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Tips On How To Choose The Right Kind Of Bed Sheet

Yes, picking the right kind of mattress, pillow and blanket is essential for a good night’s sleep, but did you know that buying the perfect kind of bed sheet can do wonders for your slumber as well? If you want to experience the ultimate comfort during sleep time, then make sure to choose the right kind of bed sheet by following these tips:

1) Consider the type of fabric.

Bed sheets might look similar at first look, but they are actually made of different types of fabric. When it comes to comfort, read the label to see what fabric the bed sheet is made from. Here are the common textiles used in sheets:
Cotton – Cotton-based bed sheets are ideal if you want to lie down on a soft, breathable textile. They do not wrinkle easily, and are considerably cheap compared to other types of sheets.

Muslin Cotton – With a thread count of 140, muslin is at the lower end of the cotton spectrum. Usually utilized for children’s bed sheets, muslin-based covers can be a little rough to the touch.

Combed Cotton – If you find cotton bed sheets to have some impurities, then pick a sheet made from combed cotton. Since all the contaminations are removed from this cover, it features luxurious smoothness and softness.

Supima Cotton – Made in the United States, Supima is a long-fiber cotton that is known for its high quality. As such, supima bed sheets are durable as they are very comfortable.

Egyptian Cotton – While Supima is known for its opulent feel, nothing beats the smoothness that comes with high-quality Egyptian cotton covers.

Silk or Satin – Silk or satin bed sheets are perfect for use especially during the warm summer months. Since they are luxurious and silky soft, they will keep you from sweating during the prickly seasons. While they are ideal for hot days, they tend to slide off easily from the bed, especially if they are not fitted well on the bed.

Flannel – A combination of wool and synthetic cotton, flannel offers great warmth especially during the winter season. Because of this capacity, flannel bed sheets are usually used in baby bedding.

2) Consider the thread count.

Thread count is defined as the number of fabric dissecting the sheet horizontally and vertically. When it comes to quality, the higher the thread count, the better the bed sheets are.
Generally speaking, a bed sheet with a thread count of 1000 or above features a very soft and smooth feel, although it is considerably more fragile than other covers. A less-expensive version is a sheet with a count of 400-900. Moderately-priced sheets come in a thread count of 300-400, while the cheapest are those with a thread count of 200 or lower.

3) Pick the right ply.

Ply is known as the number of fibers twisted into the fabric. 2-ply sheets – those found in covers with a thread count of 1,000 or more are considerably heavier, compared to 1-ply sheets in covers with a thread count of 600 or lesser.

When it comes to picking a bed sheet, it is not enough to just consider the color palette of your bedroom. By keeping these tips into consideration, you can have the best ingredients for a peaceful snooze.

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