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Guest Bed And Guest Mattresses Buying Guide

Guest Bed And Guest Mattresses Buying Guide

Tired of offering your guests the sofa or air bed when they come to stay? There are plenty of guest bed solutions available to suit all kinds of spaces and budgets. Whether you plan to have a pop-up bed in the living room or a fully decked out, permanent guest bedroom, this guide is filled with helpful tips to consider when choosing the perfect bed for your loved ones.

Consider your budget

Before you start looking for a guest bed, it's important to consider your budget. Generally, there's no need to spend as much on your guest mattress as you would your own. Since it will be slept on less frequently, it won't deteriorate at the same rate as your own mattress would. Of course, if you plan to have guests staying over often, you might consider choosing a more long-wearing mattress.

A standard mattress needs to be replaced at least every eight years because of how much it's used. Guest mattresses, however, can last almost double that if they're used infrequently. Choosing a lower quality mattress for your spare room will require you to replace it sooner than opting for a high-quality one. So while you might spend more initially, choosing a good quality style would mean that you would need to replace it much later and save money in the long run. Ultimately, how much you spend depends on how frequently you plan to have guests over and how often you would need to replace it.

What type of guest beds are available?

Beds for spare rooms come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and what you decide on will depend on how much space you have and how you want the room to look. Some people prefer to use their guest room for other things when it's out of use. If you plan to use the room as an office, gym or anything other than a bedroom when guests aren't staying over. Then you may want to consider a different style of bed. If the room will be a bedroom year round then a more traditional style of bed, like a divan bed, will be perfect.

Styles of guest beds:

  • Divan beds - Divans are ideal for larger spare rooms or ones that will be kept as a bedroom all the time. Because this style has built-in storage, it's perfect for storing away things you would otherwise keep in the spare room. Or a great way for your guests to keep their belongings tidy when staying.
  • Folding beds - Folding beds, also known as Z beds are a sturdy, comfortable space-saving option. Since they can be packed away, it makes them perfect for spare rooms that you would like to use for other things when guests aren't around.
  • Sofa beds - Sofa beds are a great way to save space in your spare room or keep a bed in the living room without it looking imposing. They're multi-functional so once your guests have gone, you can go back to using it as a sofa.

What is a good mattress for a guest room?

When it comes to guest mattresses, it's best to choose something that will be comfortable for the majority of people. Memory foam and pocket sprung tend to be the most universally comfortable styles. Since foam moulds to the shape of your body and respond to weight it's the most suitable style for varied bodyweight. However, foam can get quite hot so it's not ideal for warmer climates or stuffy rooms.

Pocket sprung styles are another great choice for guest mattresses. They offer excellent back support and have the bouncy feel that most people are used to. On some occasions, pocket springs can feel too firm or too soft depending on the spring count. A count of 1400 tends to be the most comfortable for the average person.

What's the best firmness for guest mattresses?

Medium tensions are the most popular mattress and which makes them perfect for guest beds. It's best to avoid choosing a style that's too soft or too firm as this can feel very uncomfortable if it's not suitable for your weight. Medium firmness is a great middle of the road option to ensure it's comfortable for everyone. When shopping for a guest mattress for children, depending on their age medium could be too firm. Generally, children under ten will find a soft tension mattress the most comfortable.

What are some space-saving guest bed options?

Guest bedrooms tend to smaller than an average bedroom and beds tend to be the largest piece of furniture. If you're limited for space in your guest room or need a guest bed to easily pop up in your living room, there's plenty of options available to suit you.

Small double bed

  • Small double beds are smaller than the average double while still being able to accommodate two adults
  • Perfect for smaller bedrooms
  • Suitable for guest bedrooms that will be used as a bedroom year-round
  • Small double mattress measures 4" x 6"3

Single bed

  • Single beds are ideal for smaller rooms and are able to be pushed against a wall allowing for more floor space
  • Best for households where no more than one guest will be staying at one time
  • Can be used alongside a folding bed to accommodate more guests
  • Single mattresses measure 3" x 6"3. For extra space-saving, small singles measure 2"6 x 6"3.

Sofa bed

  • Sofa beds are ideal for particularly small bedrooms or for adding a bed to the living room
  • Can be used as a normal sofa when guests aren't staying
  • Allows the bedroom to be used as an office, gym or second sitting room when the bed isn't folded out
  • Gives guests a comfortable place to sit and relax when staying for a long period of time

Folding bed (Z-bed)

  • Can be used in a spare room of any size or living room
  • Easy to pack down and store away when guests go home
  • More comfortable than other store away beds like air beds
  • Usually available in both single and double options

Divan beds & Ottoman beds

  • Divan beds are perfect for spare rooms that need extra hidden storage space
  • Storage options available in both under the bed drawers and under mattress storage
  • Gives guests a space to store their belonging when staying
  • Perfect for rooms that will be used as a bedroom year-round
  • Available in single, double and king-size

Trundle bed

  • Trundle beds are a great space-saving solution to having two separate single beds
  • Perfect for guests that would like separate beds when staying - a very popular choice for children
  • Available in a single size (3" x 6"3)

What's the best mattress for folding guest beds?

Folding guest beds tend to have a maximum weight requirement. Because of this it's best to choose a lighter style of mattress. Usually, the deeper the mattress, the more it's going to weigh. If you're unsure, opt for a standard depth mattress, around 7-9 inches. Folding guest beds are generally purchased with the mattress however at some point, the mattress will need replacing. Because the bed will be folded, it's important to choose a style that won't become damaged when bending. Memory foam is extremely durable and due to the nature of the fabric, it bounces back to shape easily when bent or rolled.

What is a guest bed with trundle?

Trundle beds are single beds that have a pull out single mattress underneath. They're a great way to keep an extra bed at hand without taking up extra space. Trundle beds a very popular style for children that like to have friends sleepover or guest rooms that are particularly small and need two beds. Because trundle beds are closer to the ground, they can also be a safer alternative to bunk beds for smaller children sharing a room.

Ask us about our guest mattresses range

If you're unsure about what guest bed to choose or have any questions about our guest mattresses, feel free to contact one of our sleep experts who will be more than happy to assist you. At MattressNextDay, we have a large range of beds and mattresses to suit all sleep needs and budgets that are available to shop, here. There's no need to panic if you're guests are arriving in a hurry, most of our products are available for next day delivery! For more helpful buying guides, you can visit our Advice Hub.

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