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The Best Christmas Bedding Deals To Gift The Sleepy Head In Your Life

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We all know someone who is always tired. Whether they work long hours, are new parents, or just struggle to drift off, it’s about time they got the rest they deserve. These top Christmas bed and bedding deals 2023 will transform the bed of the sleepyhead in your life, letting you give them the gift of a proper night’s sleep this year.

Maybe the insomniac in your life is you, and you could do with a better bed set-up yourself! Take advantage of these incredible deals and discounts, following our gift guide of the most innovative, best value for money bed accessories to finally get some rest.

Man resting asleep on sofa at Christmas.

The 7 Best Sleep Accessory Gifts For 2023

Panda® 100% Bamboo Bedding Set

Image of the Panda Bedding Set in Pure White.

First up in our gift guide is the Panda® 100% Bamboo Bedding Set. This duvet set is taking the internet by storm, and if you think there can’t be much interesting about bed sheets, Panda will have you thinking again.

Using natural, organic bamboo, these sheets are as soft as silk, with incredible cooling properties that offer you a fresh, hotel-crisp feeling as you climb into bed. The softness of this bedding set compares to Egyptian cotton - the comfiest, cosiest material possible for your bed. What’s even better, however, is that it’s completely organic, with bamboo sourced sustainably from China, with natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties.

Available in a clean, Pure White colour, the Panda® 100% Bamboo Bedding Set will make the perfect wellness gift to give a friend this Christmas.

Coolflex® Hybrid ICE Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Image of the coolflex ice pillow in its packaging.

Coolflex are geniuses when it comes to supportive, cooler night’s sleep. A lot of people prefer a cooler bed - in fact, your body temperature drops when you fall into deep sleep, so a colder bed actually helps you sleep more deeply.

The Coolflex® Hybrid ICE Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect gift for someone who needs extra support and loves that ‘cool side of the pillow’ feeling.

Perhaps you know someone who’s always complaining of a crook in their neck, or that they ‘slept funny’?  This pillow will solve their problems, with dense memory foam holding their head and neck in the ideal sleeping position, with the cooling, heat-responsive gel pad soothing aches and pains.

Emma® Cloud Duvet

Rolled up Emma Cloud Duvet on a bed.

We’re sure you’ve heard of Emma - The Sleep Company (if you haven’t - where have you been?!) and their innovative, sleep-transforming mattresses. Well, they also have a range of incredible sleep accessories, too, like the Emma® Cloud Duvet.

This duvet has temperature regulating technology built-in, with soft microfibres that allow air to pass through, keeping you wonderfully cool, fresh and cosy. This is the absolute ideal gift for someone who needs a cosier bed set-up, and with hypoallergenic properties, it’s also perfect for people with allergies or are prone to sniffles.

With a tog rating of 6.7, this duvet will suit them all year round, so it’s arguably the gift that never stops giving!

Simba Hybrid® Pillow

The Simba Hybrid Pillow on a white background.

Potentially one of the most exciting sleep accessories out there, the Simba Hybrid® Pillow is the pinnacle of modern comfort technology. If you know someone who can just never get comfy at night, this is the gift for them.

With personalisable fillings, this pillow is equipped with hundreds of breathable and lightweight Nanocubes® - little foam cubes that soften and contour to your head and neck shape. These cubes can be removed or added to the pillow, so you can completely alter the feel of it to suit your unique sleep needs.

We’d recommend gifting this pillow to your partner if they’re often tossing and turning, flipping their pillow over and over again to get comfy - you’ll enjoy a much more peaceful night’s sleep yourself!

Panda® Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Image of the Panda topper rolled up next to its box.

Another product from Panda that is sure to offer the recipient a restorative, rejuvenating night’s sleep is the Panda® Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper. A chance for you to go all out when it comes to improving the quality of your loved one’s sleep, this memory foam topper will completely transform an outdated mattress.

Orthopaedic Hydro-foam™ technology gently contours to the curves of your body, providing incredible pressure relief that helps to ease body aches and pains. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and made from natural, breathable and organic bamboo, this topper is the perfect gift for a healthier lifestyle.

And, of course, Panda® are leaders in sustainable bedding accessories, using organic bamboo sourced ethically from forests in China. So, you'll feel good giving such an eco-friendly gift to someone special.

Silentnight Supersoft Duvet Cover Set

Image of the charcoal duvet cover set by silentnight.

Back with another extraordinary bedding set, this gorgeous Charcoal duvet cover set from sleep experts Silentnight will make a seriously impressive Christmas present.

A special microfibre material feels silky soft against the skin, helping to reduce skin irritation and hair breakage. The even more fabulous feature of this set is that it has no iron required technology, giving you crease free sheets with zero effort. For the friend whose ironing pile never seems to diminish, this is the absolutely perfect gift.

We’d recommend the Charcoal colour as it creates a calm, sophisticated feel, but this snuggly duvet set is also available in a crisp, fresh white colour. Help a friend create hotel luxury in the comfort of their own home with this highly breathable, super soft bedding set.

Tuft & Springs™ Opulence 3000 Pillow Top Mattress

Image of the mattress on a grey divan bed.

If you really want to go all out with helping a loved one get a better night’s sleep, why not totally revamp their sleep set-up with a brand new mattress? Perhaps you’ve got an older family member who needs extra support at night, or a friend whose budget can’t quite stretch to a new bed right now - you can be the hero they’re looking for with our incredible discounts on hundreds of incredible mattresses.

We’d recommend the Tuft & Springs™ Opulence 3000 Pillow Top Mattress, as it has a medium firmness, which means it’s ideal for any type of sleeping position. It also features a luxurious pillow top (which is essentially a built-in mattress topper) filled with cashmere, silk, wool and cotton.

Tuft & Springs are leaders in luxurious yet affordable mattresses, so gifting a loved one any mattress from this prestigious brand will put you on the nice list for definite.

This might seem like an extravagant present to buy someone for Christmas, but why not consider treating your partner to this luxury mattress, so you can benefit from the support and comfort too? For the high-quality sleep you’ll receive, this mattress won’t set you back as much as you’d think, with it being in our Christmas Sale where many products are up to 70% off. Even better, it comes with a 100 Night Sleep Trial, so you’ll have up to 100 nights of sumptuousness to decide if it's the right sleep surface for you.

Remember, MattressNextDay offer Free Next Day Delivery when you order by 5pm Monday-Friday, 12pm on Saturdays and 3pm on Sundays. Our delivery service is award-winning, and we even plant a tree for every order placed. Check out our growing forest with Ecologi and other sustainability efforts, or browse our other incredible deals in our December Deals Sale.

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