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Hypnos Mattresses Buying Guide

What makes a Hypnos mattress so luxurious? Here's everything you need to know about the famous brand.

Hypnos mattresses have been loved by millions for decades. They focus on using the highest quality materials to ensure a guaranteed great night’s sleep, offering a large variety of styles and designs. There really is a Hypnos mattress for everyone. In fact, Hypnos mattresses have long been favoured by high end hotels and famous hotel chains, as they offer every type of sleeper the most comfort. Find out everything you need to know as we answer the top questions about Hypnos mattresses.

Image of luxury Hypnos mattress on a pink divan bed with colourful decor.
Hypnos Luxury No Turn 9 Mattress

What is a Hypnos mattress?

Hypnos mattresses are hand-crafted in Buckinghamshire, UK, by a family firm with generations of experience in bed and mattress making. This luxury brand not only has the backing of thousands of happy customers, but is also a Royal Warrant holder. They're also famous for supplying mattresses to the internationally renowned hotel chain Premier Inn. 

Hypnos uses traditional techniques such as hand-tufting to create an incredibly comfortable and supportive mattress. They combine these manufacturing processes with the best quality materials, such as pure new wool, alongside innovative eOlus sustainable fibres. 

Sustainability is important to Hypnos, and they try to make all of their mattresses 100% recyclable to minimise waste. Those green credentials also include planting a tree for every mattress sold to offset their CO2 footprint.

Hypnos mattresses are mid-to-top-range in price but come with a 10-year guarantee for total peace of mind. Tried and trusted by the most demanding customers and consumers, they regularly win awards for quality and comfort.

Which is the best Hypnos mattress to buy?

Hypnos mattresses are made using the very best materials, so whichever one you choose, you know you're buying a quality mattress that will last for years.

They range in firmness ratings:

  1. Soft - Hypnos Luxury No Turn 9 Mattress
  2. Medium - Hypnos Elite Deluxe Mattress
  3. Medium firm - Hypnos Elite Luxury mattress 
  4. Firm - Hypnos Premier Ortho Superb Mattress

When you're planning your purchase, consider your size and weight, as this will determine which mattress is right for you. If you're lighter, then a medium Hypnos mattress will give you the comfort you need. If you're larger (for example, over 16 stone), a firm mattress will suit you better. Read our guide to choosing the best mattress for a heavy person for more help.

How long do Hypnos mattresses last?

Hypnos mattresses are hand-crafted and made using the very best materials. They also use clever techniques such as box-stitched side panels. These ensure a maximum lifespan with none of the dreaded 'side-sagging' that can ruin a good night's sleep.

All Hypnos mattresses come with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty for buyer confidence. This is considerably longer than many other brands and demonstrates just how good these premium-quality mattresses are, and how much Hypnos trusts their quality products.

By regular turning and cleaning, your Hypnos mattress should give you over 3650 peaceful nights with no lumps, bumps, or dips to worry about!

Close up of the corner of Hypnos mattress with pillow and a beige divan bed.
Hypnos Luxury No Turn 6 Mattress

What bed frame should I use with a Hypnos mattress?

Hypnos mattresses are made using standard UK sizing, so most bed frames will fit perfectly. Most mattresses are suitable for use on all bed frames. However, slat bed frames can provide uneven support if the mattress is too thin. 

If you're worried about uneven support, divan bases are completely level. This means that no matter what mattress you choose to use, the support will be distributed evenly throughout. So, what bed frames are available?

  • Slatted bed frame - slatted frames are the traditional style of bed frame, available in metal, wooden or upholstered designs. They tend to be the most affordable frame, and the designs and colours can vary, so you can find one that really suits your personality.
  • Divan bed - divans are a great choice if you'd like some hidden storage. They also provide a completely flat base for your mattress which gives you the best support.
  • Ottoman bed - ottomans, similarly to divans, have hidden storage and a flat base. They're particularly great for rooms with less floor space. The storage is located under the mattress so there's no need to pull out drawers - simply lift the top half of the bed up with the help of clever gas pistons.

Are Hypnos mattresses good for back pain?

These mattresses are firm underneath you and are designed to target specific pressure points that can help to ease back pain, thanks to its unique ReActive™ pocket spring system. It’s firmer in areas where your body needs greater backing, in the lumbar region of your back. And softer, in the hips and shoulders.

These springs have more turns per each individual coil, which makes them highly reactive to your movements and weight dispersement, allowing them to provide the exact support your body needs at any moment in time. For more information on how these springs work, read our guide to pocket sprung mattresses.

Hypnos mattresses are also renowned for their amazing comfort. Crafted using the finest materials, they'll be sure to provide a good night's sleep. It's no coincidence that one of the UK's most popular hotels uses Hypnos beds to give their customers a guaranteed good night's sleep.

Looking for more helpful buying advice? Our Buying Guide section answers your most popular questions about beds and mattresses, helping you find your perfect sleep set-up. Most of our range is available for next-day delivery, and we can even take your old mattress away and recycle it if need be!

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