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Mattress Life Span

A good mattress is a significant investment, so make sure it lasts for as long as possible.

Whether you choose a pocket-sprung mattress or the latest in memory foam technology, you want to be sure you're getting value for money. The value you get out of your mattress can be measured in several ways, including the quality of sleep you get, but one of the most important considerations for potential buyers is how long the mattress will last.

On average, a good mattress should last for 8-10 years, but you can only achieve this if you look after it. Mattresses that are damaged or neglected will sag and become unsupportive much more quickly. Here are some tips on how your can extend your mattress's lifespan.

In the beginning - start taking care of your mattress as soon as it's delivered. Take off all the polythene wrappings so that the mattress can breathe. If you've bought a memory foam or other non-sprung mattress, it may be delivered rolled up and vacuum packed. Open the packaging carefully, so that you don't damage the mattress itself, and give it time to regain its normal shape. It's important that all new mattresses have time to breathe and settle before you start to use them.

Protect - stains, rips and other damage to the ticking, or top covering of the mattress will shorten its life considerably. The best way to avoid this is by buying a mattress cover. Easy to fit and affordable to buy, they provide a valuable extra layer of protection.

Airing - a mattress will suffer if it isn't aired on a regular basis. Ideally, you should pull back your bedding and air the bed for at least 20 minutes every day. This allows the moisture that's built up overnight to evaporate. In addition, cool air and light are hated by dust mites, so airing your bed is a good way to reduce the effect that dust mites can have on the sleeper.

General care - your mattress will come with a care guide that's been prepared by the manufacturer. Make sure you follow the instructions you're given - whether it's for cleaning the mattress or turning it - so that your mattress stays within its guarantee and you are confident you're doing everything you can to make your mattress last.

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