring rating has a wire diameter of 1.9mm and is best for people weighing 20 stone plus

Jump on the scales to get the right mattress

As the above shows, taking the time to know how much you weigh plays a vital role in selecting the ideal Gainsborough mattress to sleep on. 

If you think about it more carefully, it is obvious why this is so crucial to know as a person. Someone who is light in weight will find an extra firm mattress too hard as they do not have the mass to get comfortable on it properly. Similarly, a heavier person would simply sink into a softer mattress and not be in the optimum position. 

Let us help you discover the perfect Gainsborough mattress

If you still feel unsure about which mattress to pick, then let us help. We can offer the best advice around on which firmness is right for your individual needs. Just give us a call today on 0333 0069 769 to speak with a member of our team for more details. When you have made your mind up, we have a wide range in stock to order online. With free 24-hour delivery and mattresses that are hand made in the UK, we are the people to rely on for your next Gainsborough mattress.

Pocket spring vs memory foam: Which is better?

Both pocket spring and memory foam mattresses have been around for years now, as an alternative to the more standard mattresses with innerspring. But when it comes to choosing which Gainsborough mattress is the best fit for you, pocket spring or memory foam, there are different factors to consider. Each type of mattress has a few distinct differences to consider, and this guide will help you make your mind up which option is best for you.

Read on to discover some of the key differences in pocket spring vs memory foam mattresses, and to discover which one is the right fit for you:

What’s inside?

The most obvious difference between each form of mattress is exactly what they are made of; which can make a vast difference to the feel, comfort and style of each specific type. In the case of pocket spring mattresses, the inside is made of hundreds of upright tempered springs within individual pockets; hence the name. This internal layer is often topped with foam padding to ensure comfort and support to sleepers.

Memory foam mattresses, as the name suggests, are created from a specific type of polyurethane foam. This foam is designed to be highly dense and absorbs body weight and energy while often remaining firm to the touch. It’s easy to spot a memory foam mattress because of the compact feel of the foam when you place weight upon it, and the slower pace in which it springs back.

Who do they help?

Depending on what kind of a sleeper you are, one type of mattress might be the better fit for you than the other. While both the pocket spring and memory foam mattress aims to provide consistent support and a firm finish, they do so in different ways. Pocket spring mattresses offer support that is firm and holds you up thanks to the internal springs. In contrast, memory foam contours and relieves pressure rather than holding the sleeper up for a different form of support.

How long do they last?

For some, the lifespan of a mattress can make all the difference to which type they buy. Often, a mattress can be an expensive purchase, and an option that lasts as long as possible is the best choice. Because of the individual springs within a pocket sprung mattress, this type of mattress has far more parts that can wear over time, leading to sagging. Memory foam, on the other hand, has no additional components, though they are more susceptible to sweat and oil over time. The average lifespan of a pocket spring mattress is around 8-10 years, while a memory foam one is closer to 12-14.

How do they deal with temperate?

If you struggle to sleep due to a being more susceptible to heat, then many people consider a memory foam mattress too warm. A pocket spring mattress tends to feel a little cooler in comparison, though this may depend upon the actual foam used to top the springs.

How do they handle motion transfer?

Motion transfer is a big concern when more than one person is in bed. There’s nothing worse than being woken up in the early hours because of your partner rolling over, for example. Memory foam is the ideal choice if motion transfer is a concern, as its denseness prevents any transfer. Pocket spring mattresses also offer another viable alternative, as each spring moves independently, reducing the movement of the bed as a whole.

There are many factors to consider if you’re thinking of investing in a new mattress. With so many differences and similarities, to examine, you might find the better choice is to give both a try to find out which works best for you. With our free 24 hour delivery on mattresses handmade in the UK, finding the Gainsborough mattress to suit your needs is easier than ever. Take a look at our full range of mattresses online today.