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Beds & Bed Frames

The bed and mattress experts, MattressNextDay are proud to offer an extensive range of high-quality beds and bed frames. Getting peaceful and relaxed sleep is beneficial to overall well-being, and our cutting-edge bedsteads are designed to enhance the sleeping experience.

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What size bed frames are available?

Finding the right bed for your room boils down to measurements. Simply put, room dimensions dictate which bed size you need. Bed sizes range from single to king-size, with a suitable option for any room.

For a smaller bedroom or a guest room, single beds are the ideal size. This size of bed also applies to our range of kid’s beds and toddler beds, perfect for a fun and fresh children’s bedroom. Small double and double beds offer spacious comfort in regular-sized bedrooms, while king and super king size provide the ultimate in master suite luxury.

To help make buying beds online easier, MattressNextDay provide detailed bed sizes which can be found with each product – simply match these up with your desired measurements and create a comfortable sleeping environment. Need help decided which bed is right for you? Read up on how to choose the best bed. 

Popular colours and styles of bed frames

From dark and dramatic palettes to a quirky and vibrantly coloured bedpost, we offer a wide range of popular colours for bed frames. A soothing sleep sanctuary relies on a relaxing ambience. The sheer volume of colour options makes it easier than ever to insert your personality into the bedroom design.

Unassuming neutral shades, traditional wooden tones and outlandishly colourful bed frames and headboards are equally popular. Adding a bold splash of colour with painted wood bed frames or luxurious blue velvet fabric beds is a fashionable choice for many. Others prefer understated and traditional bed frame styles. Personal preferences at both ends of the scale are covered by our high quality and cheap beds online. 

Where can I buy cheap bed frames? 

From the humble standard single bed to a king-size ottoman bed, and everything in between, MattressNextDay offer an extensive range of cheap bed frames for all needs. Whichever room you’re kitting out, our chic and affordable designs allow you to sleep in style. Our entire range of bed frames and beds come with a minimum 12-month guarantee, although select models feature an additional 5-year warranty. We also offer free nationwide next day delivery as standard. MattressNextDay has the best beds online and mattresses for you.

6 different types of bed

With beds for kids, guests and adults alike, our comprehensive range features something for everyone. For the little ones of the family, we have an array of cool and comfy toddler beds. Perfect for a kid’s room where space is at a premium, mid sleeper beds feature underbed storage facilities and lower height in comparison to bunk beds.

Great for both playing and learning, this multi-functional children’s bed is ideal for 6-year olds and above. From divans to ottomans, our storage bed range keeps floor space today while providing a cosy sleeping space. We also offer adjustable beds for those struggling with sleep issues, disabilities and joint pain. Incredibly innovative, as well as fashionable, our electric beds lower and raise at the touch of a button. With fabric beds, metal beds, guest beds and much more available, all types of bed frames are available to suit every need.

1. Sofa beds

An unexpected guest at the door? No problem. You’ll never be caught out with a sofa bed. The dual-function sleeper settees seamlessly convert from a relaxing seating area to a cosy bed in minutes. Perfect for homes with minimal space, chair beds accommodate visitors without the need for an extra room. Available in multiple designs, including corner sofa beds and futons, this modern design is ideal for housing friends and family over the holidays.

2. Bunk beds

From sleepovers to dorm rooms, bunk beds are a great way to accommodate multiple people in a single small space. An essential for any children’s bedroom, bunk beds for kids come in fun and creative designs. Bunk beds with storage, such as trundle bunks beds, are also a great way of keeping a child’s room neat and tidy. Maximising vertical space, adult bunk beds are increasingly popular, representing the best sleeping solution for shared areas.

3. Metal beds

A popular, versatile design, metal bed frames bring a touch of class to any decor. Metal bedsteads are equal parts strong and stylish, coming in a range of ever-fashionable designs which move with the times. A high-quality metal bed will last for years, and with everything from single beds to king size models on offer, all room types can be kitted out.

4. Wooden beds

Great for creating a natural and rustic atmosphere, wooden bed frames are a classic style. The centrepiece of choice for contemporary and traditional bedrooms alike, each solid wood bed is incredibly sturdy and stable. Timeless wood tones, such as pine and oak, are available in an array of styles, such as ottomans and bunk beds. Modern innovations, such as painted wood designs, produce fresh and clean styles such as white wooden bed frames.

5. Ottoman beds

The ultimate storage bed, ottoman bed frames keep clutter to a minimum. Adept at maximising space, an ottoman bed features a hidden storage compartment which raises and closes with ease. This underbed storage makes ottomans suitable for kid’s rooms, spare bedrooms and more. Storing everything from bedding to toys, dual-function ottoman storage beds manage the mess of everyday life, keeping bedrooms tranquil and tidy.

6. Divan beds

Another form of storage bed, the divan bed serves the same purpose as an ottoman with a crucial twist. While ottomans feature a liftable top, divan bed frames are built with integrated shelves at the base of the bed. These shelves pull out, offering supreme hidden storage capabilities. There a range of divan beds available in multiple colours and styles. Divan bases are a useful addition to any bedroom, organising the chaos of a lived-in home.

What are bed frames?

Bed frames are the foundation of the bed structure itself, forming a base to facilitate comfortable sleep. Also known as bedsteads, bed frames support the mattress, creating a cosy surface to sleep on. The evolution of the bed frame has seen it take centre stage in bedroom interior design, with innovative designs making it the focal point of the room.

With so much choice, which bed frame is right for you? Our stunning collection of bedsteads comprise of state-of-the-art yet cheap beds of all kinds.

What are the best kids beds?

Put a smile on the face of your little ones with our cheerful and trendy beds for kids. To keep a troop of energetic children rested at night-time, our kids bunk beds come in various sizes and designs, while desk beds are great for keeping everything they need for playtime close by. All relevant safety measures have been carried out in the construction of our bunk beds with stairs, with the inclusion of top guardrails protecting them against night-time movement.

All our small beds for kids feature vibrantly coloured designs which blend in with any colour scheme. With functional children’s storage beds and a highly innovative treehouse bed on offer, give your youngsters a good night’s sleep in a bed they love.