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Dreamland Beds & Mattresses

Dreamland Beds provide discount mattresses and beds that always hit the mark for quality. Choose from our range of comfort mattresses, orthopaedic divan beds and quality fabric headboards to create a sleeping space to be proud of. Made in the UK, these handmade mattresses come in a complete range of sizes and comfort levels to suit every type of sleeper, taking their quality of sleep to the next level.

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How to choose the best Dreamland Beds & Mattresses

Dreamland Orthopaedic Mattresses

A leading line of the Dreamland Beds mattress range, orthopaedic mattresses are expertly engineered to assist with back and joint pain. While mattresses with orthopaedic support tend to be on the firmer side, the Dreamland Zante Orthopaedic Mattress is a medium mattress, retaining firmer support with an equal amounts of cushioned comfort for your shoulder and back.

Designed to consign poor quality of sleep to the past, this handmade orthopaedic mattress is built to last, remaining as pristine as the day it arrives for years to come. Featuring synthetic fillings and a hand-tufted finish, as well as open coil springs for additional body support, this is a luxury mattress without the premium price tag.

Dreamland Pocket Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses by Dreamland are equal parts firm and comfortable, filled with luxurious materials which work alongside the inner springs to support your frame. Supported by an additional layer of sumptuous memory foam, these quality mattresses strike a perfect balance between plush and firm.

The medium to firm mattresses provide superb back support, transferring weight equally around the body to reduce stress on sensitive areas. Each upholstered mattress is hypoallergenic, shielding you from the impact of bed bugs and other irritants. Featuring a hand-tufted finish, these luxury mattresses embody strength and style, resulting in the ultimate mattress for a cosy night’s sleep.

Divan Beds By Dreamland

Divan beds are among the most versatile bed options on the market. Whether you’re after a storage bed or a stylish upgrade on your current sleeper, divans can do it all. Dreamland offer divan base and mattress sets in a futuristic titanium colour. This textured shade works well with all décor, fitting in with your existing bedroom furniture. As the cherry on top, each budget divan comes with a headboard included, free of charge, allowing you rest on a high-quality divan which does not cost a fortune.

Fabric Headboards

The finishing touch for any divan bed, Dreamland headboards accentuate the elegance of your bed, proving both functional and stylish. Available in standard size or as a floor standing headboard, these affordable bed accessories come in numerous colour options, perfect for matching up with an existing colour scheme or replacing a damaged headboard.

While divan beds without headboards are common, there are many benefits of a headboard which make them a necessity for many. As well as having decorative value, luxury headboards from Dreamland feature a cushioned interior, ideal for resting your back on as you sink into a good book at the end of the day. Similarly, the board acts as a buffer to keep walls stain-free, heightening the hygiene of your sleeping environment.

The upholstered headboards offered by Dreamland are made from top quality fabrics which can provide an interesting contrast to all colour schemes and decorations. Available at remarkably low prices, the quality bed headboards are equally at home in modern or classic settings.

Shop Dreamland Beds

If you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom, Dreamland Beds will be with you every step of the way. Providing the very best mattresses, divans and headboards at low prices, the budget mattress manufacturers produce quality products which will last for years. As standard, each item is covered by a 12 month guarantee, while most models boast a further 5 year warranty to ensure you receive full value for money. Order your brand new sleeping solution today and snooze on it tomorrow, thanks to our dependable next day mattress delivery service.