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Layezee Mattresses

Layezee offer affordable and comfortable mattresses which are designed to deliver quality sleep at a reasonable price. Choose from a range of different comfort options to suit your needs.

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How to choose the best Layezee Mattresses

Does the perfect mattress exist? Silentnight’s Layezee brand believes it does, and that you don’t have to pay a fortune to find it, either. Their selection of Layezee mattresses are specifically designed to deliver outstanding quality and flawless comfort, but with a price that’s easy on your pocket. With decades of research and development and the backing of a tried and trusted parent company behind them, Layezee mattresses represent great value for money and exceptional comfort for a great night’s sleep.

Your mattress, your choice

Pocket-sprung or memory foam? Or why not both? With Layezee, you get a choice. Drawing on years of skills, experience, and expertise, Layezee mattresses are designed to create a cushioned, supportive environment for you, no matter what kind of mattress you prefer.

Pocket sprung mattresses from Layezee

Not everything has to be state-of-the-art, and Layezee recognise that some people prefer the feel of a traditional, pocket sprung mattress. Their Traditional Microquilt Mattress is exactly that – a classic, sprung mattress with a specialist Bonnell spring unit at its heart, combined with a microquilted finish that not only looks good, but also feels good too. Delivering a medium-firm level of comfort, it’s ideal for side and back sleepers who want a little more responsiveness and a system that eliminates micromovements for a more restful night’s sleep. Finish it all off with a Damask cover and you have a beautiful, traditional mattress that’s easy to maintain.

Memory Foam marvels

Memory foam was first developed by NASA for the space program, but it found its natural home in mattress manufacturing. Now, it’s common to find great quality mattresses that incorporate this responsive, incredibly comfortable material, and the Layezee Traditional Memory Foam Mattress is no exception. With a 2.5cm layer of pressure-sensitive memory foam cradling your body as you sleep, you tend to move around less and get a more restful night. It also helps to eliminate pressure points, so if you suffer from joint pains then a memory foam option is a great choice.

Memory foam mattresses are generally ‘single-sided’, so that you don’t need to flip and turn them every few months. This makes them much easier to maintain and care for. Simply rotate them from head to foot occasionally to prevent dips and bumps from forming and to give the memory foam a chance to ‘relax’ and regain its original form.

Hybrids – the best of both worlds

Hybrid mattresses combine a coil core with memory foam layers to give you the best of both worlds. The pocketed springs eliminate micro-movements and respond to your body’s position throughout the night, while the memory foam gives you that cushioned feel. Layezee mattresses include the Layezee 800 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress, which combines both memory foam and 800 pocketed springs, with a super-soft pillow-top design to make it gloriously comfortable and snuggly. That pillow top gives it just enough cloud-soft cushioning and complements the memory foam and sprung core to give you a medium feel that’s just right for side sleepers. With the added benefit of a hypoallergenic design and a luxuriously soft knitted cover, what more could you ask for in a mattress? Find out more about our selection of affordable, great quality Layezee mattresses, available in a full range of sizes from Single up to King Size. And why not team up your Layezee mattress with a smart and practical Layezee divan base and headboard, for the ultimate night’s sleep?