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eve Sleep® Mattresses

eve mattresses are a revelation. Simple yet highly innovative, they burst onto the scene in 2015 and haven’t looked back since. It’s not just clever marketing, either (but seriously, who doesn’t just love that dancing sloth?). 

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About eve Mattresses

They've kept their range easy to understand, with a small selection that's been carefully crafted to the highest standards. At MattressNextDay, we're delighted to add this innovative brand to our collection, providing you with the latest in eve mattresses. 

eve mattresses come boxed and rolled, making them easy to transport. And remember that with us, you get free next-day delivery across the UK. We’ll even take your old mattresses away for recycling, making buying an eve mattress from MattressNextDay a greener option.

What eve mattresses are on offer?

At MattressNextDay, we have an exclusive collection of eve memory foam mattresses for every type of sleeper. Here’s a quick introduction to each of them:

Lighter – If you're a foam first-timer, this is perfect. It's budget-friendly, lightweight and breathable, so you don't get that 'hot' feeling that other memory foam mattresses can have. Two layers provide medium-firm support that's just right for front, back and side sleepers.

Lighter Hybrid – Combining all the benefits of memory foam and a pocketed sprung core, the Lighter Hybrid is a perfect all-round choice. Six hundred and fifty springs join forces with the unique evecomfort® foam for a great night's sleep. A Which? Best Buy winner it's a medium-firm mattress suitable for all types of sleepers.

Original – At 24cm thick and with three layers of specially developed memory foam, this is the original eve memory foam mattress that started the whole thing off. Today, this multi-award-winning mattress is still a favourite with customers, offering up medium-firm support and plenty of comfort all night long.

Original Hybrid – With 800 individually pocketed springs combined with layers of memory foam, the Original Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds. 25cm deep and a breeze to maintain, this hybrid mattress is medium-firm and ideal for all types of sleepers. 

Premium – Ultra-breathable memory foam and eve mattress’ patented floatfoam® gives you 28cm of cloud-soft comfort all night long. Contour zones provide tailored support where you need it most, preventing pressure points from forming and keeping you relaxed and rested. 

Premium Hybrid – The Premium Hybrid combines that exclusive Premium design with a matrix of 1400 individually pocketed springs in the core. Five layers of foam make this one of the most reactive and supportive memory foam hybrid mattresses on the market. 

How to unpack an eve mattress

Unpacking an eve mattress is super-easy. Unbox, take the mattress out of the wrapping and allow it to expand into its final shape. No more trying to wrestle a full-size mattress up a narrow stairway or through the bedroom door! You will need to ensure that you unpack your eve mattress within six weeks of it arriving to ensure it plumps up properly and avoid voiding your warranty. 

How firm are eve mattresses?

Rather than a whole range of different firmness ratings, eve Sleep has done extensive research and settled on medium-firm as the most appropriate for the vast majority of customers. Because they use several layers of memory foam, an eve mattress is exceptionally reactive, moulding to your body shape and supporting you evenly along the length of your spine. 

The medium-firm rating makes eve mattresses suitable for front, back and side sleepers in equal measure so that everyone gets a great night’s sleep. 

Can you wash the eve mattress cover?

Yes. eve have made the cover’s top panel removable and washable, so you can have a cleaner, fresher sleeping environment. 

I have allergies. Is an eve mattress right for me?

The quilted top cover on an eve mattress has minute silver strands woven into it. Silver is a superb anti-microbial and anti-bacterial product, making these mattresses perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies, respiratory conditions like asthma, or sensitive skin.

Memory foam mattresses are also hypoallergenic, and the natural airflow in a hybrid mattress creates a healthier internal environment. That keeps mites away, makes it difficult for allergens to take hold, and keeps things cooler too.

What if I suffer from night sweats or hot flushes?

Some memory foam mattresses can be a little warm due to the dense nature of the foam. eve has designed their mattress's internal structure to encourage natural airflow, which cools it down. 

Graphite-infused foam layers at the surface also wick away heat, so it's easier to regulate your body temperature at night, even in the summer.

What is an eve mattress made of?

eve use their own memory foam and individually pocketed springs to construct their mattresses. Their patented floatfoam® is softer to provide cushioning and relieve pressure on the hips, lower back, shoulders and neck. This keeps your spine aligned and aches and pains at bay. It also provides a degree of cooling, as the foam density is lighter and allows air to flow through the mattress unhindered.

How long does an eve mattress take to expand?

Roll-up mattresses don’t take long to adopt their original shape. Once it’s out of the box, it’ll take around 4-6 hours to expand. However, eve recommends that you leave the mattress to settle for approximately 24 hours to let it take its final form.

Is an eve mattress good for back pain?

A medium-firm mattress should be suitable for most sleepers, including those suffering from back pain. While we cannot make any claims about how effective eve mattresses are, anecdotal reports and Trustpilot reviews indicate that the reactive nature of the memory foam provides good levels of support. If you have any specific health issues, you should speak to your GP or health professional before buying.

Bottom line – are eve mattresses any good? 

At MattressNextDay, we’re very picky and choosy about what models we offer our customers. We look for mattresses that deliver outstanding comfort and support, value for money, and innovative design. We think that eve mattresses in the UK tick all the right boxes. 

A host of Which? Best Buy awards and industry recognition support our opinion. And most importantly, customers love eve mattresses too, making them one of the more popular new brands on the market today.

Browse our selection and see for yourself, or chat with one of our team who will be happy to answer any of your questions. Check out our Memory Foam Mattress Guide for more information on memory foam mattresses.