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10 Tiktok Home Hacks You Should Be Doing This Way Instead

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TikTok is one of the most popular social platforms to share home hacks. The hashtag #diyhacks has over 2.6 billion views, suggesting the trend of home improvements isn’t going anywhere soon. But what if these hacks could be doing more harm than good?

2.6 billion
views for #diyhacks on TikTok

MattressNextDay has analysed some of the most popular home and interior trends on the social media platform to reveal the top 10 home and interior hacks you shouldn’t be doing, and how to do them properly. 

1. Painting your porcelain sink is likely to result in you replacing the sink

Painting hacks are hugely popular on TikTok, with 79.7 billion video views for the hashtag #painting. However, it can cost you more than you might think - especially when it comes to painting your sink in your ensuite or even your kitchen.

79.7 billion
views for #painting on TikTok

Porcelain sinks should really only ever be refinished professionally. If you are looking to paint your sink, you could risk damaging the sink completely, as you need to follow a number of steps and it requires specialist equipment and material to ensure the paint doesn’t chip and get worn down from repeated use.

Therefore, you shouldn’t ever attempt it unless you have refinishing experience as the average cost of replacing a sink is around £400.

White kitchen interior with painted exposed brickwork.

2. Certain chemicals should never be mixed - no matter what the ‘experts’ say

Cleaning videos have over 64.6 billion videos on TikTok, and cleaning influencers are the new trend, regularly sharing tips and tricks on their favourite products.

But, if you are cleaning your room, you need to be careful with what you use.Bleach mixed with alcohol, ammonia or even vinegar and lemon juice is extremely dangerous, so keep these products separate. 

64.6 billion
views for #cleaning on TikTok

3. There’s a good chance your painted floor tiles won’t last 

#floorpainting has over 136 million views on TikTok, with videos showing how to paint floors and even tiles. But it’s likely that the paint just won’t last due to the natural wear and tear of being walked on every day.

In fact, it could end up costing you more than you think as it could chip and lead to maintenance issues. It could also prove dangerous if you have pets and children playing on the chipped floor.

136 million
views for #floorpainting on TikTok

A good option instead is to use peel and stick decals or bite the bullet and replace your floor. A rug can also prove a good alternative to hiding any marks.

4. Using this strong combination of chemicals could permanently damage your bedding

One hack that has gone viral on TikTok is laundry stripping, with over 169.7 million views on the hashtag #laundrystripping. This involves soaking your bedding - or any other laundry - in a solution consisting of Borax, Arm and Hammer baking soda and laundry powder. This is usually done in a bathtub and is designed to remove ‘dirt’ that remains after the bedding has been washed. 

169.7 million
views for #laundrystripping on TikTok

However, you shouldn’t do this. Not only does it waste time as, more often than not, you are removing excess detergent and fabric softener which can pick up dust, but it can also damage your sheet and cause dye loss on your bedding. What’s more, adding these chemicals to delicate items such as pillows, or bedding can actually make them harder. 

Instead, use smaller loads when washing your bedding and always follow the directions on your detergent bottle to avoid using too much, which can stick to the bedding and, therefore, attract more dirt.

Laundry basket overfilled with clothes in front of a washing machine.

5. Painted worktops can harbour germs in your kitchen

Following on from the sink trends, people have been painting their kitchen worktops on TikTok with 37.2 million views on the hashtag #paintedcountertops.

But, a lot of worktops are made from laminate, which means that the paint likely won’t bond as well to the surface as it is designed to be impervious. So, you could see chips in the paint from minor bumps, which bacteria can then get into when you are looking to prep in the kitchen.

37.2 milliom
views for #paintedcountertops on TikTok

6. Using air fresheners to clean your radiators could result in a fire 

Another popular hashtag is #radiatorclean, with 21 million views on people sharing how they clean the inside of their radiators. A Tik Tok user (@cleaningwithcharl) went viral when they used Fabulosa air freshener directly into their radiators to expel the dust trapped inside the grilles. The pressure is said to push the dust out which you can then gather up and the smell will stay in your room.

21 million
views for #radiatorclean on TikTok

However, the label on the bottle states that you should ‘keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.’ This applies to radiators which, in the worst-case scenario, could cause a fire. 

7. Be careful painting your bathroom pink as it could impact value 

One of the current viral trends on TikTok are pink bathrooms, with 51.2 million video views on the same hashtag. But too much pink could impact the sale of your house if you choose to sell. The average cost of replacing a bathroom can vary from £1,900 to a staggering £7,400. The best colours to increase your home’s value are blue, grey, green, cream and white. But that’s not to say you can’t add a pop of colour.

51.2 million
views for #pinkbathroom on TikTok

One trend, in particular, is a good way to inject the colour pink into your bedroom. Paint an arch on your bedroom wall using the pencil and string method by drawing on the wall in a sweeping motion. You can then use a sample pot of paint to paint the arch and add a pop of colour to your home. This can take as little as one hour.

Alternatively, accessories such as cushions and curtains can inject colour without permanent changes.

Living room with modern TikTok arch trend painted on wall in colour.

8. Don’t use a drill to clean your bathtub as you could damage it 

There is a trend to use drills to clean bathtubs and grout which involves attaching a sponge or cleaning utensil to the drill and then turning the drill on and cleaning with it attached. On TikTok, the #cleaningwithmydrill hashtag boasts more than 1.5 million views.

You must be extremely careful when doing this as there are always dangers to using power tools, especially if the cleaning utensils you are using are not secure to the tool. You could damage or even chip your bath, and not holding it correctly could also result in you injuring yourself.

1.5 million
views for #cleaningwithmydrill on TikTok

Instead, you can use natural cleaners such as vinegar to clean your bath for less than £2. It will remove stains and dirt and leave your bathtub sparkling, without the risk of using a drill. 

9. Avoid painting your stairs white 

Painting stairs is a cheap method to do up your home, and hashtags on the topic pull in over 28.8 million views on TikTok. However, painting your stairs white can lead to wear and tear that is extremely noticeable, meaning you have to repaint often.  

28.8 million
views for #paintingstairs on TikTok

Additionally, if you don’t have carpets, it’s advised you paint the risers (the bit that connects the stairs) as opposed to the treads which is what you walk on and, therefore, can pick up a lot of dirt. 

10. Don’t iron bedding on your mattress as it can cause lasting damage to your mattress

Mrs Hinch fans made this popular and there are also nearly 20.5 million views on #ironsheets. But, actually, you could ruin your mattress by ironing your bed with the sheets on.

Heat can damage certain mattresses, such as memory foam and latex mattresses, so this tip could end up costing you a new mattress and a lot more than you bargained for. If you do want to iron your sheets, however, the best time to do that is when they are still slightly damp.

20.5 million
views for #ironsheets on TikTok

To save yourself some more time, we also recommend that you fold your linens in half, vertically, then iron them that way – as your sheets should be thin enough to be ironed on both sides with one movement.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to iron at all, you could use a crease release spray or some watered-down fabric conditioner and spray either of these, after your fitted sheets are on your bed.

Woman carrying stack of clean folded bed sheets.

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