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A Guide To Mattresses For Guests

How should you choose a mattress for your guest room?

The type of bed and mattress you choose for entertaining guests largely depends on how much room you have. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room that you can devote to guests, you can put a large double bed and mattress into it or choose a zip and link system so that you can separate the double bed into two singles, for added flexibility.

On the other hand, if your guest bedroom also doubles as a study, a playroom or a child's room, you may want to look at space-saving beds such as single guest beds which have an additional bed underneath, a folding single bed, or a wall bed that can be neatly stored when not in use. Whatever you choose, you will need to decide what sort of mattress will go with it.

A mattress guide for guests

You can't cater for everyone's sleeping needs when it comes to a guest bed. What might suit one person is unlikely to suit another, and research has shown that it can take several nights to get used to a new bed, which is why businessmen and other travellers often suffer from sleep problems when they're away from home for short periods. Your goal is to choose a mattress that will give the best possible night's sleep to someone who is only staying with you for a night or two:

Sprung or non-sprung?

If you're buying a guest bed that has a mattress specially designed for it, it's probably best to take the package as a whole. This may be a pocket sprung mattress or a foam mattress, but it will have been designed to work with the base and, as your guest bed will be out of use more than it is in use, it shouldn't make a big difference which type of construction you choose. If you regularly have elderly parents staying with you, or people that you know would benefit from extra support, a high-count coil spring or a good memory foam mattress would be the best choice.


You can afford to spend less on a mattress for a guest bed than you would spend on your own mattress. The guest bed is used less frequently and isn't subject to the same levels of use or wear and tear as your own bed will be. The mattress should therefore last longer, provided it is properly cared for. Look for discounts or special offers that will allow you to get a good quality mattress at a price that's healthier for your wallet.

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