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The Best Hybrid Mattresses Of 2024

The best hybrid mattresses to have you sleeping on cloud nine in no time.

Discovering the UK’s best hybrid mattress is a monumental task - but don’t worry, we’re the experts. If you know you’re after a hybrid to cushion and support your body at night, look no further than our list of the best hybrid mattresses on the market.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is one that combines pocket springs with comfort materials like memory foam, reflex foam, latex or even comfort fillings like silk and wool. These different technologies work together to provide the best possible comfort, support and pressure relief. The independent pocket springs target your heaviest pressure points, while gentle foam layers or natural fibres contour to your body, providing personalised relief and ergonomic comfort.

What makes the best hybrid mattress?

The best hybrid mattress is one that combines the most innovative spring systems with high-quality foam. The best hybrid mattress for you, however, may differ to others, as there are multiple factors that come into choosing the right mattress. The firmness you choose depends both on your personal preference and your sleeping position, with side sleepers, for example, better off with a softer hybrid mattress than front sleepers, who should opt for a firmer hybrid.

Your personal sleep preferences massively come into play when choosing the best hybrid mattress, as this type of mattress often includes special features that can seriously optimise your night’s sleep. For example, many hybrid mattresses come with cooling properties or even cooling gel foam, which you can read more about in our Gel Foam Mattress Buying Guide. You can also find features such as orthopaedic support or hypoallergenic materials, which will be perfect for you if you suffer from a bad back or allergies.

The best hybrid mattress 2024

While there are many factors that make up the best hybrid mattress, our product experts have scoured our huge range and selected five of their favourites. This list of hybrid mattresses includes the best hybrid latex mattresses, the best cooling hybrid mattresses and even the best value for money hybrid mattress, so you’re sure to find your perfect pick here.

SleepSoul Wish 3000 Series Pocket Cool Gel Mattress

A Which? Best Buy and one of our best selling mattresses, this pocket sprung, cool gel memory foam mattress is arguably the best overall hybrid mattress, as it manages to pack a whole host of special sleep features within it.

Reactive pocket springs target your pressure points with medium firm, orthopaedic support, keeping your spine properly aligned and posture controlled to help ease aches and pains. Cool gel memory foam then contours to the unique shape of your body, applying gentle cushioning to every touch point. This provides incredible pressure relief, giving you a weightless feeling as you lay down for sleep.

The best part of this SleepSoul hybrid mattress has to be the generous layer of cool gel memory foam, which includes thousands of tiny gel beads that actively draw heat away from your body. By dissipating this heat, you’re kept at the optimal sleeping temperature, encouraging a deeper sleep for longer.

Close up of the side of the cooling pillow top hybrid mattress.

Silentnight Lift Replenish 2000 Pocket Latex Mattress

Latex is a brilliant material when it comes to cushioning your body, as it doesn’t retain heat as much as traditional memory foam. Latex is not only more breathable, but it springs back to its original shape faster, meaning you get a more consistently personalised sleep as it contours to your shape and adapts to your movements.

This hybrid mattress from Silentnight utilises innovative Mirapocket® springs, which tailor support to your back, hips and shoulders with expert precision. These clever springs work alongside layers of latex and Silentnight’s EcoMemory Fibre™ material, ensuring maximum pressure relief.

You can choose from two firmnesses - if you’re a side sleeper, go for the softer version, as this will allow your hips and shoulders to dip nicely into the surface of the mattress, keeping your spine aligned. If you prefer sleeping on your back, suffer from back ache or simply prefer a firmer sleep surface, opt for the medium firm option, which provides orthopaedic support to your entire body.

Close up corner image of the silentnight lift replenish mattress.

Spring King Sanctuary Spa 2000 Pillow Top Mattress

Another of our best selling mattresses, this Spring King medium firm mattress features reactive pocket springs and layers of memory foam, the latter being housed in a luxury, plump pillow top, which acts as a stitched-in mattress topper.

Pillow tops have long been a signal of a truly high-quality, luxury mattress, and the Sanctuary Spa is no exception. While orthopaedic pocket springs target your heaviest pressure points, the pillow top of memory foam gently cradles your body in comfort, offering a dreamy-soft feel. You’ll get to experience a slight ‘sink in’ feeling while the clever pocket springs keep you supported and properly aligned. The perfect combination of comfort and support.

This mattress is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for allergy sufferers as it prevents the buildup of dust and bacteria. You’ll also discover the benefits of traditional hand-tufting, which keeps all fillings in place, alongside a hand stitched border that maintains the structure of the mattress.

Image of a pillow top mattress with scatter cushions on a divan base.

Emma® Premium Memory Hybrid Mattress

The most awarded hybrid mattress, this blend of innovative sleep technologies comes from mattress genius’ Emma®, who have been taking the world’s sleep by storm. With consistent 5 star reviews, the Premium Memory Hybrid is one of the best hybrid mattresses available.

No ordinary pocket springs, ergonomic 5 Zone CarbonFlex™ Springs adapt to your changes in movement and weight placement throughout the night. As you turn, the springs compress or relax to provide the exact support your body parts need. These springs are housed in specific ‘zones’ throughout the mattress, ensuring that essential areas of your body are kept properly supported.

These springs are combined with two innovative types of foam, Halo Memory Foam™ and Point Elastic Airgocell® Foam. The first offers personalised support by cushioning you in body-hugging comfort. The latter enhances breathability, regulating your temperature and wicking away excess moisture. Not only does this debunk the myth that memory foam is always too warm, but keeps you at the optimal sleeping temperature for a deeper, longer sleep.

The Emma hybrid mattress from the bottom.

Tuft & Springs™ Temptation 3000 Mattress

The entirety of our Tuft & Springs™ range are arguably the best hybrid mattresses available in the UK, but the Temptation is one of our absolute favourites. The pinnacle of affordable luxury, this mattress features up to 3000 independent pocket springs, as well as opulent layers of silk, wool, cotton and cashmere.

This mattress is specifically designed to expertly support your body while still giving you a soft feel. Perfect for side sleepers, you can comfortably lay on your side with your hips and shoulders gently dipping into the surface of the bed, keeping your spine aligned - this prevents you waking up with a sore back from improper mattress firmness.

Reinforced edges ensure you enjoy the full surface of your mattress, without the sides dipping or sagging over time.

The most indulgent part of this mattress has to be the layers of silk and cashmere, which offer enhanced breathability as well as sumptuous cushioning. Similarly, cotton aids air circulation and wicks away excess moisture for a fresher sleep, while wool is able to insulate you during the colder winter months by trapping heat. These natural materials work together to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long.

Image of the luxury temptation hybrid mattress on a grey divan bed.

The best hybrid mattress for you will depend on your personal preferences and sleep requirements. For more help finding the best bed possible, use our MattressFinder™ tool or read more of our expert Buying Guides to learn more about the other types of mattresses we stock.

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