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Hypnos Wool Pillow
Hypnos Wool Pillow
Hypnos Wool Pillow
Hypnos Wool Pillow
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Hypnos Wool Pillow thumbnail
Hypnos Wool Pillow thumbnail
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Hypnos Wool Pillow


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Features you'll love

Natural wool is anti-allergenic, helping to repel dust mites, mildew, and fungal spores.

Breathable, natural wool helps to create the ideal environment for sleep.

A natural material from a sustainable source.

Available in king-size and standard sizes.

100% Natural wool filler.

We'll plant a tree with every order, to offset our CO2 footprint


A pillow that's too firm or too soft can lead to neck problems. The Hypnos Wool Pillow combats this with an ingenious system using clusters of wool. For further comfort, the pillow boasts excellent moisture-wicking properties and is naturally breathable. Given that the head is sensitive to changes in temperature, this allows the sleeper to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature and enjoy a relaxing night's sleep.


Traditionally, wool pillows were pillowcases stuffed to the gills with wool. While this might have been comfortable to begin with, wool can become compacted or dispersed, creating pillows that are too hard, soft, high, or low. As anyone who has experienced 'pillow issues' will know, an uncomfortable pillow can cause painful neck problems. The Hypnos Wool Pillow uses clusters of wool rather than a uniform filling, so the pillow can adapt to the sleeper's head.

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Naturally anti-allergenic image

Naturally anti-allergenic

During warmer weather or illness, sweat can collect in our pillows. Not only does this render them unattractive, but it also makes them unhygienic. Warm and damp conditions act as breeding grounds for creatures such as dust mites and growths such as mildew and fungal spores. The wool used in the Hypnos Wool Pillow moves moisture away from the head until it naturally dissipates. In addition, wool is wonderfully breathable, helping to dry out any moisture that might be lingering. The Hypnos Wool Pillow is an excellent choice for anyone allergic to environmental irritants.

The ideal conditions for sleep

In addition to offering bespoke comfort levels, the Hypnos Wool Pillow acts as a nocturnal climate-control centre for the head. While its breathability and ability to disperse moisture have a cooling effect during warmer weather, it also helps to keep the head warm during the colder months. The structure of the fibres ensures that, when the mercury drops, warm air is trapped in and around the clusters, creating a soft, snug surface for weary heads.

The ideal conditions for sleep image

Warm in the winter and cool during the summer, the Hypnos Wool Pillow both insulates and cools. Its versatile design allows the sleeper to ‘mould’ the pillow to suit their needs and enjoy a good night’s sleep. A superb investment for anyone who’s found themselves fighting their pillows in the middle of the night.



Being hypoallergenic, this is the perfect item for allergy sufferers - or anyone looking for a healthy night's sleep.

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