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Mattress Buying Guide

Here's our quick guide to buying your next mattress.

Deciding to buy a new mattress is easy - deciding which mattress to buy is much harder. There is a lot of information available to help, and we've condensed it into a single article that you can refer to and take with you when you're shopping:


Take some time to research. That way, you'll get a better idea of what you'll get for your money, and what types and sizes of mattresses are available.


Once you've seen what's on the market, set you budget. Remember that you should be buying a new bed base at the same time as your mattress, so you need to include costs for that. In addition, if you're buying a bed for a new room, or you're buying a bigger bed than you currently own, you will also need to budget for new pillows and bedding.

Decide on a size

If you share your bed, consider getting a king or superking mattress and bed base. The more space you have to yourself in your bed, the better quality sleep you are likely to get. Choose the biggest bed you can fit in your room - remembering that you will need to be able to walk around it and fit other furniture in your room.

Try out

Even if you're going to buy your mattress online, go to a showroom and try some out before you buy. There's no other way of finding out whether the mattresses you're interested in are going to offer you the support you need in order to sleep well. You'll be able to try out various different types of mattress construction, mattresses with varying depths and at a range of prices. This will help you to see what you can get for your money that also provides the support and comfort you need.

Find a bargain

Once you have a shortlist of mattresses that you are interested in, look around for the best deals. You're most likely to find these deals online, at mattress retailers like Mattress Next Day. You may even be able to afford a mattress that's out of your budget at its full price.

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