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Relyon Mattresses

For the perfect night’s sleep, you needn’t look any further than our range of Relyon mattresses. Using high-quality, sumptuous materials, each product in our collection has been designed with comfort in mind, providing you with an exceptionally cosy and supportive place to sleep every night.

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At MattressNextDay, we stock a wide range of Relyon mattresses with different specifications. You can choose a design with your preferred firmness rating and spring count. What’s more, you can also pick from a variety of construction types, including pocket sprung and reflex foam. So, regardless of your individual requirements, you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect mattress when you shop with us.

We also offer designs with a range of different features. For example, we stock models with hypoallergenic properties, memory foam technology, moisture control and pressure relief. You can also choose the size model you need. We have Relyon designs in sizes ranging from single and double to king and superking.

Why not accompany your chosen mattress with a Relyon bed? To complete your new bedroom setup, we offer a selection of Relyon divan beds and frames. Check out the Bed Frames and Divan Beds sections of our website for our full range of products.

If you require extra information about any of our Relyon mattresses or beds, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can chat to our bed specialists over the phone by calling 0333 0069 769. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

What does Relyon make

Divan beds

All Relyon divan beds continue the quality standards of their forebears, being constructed to the most refined and tested designs, using only the finest materials, and largely handmade. One of the most important elements of a great nights’ sleep is the support given to your mattress by your bed. The solid structure of a divan means that it is perfect for supporting a mattress of any type or depth, and so can be a key part of ensuring your comfort.

Ottoman beds

Divans are also popular with those who need a little extra storage space in the bedroom. Historically, storage divans have had drawers in the sides of the bedframe. Many people find, however, that they don’t have space around their new divan to open the drawers fully and take advantage of the extra space they need. Relyon solve this problem with their range of ottoman style divans, with ingenious lift-up bases allowing you to access the full space under your mattress for storage. What’s more, all Relyon ottoman bases are equipped with gas-assisted lifting mechanisms, so you don’t have to be a muscle-bound bodybuilder to use all of that extra space.

Traditional bedsteads

In metal or wood, each with a variety of finishing options to complement the décor of your room, Relyon traditional bedsteads are the last word in style and sophistication. Whatever look and feel you are aiming for, from traditional country cottage to modern Scandinavian minimalism, Relyon are sure to have a bedstead to suit you.

Every single bedstead comes with spring slats for comfort, and to support your mattress, and is designed to be as easy of possible to assemble at home. There are even full instructions to make sure that, when you’ve put your bed together, you aren’t left with that heart-dropping “piece left over,” moment.

And if that wasn’t enough, the quality of the design and materials used in Relyon beds mean that they will be hardwearing, durable, and – with proper care – could last you the rest of your life.


No bed is complete without a headboard. It’s easy to forget that your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, a piece of furniture which needs to be good to look at as well as functional. A quality headboard can really bring your bed, and your bedroom, to life; injecting a splash of colour, or a contrasting material, bringing a contemporary or traditional focal point to the room.

Relyon headboards are, like everything else in the range, constructed from a range of the finest quality materials including leather, wood, and a range of other fabrics, and are available in a full range of sizes to match each of the beds in the company’s range. Just as importantly, Relyon work hard to ensure that all of their headboards come with a simple and straightforward fixing mechanism, making installation a breeze.


The pinnacle of the company’s achievements, Relyon mattresses set a standard that other manufacturers can only hope to emulate. Using only the very best materials, handmade to the highest standards, you will get no better night’s sleep than on a Relyon mattress.

Why choose Relyon?

Relyon has more than 150 years’ experience in bed making, and throughout that time the company’s focus has been making sure that you, their customer, can rely on them for a good night’s sleep. When Relyon began trading as Pride Brothers and Company their philosophy was “your comfort is our paramount priority” – something which didn’t change when in 1935 they became Relyon.

What makes Relyon beds unique?

In 1858, the Price family of wool merchants founded their company – Price Brothers and Co. – in the Somerset town of Wellington. Rapidly, they realised that the skills the natural materials they worked with every day would be ideal for bed making. Now, as then, the company’s expert craftsmen hand make every bed, investing time and craftsmanship and upholding Relyon reputation for excellence.

Relyon – the name the Price family adopted for the company in 1935 – are rightly famous for their sumptuous mattresses which set a new standard in comfort, the quality standard is maintained throughout their range. From divans to bedsteads, and from headboards, to metalwork; meticulous attention to detail at every stage combines with an insistence on using only the very finest materials to ensure that the reputation for excellence is maintained.

Why are Relyon mattresses a step apart?

If you are ever lucky enough to see inside a Relyon mattress, you will quickly realise that they are a step apart from any other mattress on the market. Incorporating layer upon layer of rich natural fibres the Relyon design creates a mattress both luxurious and supporting enough to ensure that every night’s sleep is a great night’s sleep.

Specially chosen and expertly blended to cater for the needs of every individual, Relyon uses a range of different fillings, of only the highest quality, as well as a variety of spring counts and combinations of materials to create mattresses of every possible firmness and feel. This attention to detail means that Relyon are sure to have the right mattress for you - no matter your size, weight, height, or body shape – meaning you too can benefit from the unsurpassed levels of support and comfort on offer.

What about the bed itself?

Just as with their mattresses, Relyon go the extra mile to ensure that all their bed frames, headboards, divans, and accessories meet their stringent standards. The attention to detail of the design choices, as well as the outstanding quality of the materials and finishes, combined with expert craftsmanship to set the Relyon range apart.

All Relyon beds are specifically designed to be as easy as possible to assemble at home, with the minimum of effort, and no fuss. Every bedstead comes with sprung slats to add comfort and provide support, prolonging the life of your mattress.

How do Relyon maintain such high standards?

Every person who works in Relyon manufacturing team is a skilled craftsperson and their sole aim is to make sure that you, the customer, gets a great night’s sleep every day. Consistently achieving the aim of maximum comfort and outstanding quality happens because of the team’s attention to detail, and the quality of the designs of Relyon products.

To make sure that Relyon exacting standards do not slip, the company also operates an in-house scientific laboratory. Applying modern science to traditional bed making means that all the raw materials used by Relyon are systematically tested to check that they meet the product specifications. In this way, Relyon ensure that the end product that arrives in your bedroom always meets the high standards of performance you expect.

In recognition of their efforts and the exemplary quality of their products, Relyon has been recognised with many awards and accolades. The company was the first manufacturer of beds to receive the prestigious Production Guild Mark of the Worshipful Company of Furniture. ISO 9000/2000 certification, which is regularly re-assessed, is another mark of the Relyon team’s commitment to quality in every part of their business.

Several Relyon products have also won Best Buy recommendations from Which? magazine.

Does Relyon make the best mattresses in the world?

It's a bold claim, but we think we've got the bedding products to back it up.

The extensive range of Relyon mattress and divan beds we stock are the ideal answer to a long, hard day. You've been on your feet for what feels like forever, running errands at work or shopping for the kids. You've had a nice relaxing soak in the bath and now what you really need is a heavenly bed to fold into and escape the world. Relyon mattresses provide just that.

A peaceful night

Let our high-quality materials caress your worn out body and allow you to enjoy a perfect night of peaceful and restorative sleep. Every single product in the Relyon collection has been designed with comfort first and foremost in our minds, ensuring you'll have a cosy and supportive place to spend the night, every night.

Responsive Memory Foam technology is included in many of our best mattresses. It moulds to the contours of your body to provide individualised support and comfort right where it's needed. The pressure-relieving qualities help reduce stress on the body so you wake up feeling rested and energised, ready to face a new day. These mattresses really are the best in their class.

Incredible support and comfort

There's the Relyon Memory Superior Ortho Support 1500 Pocket Mattress that was awarded Which? Best Buy in 2015, and it's still living up to that title today. This highly sought after mattress boasts memory foam on top of an incredible 1,500 springs all teaming up to support every last inch of your body. Enjoy a night of undisturbed sleep even when sleeping with a partner, due to the springs moving individually and ensuring you don't roll together - unless you want to, that is.

For cloud-like softness, we have the Natural Pillow Luxury Supreme Mattress. This one ups the game even further with a whopping 1,750 springs, topped with super soft pillow material to ensure you'll sleep like a princess. It's an easy care item too, being a non-turn mattress designed to take the stress out of your life.

So is this range of Relyon mattress and divan beds really world class? Try them for yourselves and find out. You won't be disappointed. 

Free next day delivery

All of our mattresses come with guaranteed free next day delivery. Imagine that - order now and tomorrow night you'll be treated to the perfect night's sleep. You're just one click away.

Can I buy a bed direct from Relyon?

Not at this time. However, while we do not supply customers directly, we do work with a number of quality retailers across the UK including mattressnextday who can provide free 24-hour delivery on all our products. 

Is a firm mattress always better for a bad back?

No, this is not always the case. If you suffer from back pain you should consult medical advice about which type of bed is best for you. Back Care, the national organisation for healthy backs, have published a leaflet which provides more information about properly supporting your back. You can download the leaflet from

For more information, please read our mattress firmness guide.

How do I know which is the best mattress for me?

When selecting a new bed you need to ensure that the one you choose feels right for both you and your partner. Try as many different mattresses as possible and make sure they support your body properly in every position. While lying on your back you should be able to feel gentle pressure on your pelvis and lower spine. When lying on your side your shoulders and hips will need to be well supported with only gentle pressure on your waist. In all positions make sure there is no excessive curvature of the spine. Once you have found a bed that does these things, you have found a bed that will support your back properly, preventing back pain in later life and allowing you to get a good night's sleep. 

I have seen a Relyon bed in a store but I can’t find it on your website. Why is this?

We design and manufacture beds for many well-known high street retailers. We do not feature these products on our website because they are only available from these specific outlets. But you can be assured that every one of our beds is hand-built in the UK using the same high-quality materials and comes with an 8-year guarantee. 

Should I replace my divan along with my mattress even though it looks in good condition?

It is recommended that you change the divan along with your mattress every 7-10 years. During this time the springs in your divan will have weakened significantly, preventing it from supporting your new mattress properly. This can cause excess wear, significantly shortening its life, and may even affect the warranty. So when buying a new bed you should follow National Bed Federation advice and always replace your mattress and divan at the same time. 

I have a slatted bed base, can I still use a Relyon mattress?

Yes, our Bedstead Collection is specifically designed to withstand the extra strain placed on the mattress by the gaps between the slats. Some of our other collections are also suitable for bedsteads. Your local authorised Relyon retailer will be able to provide you with advice on which is the most suitable. 

Note: Please ensure that the gap between the slats is no more than 6cm. A gap bigger than this may shorten the life of your new mattress, compromise the quality of your sleep and affect your warranty. 

I recently bought a Relyon mattress but it has developed a depression where I sleep. Is this a fault and can it be rectified? 

All quality pocket sprung mattresses settle over a period of time. This natural settlement is the result of the upholstery fillings bedding down and is nothing to worry about. To ensure the fillings settle evenly you will need to turn the mattress regularly. The turning procedure is unique for each range and is explained in the care leaflet supplied with your mattress. 

Can you help me find bedding for one of your oversized mattresses?

Yes, we can provide a range of bedding and accessories for all of our mattresses in both European and American sizes. Please contact our contract team on 0800 5677625 for more information. 

I live outside the UK, can I still purchase a bed from you?

Unfortunately, we can only supply customers based within the UK at this time. However, while we do not offer an export service, one of our retailers may be able to arrange export for you. 

Can you make a non-standard sized mattress for me?

Yes, we manufacture a wide range of quality handmade mattresses in a number of different sizes. But if you require a unique size which is not part of our range please get in touch with our contracts team on 0800 5677625 for more information about size options and prices. 

Is it possible to have two sides of the mattress with different firmness?

Absolutely, we can manufacture mattresses with different tensions using our zip and link divan sets. These can also be separated into two beds if necessary and are a popular choice for hotels and guesthouses. 

I recently bought a bed/mattress but I have a question about it. Who can I contact?

You can contact your local retailer or send us a message via our Facebook page. We are always happy to answer questions or queries about any of our products.

I suffer from dust mite allergy, do you make a mattress for me?

Yes, we manufacture a range of products which use hypo-allergenic fillings such as memory foam and/or white fibre. Dust mites cannot survive in these fillings so they are perfect for customers who suffer from dust mite related allergies. 

Why should I choose a Relyon bed over other manufacturers?

When buying a new bed, it is what you don’t see that makes the difference. Each of our beds is hand-built at our factory in Wellington Somerset by one of our experienced craftsmen. Our purchasing team also take care to hand select only the finest quality materials from around the world, including pure wool, cashmere, mohair and silk. These are then expertly combined to create an ultra-luxurious, comfortable and supportive bed which not only looks great but provides you with a night of uninterrupted and peaceful sleep. 

Our divans are also constructed to the same high standards. Most of our bed frames are glued and screwed together and we only use hardwood for the load bearing corner blocks which house the castors to provide increased strength and durability. We also construct the divan edges using the traditional cane method which is both more aesthetic and durable than the wire edging used by most other manufacturers. Finally, we take great care to hand stitch the edges of the mattress to ensure an exceptional fit and finish, which even the most discerning customers will appreciate. 

Each of our mattresses and divans has also been independently tested to ensure they provide adequate support and durability throughout their lifetime. After considering this there really is only one choice to make. Which of our stunningly luxurious and comfortable mattresses will you choose? 

What guarantee do you provide?

Given the high quality of our manufacturing and control processes, it is very unlikely that your new bed will present any manufacturing fault or defect. But for your peace of mind, we provide an 8-year guarantee on all our beds and mattresses, while our range of accessories and furniture comes with a 1-year guarantee as standard.